If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thrift store finds

This week is Krazy Daze in my town. Most of the businesses have good sales and clear out their old or slow moving merchandise.
Even the thrift stores were clearing out stuff. My parents are here and we went to 3 thrift stores.

2 yards of blue and white flannel $1
bias tape, rick rack, a dress pattern and covered button kits were 10 cents each.

at the first one, baskets and magazines were 10 cents each and buy 1 get 3 free. Krazy huh? I picked out an assortment of both.
At another thrift store, the old Taste of Homes were 5 cents each.

A pyrex 8 inch pie pan and Pyrex tea pot - $5 for both

and the bargain of the month
a very cute needlepoint pillow - just 50 cents!


  1. Love baskets...they are always so useful! The rabbit pillow is cute. You found lots of great deals this week. I wish my area did Krazy Daze!

  2. That pillow is adorable. I went to two thrift stores this week and picked up 3 sewing patterns for 10 cents each. A dress pattern, a vintage baby outfit pattern and a vintage stuffed animal pattern. I love thrifted sewing supplies!

  3. Hi Dear Friend,
    I sent you my new address this morning by post. I am feeling some better. Looks like you got some really good deals. Gavin sure is growing fast.Miss E is getting so big. She is so beautiful.

  4. What great finds and deals! I see a basket that I have! The one with the plastic inside it. It came with two potted plants in it when I was in the hospital two years ago.

  5. That pillow is just darling... In the town I grew up in, we use to have something like Krazy Dayz and the whole town would have side walk sales and mark down things, the VFW would have a rummage sale and the movie house showed a Disney movie for the kids for free.

    I really miss those sales...you lucked out on your great finds. I am a little bit envious...just a little.

  6. That pillow really was a steal - so cute!


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