If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, February 24, 2017

New hair doo-dads, cooking, grands, etc.

This will be a post covering many subjects......

Have you ever noticed on EBay some of the crazy-cheap items that come directly from China?  I have ordered several and have only been a little disappointed with one.  
Link for the recipe for the Pickle cheese spread that I talk about at the end of this post.  But I'm on my iPad and the Blogger app likes to do things it's own way. 

Those pictures don't really show the actual size but this stretchy elastic all rolled up was about the size of a big cookie and the envelope was just big enough for it.
Seems things in the US are shipped in packaging much larger than needed.  I recently got a tiny bottle of nail glue shipped in a 10 by 13 envelope.
Stuff coming straight from China also takes awhile, 3 weeks at least or longer.
This elastic was a true bargain.  

What the elastic looked like after some of grands played with it 😱

I bought it to make headbands for myself.  I had enough to also make pony tail holders.  I made mine on the small side because I have thin, fine hair.  
This was a very quick project, I just cut them to comfortably go around and stay on my head and then tied a knot.  The Pinterest tutorials said to sear the ends to stop fraying but mine don't seem to be the fraying kind.  

I'm happy to have so many new hair so dads for $3ish.  

I'm still happily using Impress press on nails.  I can usually get two manicures from each set.  They cost about $6 a set.  I think $3 a manicure is a great deal as a gel manicure in my town is about $40. 

I haven't wrote out a pretty to do list in months but I did this week.  It's just notebook paper on a clipboard that hangs outside our pantry.  The washi tape was from Dollar Tree and all these stamps were from a thrift store.  
I don't always get it all done but the list helps keep me on track.  

One of the tasks was bread baking.  I mixed up two double batches of sandwich buns and one double batch of cinnamon raisin rolls.  The bread machine does most of the work for me. 
We eat some, we share them with family and they keep in the freezer beautifully. 
I rarely buy store bought bread.  

I try to garden but I truly don't have the green thumb gift.  But 2 years ago, my brother gave us a potted Easter lily.  When it was done blooming, I planted that bulb in our front flower bed.
I was so surprised when it rebloomed last spring.
And I was even more surprised to see that over the year, it has reproduced and is growing up lots of lilies.

The past weekend was busy as all our 8 grands were here off and on.  
I didn't take any group photos but I did get them to all help make this handprint rainbow of their sweet little hands.  
The younger the child, the harder it is to get a good handprint.  My brother and our oldest granddaughter helped with the painting and printing of the 
3 youngest.  

I wasn't sure how many people would be here and when over that weekend so I did some meal prep ahead.
I made 2 fresh fruit trays as all the grands like fruit and so do the adults. 

I also made a fresh vegetable tray and some dip made of cream cheese, dried beef and dill pickles.  I was inspired by a recipe Cheryl posted on her blog.
I was going to make Cole slaw too but ran out of prep time.  


  1. You know, just the name of your blog keeps me moving sometimes when I think of it!
    I tried pickle dip with sour cream added. It actually detracted from the tastiness. I'm going to try it without next time.

    I hadn't thought of prepping fruit like that. Excellent idea! The veggies too!
    Maybe if I had some stuff like that ready in the fridge, hubby wouldn't think we have nothing to eat!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  2. I thought the title said new hairdo and I got all excited! That is cute elastic though. I just remembered the broccoli in the refrigerator. Your tray has inspired me.

  3. Wow that is a bargain on the elastic! Fray check might also work on the ends.What a sweet picture!With only 3 grandkids, I haven't much of a rainbow yet- haha!

  4. Your bread looks so good! Been hungry for cinnamon rolls all week, and there's your picture tempting me! Ha! I bought a package of that decorative elastic at the WalMart for $3 to make pony tail holders. It was by the jewelry making things. They had a lot more varieties than the few in the hair care aisle. Love the nude shade of your nails. Hope your weekend is fun-filled!


  5. Sounds like you have had another great week. All the food looks so good and healthy too! Glad you liked the pickle dip. Thanks for the post!
    Glad you got to have all the littles around - time goes by fast - so enjoy them now.
    Have a great one!

  6. Love the Handprint Rainbow!!!!
    And that fruit too...
    Have a cozy day!

  7. Good Afternoon Mrs. Rhonda,

    Sounds like a wonderful week with your family. I love the handprint rainbow ... maybe one day I'll have enough grands to have them make me one ... then I'll frame it and hang it ... maybe in my dining room.
    I am always amazed by your crafting skills. Your new polk-a-dot head bands are great.
    Your fruit and veggie trays look delicious.

  8. Lolol I have bought a few China cheap cloth diapers and they are not too bad....but yes it's def a gamble any time you get stuff from China on ebay =)

  9. I love those little packages that show up from China. I have several scarves that come that way and at first I was doubtful that the folds would come out but they do just by hanging them on my scarf keeper.

    Your fruit and veggie trays always look so yummy! You can cut apples and put them in salt water and then drain and they will keep fresh and good for at least 5 days. 1 tsp salt to a qt of water. I cannot taste the salt at all.

  10. Love your to do list! I am a list maker and like to decorate it a little bit, but it usually is scribbled on a scrap of paper.

  11. That dip looks and sounds yum. I would love to make homemade cinnamon rolls. I have not a clue. *Smiles*

  12. I love the handprint rainbow. It is so beautiful. I would frame it and hang it. The dip looks yummy!


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