If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, October 23, 2017

Dollar General and more soup

I haven’t been to Dollar General in a few weeks.  They have some new digital coupons and I think I did pretty good this morning,  
I used a $3/15 Coupon, $1 Angel Soft and $3 Arm & Hammer detergent pods.  
The Angel Soft is a huge package, lots of sheets per roll and the heaviest package of TP I remember buying in a long time.  
The summer shoes were .50 and will go in the closet for the granddaughters next summer. 
The water hose sprayers were .25 and the seeds were .08 and .12
All my summer stuff was on big markdown.  

I hope the receipt is readable.  I paid $10.95 total.  
All 3 coupons I used are digital and available to anyone.  

My husband picked more peppers.  We liked the stuffed pepper soup so much, I made a double batch.  😱♥️


  1. Great savings! And the soup looks delicious!

  2. Good for you!!!!
    And Stuffed Pepper soup is one of our favorites here!
    Have a cozy evening. : )

  3. I love stuffed pepper soup. Got a recipe off FB from a friend we like.

    I love Dollar General.

  4. I want your recipe, I have never had stuffed pepper soup. Can you post it?

  5. well since stuffed peppers are on the menu -I need your recipe too LOL! Great deals at the DG!

  6. oooh, great buys at Dollar General, especially the seeds! I may have to venture out to my local store to see if they have some.

  7. Great buys. I'm a big fan of Dollar General, but ours will not accept digital coupons.

  8. We don't have a Dollar General here, but do have a Dollar Tree. There are no coupons for that store that I know of. We do buy things there, though, lots of times. I have purchased those exact seeds, around 4/$1 in the spring, but have not found them on clearance. What a great buy! They work absolutely fine for most things, and I'm happy with a quarter:) If I am picky, I order from Territorial, and do that when I want a certain variety.

  9. Finally, after reading your posts for months, I've downloaded the Dollar General app. I typically don't shop there but the bargains you are posting are certainly worth it and there is one near my work so a pop in during lunch is easy shopping.

    That soup looks amazing!

  10. Hello Mrs. Rhonda,

    I intended to take a short blogging break and before I realized it, my "short" break turned out to last a full season! I am back now & I must say I am enjoying "catching up" with you via your blog posts.
    Your grandchildren are growing up so fast and are, as they've always been, absolutely beautiful.
    I'm excited to be back in "blog land" and am looking forward to your future posts.


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