If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, January 20, 2019

2 great recipes, Quillows and me whining


My daughter tried a new recipe this week for Paula Deen Cheeseburger Meatloaf 
It was a big hit with her family as you can see from the texts between her and her husband.  
The changes she made to the recipe were omitting the bell pepper, using gluten free products and “not measuring”. 

We had 5 grandchildren and my parents here for 1 meal this week.  My husband smoked a spiral ham and I made this macaroni and cheese 
9 of us were eating and we all thought this was macaroni and cheese was especially good.  My changes- I used 3 cups of medium size shells instead of 2 cups of macaroni pasta.  I made it ahead but didn’t bake it.  I put it in a casserole dish and at serving time, I heated it, covered, in the microwave until bubbly.  
I plan to keep this recipe and make it again, especially when we have guests or a big family meal.

I didn’t get much at all done last week as that cold or flu from the previous week was still keeping me down.  
I did get 3 pair of dress pants hemmed for a son and I turned 5 fleece blankets into Quillows.  

We all like using these soft fleece blankets and I have a bunch of them.  But they take up a lot of room and never seem to look neatly stacked. 
In my crazy fabric stash, I have quite a few printed fabric panels.  So I picked out some that would coordinate with our blankets.  

I sewed up double sided pockets and then sewed a pocket at the center bottom of each blanket. 
Then the blankets get folded and tucked into the pocket.  

I’m really happy with them.  I think the prints add some fun to the toy room and I am thrilled with how neat the pillows look, rather than a pile of haphazardly folded blankets.  
If you need more info on quillows, look on Pinterest as there are some really good tutorials there.  

My cold really is better and my coughing is 99% gone. 
But this coming week won’t be very productive either as I’m getting my wisdom teeth extracted.  

So,  I’ll do what I feel up too but I think I’ll mostly be laying around using ice packs and eating soup, jello and ice cream.  

Have a good week everyone ❤️


  1. HI Rhonda,
    After you have your teeth out, do not use straws to sip drinks...and keep up on the pain meds ( I prefer Advil but your doctor may give you something a bit stronger). I had mine out when I was 44. Such fun. Take care of yourself.
    Barb in PA

  2. Oh geesh, you feel better then have to go the dentist. You poor thing.
    Love your idea, so cool.

  3. What a great idea with the blankets Rhonda! I just thought they were pillows.
    I'll tell you what my husband always tells me when I go to the dentist, "it won't be nothing at all." Seriously though take care and rest.

  4. I had my wisdom teeth out in my 40's and so my advice it to take it slow and rest. Talking made my pain much worse. I second the no straws which no one told me until I had a dry socket. Take care!

  5. Those pillows are absolutely gorgeous!!! Great job!

    I had my wisdom teeth out two years ago. The procedure itself wasn't bad at all, and neither was the next day. But, advice from someone who's been there- keep up on those pain meds for four or five days. I couldn't, because they made me sleepy and I had my daughter on my own all day (she was 2 at the time), and I was MISERABLE. It took about five days after the procedure for me to feel not terrible but day 3 and 4, I woke up crying in the morning (but again, I couldn't take the pain meds. If you can take them, this won't be your experience!). Take it easy and rest plenty in the days afterwards, and don't push it with trying to eat. Blended soups, yogurt, eggs cooked a million different ways, applesauce, I even ate hummus with a spoon... You'll be dying for solid food by the end, but that's okay, because chewing before you're ready is painful.

    Wishing you all the best!!!

  6. When my boys had their wisdom teeth out I bought some meal replacement drinks for them to have. The protein helped them feel full.

  7. Both recipes sound delicious! I hope your cold gets better soon. I love you Quillows! So pretty and a very nice way to corral things.

    I will pray that your wisdom teeth extractions go well and that you are back to normal very quickly.

  8. Your quillow idea is wonderful! I'd never heard of these before, so looked it up on Pinterest. You've inspired me to make some for gifts!

    I pray your recovery from the dental surgery is quick.


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