If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, July 9, 2020

July #3- more plants, a new mask and a DIY scooter rack

Hello everyone 
This is our zinnia patch-the easiest, least amount of effort for a field of flowers that bloom all summer.  
They are grown from seeds that I save each year.  

 Ducky posing with the flowers 

New veil mask sewn this afternoon and I really like it.  
veil mask instructions from JenniferMaker.com
It fits closer at the bottom than it looks like but is cooler and more breathable than other masks I’ve sewn.  

I plan to sew some more and make them an inch longer so I can tuck the bottom of the mask into whatever shirt I am wearing.  
My husband tried it and he thinks it’s great too.  
I did not put nose wire in,  the tuck at the top makes the mask fit closely.  
I used elastic for the ears and didn’t add the optional filter pocket.  

The designer says this mask can be sewn by hand and I agree with her.  If you need a mask and don’t machine sew,  I think her free pattern and instructions could help you make one.  
I’m afraid we are going to be needing masks a long time.......

This would also look much better if this mask didn’t clash with my shirt .  

We keep scooters here for the grands to ride (not that they have been here much with all the shutdowns and such 😡)
None of our scooters have kickstands and they make a big mess pile without something to stand them up.   Believe it or not, we have even more scooters but they are in a shed.  

My husband built this nifty scooter stand from scraps of 2 by 4s.  

It works perfectly and keeps the scooters upright and out of the way. 

Below is another oddball plant called a Mules Ear.  It seems to reproduce new plants on the end of the leaves.  

When it makes a new plant,  the leaf gets heavy and it drops down and I’m assuming if this was planted in the ground,  then the new plant would just grow from there.  
I plan to cut some of the babies off and put them in small pots.  

There are tiny roots coming out of the underside.  

Hope you’re all well, staying as busy as you want to be and also finding some good things to enjoy during this hard time 

❤️ Rhonda 


  1. That mask does look like it would be a lot cooler and breathable. I have asthma and really for health reasons should not be wearing a mask, but some stores .... I find I stay home a lot more. Zinnias are great flowers. My grandmother used to plant a row of them between her vegetables in her garden (it was a huge 1/2 acre garden). It was quite a sight to behold. Hopefully soon, those scooters will be used!


  2. I just love Zinnias! Yours are so pretty. Can't wait for mine to bloom..hopefully son. That's a great style for your mask.

  3. Love the zinnias, and the pic of Ducky posing is so cute.
    I like the style of your mask. Thanks for the link.
    What an interesting plant; I have never seen it before.
    Cool idea for the scooters too.

  4. Love that mask. I have asthma and have a hard time wearing one, this may be the one I need. Rhonda, how do I sign up to follow you, I don't have a blog and so enjoy yours! Have a great weekend, Patti

    1. Thank you Patti ❤️
      I put the box to sign up to follow back on the sidebar at the right right hand top. I had taken it off because too many spammers had started following me and deleting followers takes several steps. Hopefully, they will stay away. I really don’t know what they want with a simple, no ads, G rated blog like mine anyway.

    2. Thank you. I signed up if you want to take it down.

    3. Patti, I’ll leave it up for awhile and see what happens.

  5. I've never seen a veil mask with a fitted nose. I like it!

  6. Love the zinnias---

    Thank you for sharing the pattern for the veil mask. I need to make a few more and might have to try that one.

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  8. Ducky is just the cutest! :)


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