If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Free magazines, for real!

I do a short survey 1 or 2 times a week for RewardSurvey
The surveys take maybe 5 minutes, I've never been disqualified for one, and they are worth $20 in magazine money. 
Different magazines are available at different times.  
Sometimes I cash in right after a survey if there is a magazine I want and sometimes I just leave the rewards in my account, 
I think I've been doing them about 3 months and I now have free year long subscriptions to all these magazines shown above as well as Forbes, New Yorker, Garden & Gun and Real Simple.  

Reward Survey sends me an email about once a week and that's when I do a survey. 

And. No, I don't read all of these but I share them with my family.  

If you like magazines,  try Reward Survey.  
The magazines really do come and they have no charge.  


  1. Pretty neat! Thanks for letting us know.


  2. Thank you for the information. I'll check and see if it's available to your northern neighbours ;-)

  3. Thanks so much! This is right up my alley so I am going to give it a try too! I *try* to just borrow magazines from the library to help feed my "magazine addiction" but sometimes I wind up with late fees. Maybe this site could be a win/win for me! =)

  4. Magazines....my Achilles heel! I've had a dramatic change in financial circumstances over the last couple of months (planned but no less dramatic) and have tried to wean myself from the magazine rack. I continued a subscription to one and started another that was pretty cheap.

    But now! I have maybe have a few more for a bit of entertainment. (Cable cancelled too...lol)

  5. Thank you so much! I'm a magazine lover, so I will certainly be doing this. I already get a bunch of free magazines from Mercury Magazines...I signed up with them years ago and now they just email me and say I'm qualifed for _____ (insert name of magazine). I simply refill in my name and address and that's it. I don't know if this program would affect newbies or not.

  6. I do the same thing! Have you looked at the retail price of these magazines in the stores? YOu save a fortune doing this!

  7. Good Morning, Mrs.Rhonda -

    I am so glad I stopped in on your blog this morning to "catch-up". Your productivity is such an inspiration to me, especially during these dreary winter months. We are so busy and work so hard during the spring, summer and autumn, I often find myself temped to "hibernate" during the winter months. But you consistently inspire me to write out a "to do" list and mark off my accomplishments during these winter months when I simply have a difficult time staying motivated. - THANK YOU.


  8. I forgot all about my account at RewardsSurvey. Thank you for sharing about it so I could go over and complete a survey.


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