If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, September 28, 2015

To do list, some sewing, new nail routine and CVS

This is going to be a jumbled up post!

First my to do list for this week

Last week I got quite a bit of sewing done.  
I finally finished the aprons for me that have been in progress for at least a month.

I also sewed up more napkins from some thrifted tablecloths- I am not sure how many but if they are all clean, they won't fit in the drawer.  My husband really prefers cloth napkins and these red ticking ones are his all time favorite.  They are almost as thick as denim but very soft.  
This little Kristoff tunic is on this week's list but I made it Sunday night.  I used the same online tutorial that I used last year to sew this same tunic for the same grandson.  But he grew and needed a bigger one to wear to see Frozen On Ice with his other grandparents.  

I hope to never have to go to a nail salon again and am trying these new products on my nails and so far, my nails are harder and good enough for me.  
OPI Nail Envy to strengthen, OPI Avoplex oil for cuticles and a Tweezerman 6 way file - I really like this file!  All items were ordered from Amazon.  

CVS - lots of sales this week 
The products I liked were so big in the ad, I had to use both sides of my notebook paper.  

I got 6 bottle of Clorox and used $1/2 coupons and got back $5 ECB. 
The Suave was buy 1 get 1 50% off and I used Buy 1 Get 1 free coupons that were in yesterday's paper and got back $4 ECB.  
Tide and Pantene were on the Proctor Gamble Buy $30 get $10 ECB and I used $4/2 Pantene coupons and $2 Tide coupons.  

I spent almost $22 cash but before coupons it was $67 and I got back $19 ECB.

Today is a child free day for me so I better sign off and get busy on that list now.  
Have a good week everyone! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

To Do List times 2

I thought I posted last week's list but apparently I didn't.
I did manage to get the  majority of boxes checked and I'm pretty happy about that.  
I didn't finish the 3 aprons that have been in progress for weeks but i did get a lot done on them.  
I didn't go to the nail salon, I have another plan for my nails and I'll let you know if it works.
This week's list ---
The fabric tape is from Dollar Tree and the stickers are Mary Englebreit, passed on to me during my parents downsize.  

Have a good week everyone. 
And I'll be updating soon with how I make homemade noodles / rolled dumplings.   

CVS - one from last week and one from this week

This first transaction from is from last week's CVS sale ad so it can't be done right now, but there is a similar deal this week on Puffs tissues.  

I started with $13 in extracare bucks and wanted to stock up on facial tissue.  I had coupons from last week's newspaper for the Kleenex.  

I bought a 6 pack of paper towels, 12 boxes of tissues and 2 sodas.  After coupons I spent $8.99 and got back $5 extracare bucks.  

I almost didn't go to CVS this week but I watched LASavings8 YouTube video about her shopping deals and we were up and dressed in plenty of time to go to church so we stopped on the way.  

As usual, fixed up my list of deals I wanted to do by clipping the product feature from the weekly ad and gluing them to a sheet of paper,  then I use a paperclip to attach my coupons, extracare bucks and CVS card.  
Organization is the key to getting the best deals! 
2 toothpaste, 2 tooth brushes, 4 little eye shadows,and a bag of candy. 
I didn't buy much but am so glad I went.  I spent just 73 cents and got back $7 extracare bucks! 

Sunday, September 13, 2015

CVS, the weather, a little cooking, etc;

I think it's been 2 weeks since I shopped at CVS.  We stopped this morning on our way to church and I am happy with my deals.  

I spent $20.06 cash, got back $13 in Extra Care Bucks and according to my receipt, I saved 73%. 

I think I showed is before but this is how I plan and keep track of the deals I want to do.  I cut each item from the sale circular and stick them to sheet of notebook paper.  Then I paperclip the matching coupons to it.  
It is just quicker than writing it all out and I don't have to page through the circular while I shop to make sure I have the deal right.  

We had a fierce wind and rain storm come through very early Friday morning.  Our home and yard were not damaged but a lot of trees in the area broke.  

This is a very large trampoline that was moved and fell on top of a 6 foot privacy fence in a yard 2 blocks from us.  

Remember that $2 shower curtain from my thrift store visit?  It looks great in my parents bathroom.  

I tried making pretzel rolls for the first time.  I used a recipe and tips found on the King Arthur Flour site.  They tasted really good but I followed their advice about not making them too thick.  Mine turned out too thin to use for hotdog and burger buns.   We liked them and I will try again and if they are more successful, I'll let you all know.  

Our chicken and noodles did turn out just right and I will post how I do them (as requested) very soon! 
I will share my recipe but you'll have to find your own little helper :) 

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Homemaking this week

It was Tuesday night but I did make a pretty to do list for this week.  It is shorter than usual because I had already done many of my weekly tasks.
The designs are made with rubber stamps.  It was raining so I used some water themed stamps.  It is an old stamp set I got way back when my daughter was in high school.

I did a little shopping yesterday.
At my favorite thrift store,  I got some cute little boy clothes for cooler days.
Not a very good photo- skirt and Dress Barn sweater for me,  2 red checked tablecloths and a brown ultra suede shower curtain that I hope will be right for one of my parent's bathrooms.  

Dollar Tree
I like the Breezy dryer sheets, they soften the laundry just fine but are not highly scented and they cost $1.
I've never tried the Heinz Balsamic ketchup or the Awesome oxygen (like OxiClean) but I've read good things about both.  

Big Lots
We like these smoothie or milk shake straws- they are bigger than regular straws and I've never see them anywhere but Big Lots.  

Meals this week
Wednesday night was black eyed peas cooked in the crockpot.  I added our favorite turkey sausage and they were delicious!
Tonight will be chicken and rolled dumplings.  The crockpot was still on the counter so I've started the chicken cooking in it. 

When it's time to roll the dumplings, this little assistant will very happily "help" me.  

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

This past week's happenings

Hello everyone,  with a very full weekend and the Labor Day holiday, I didn't get my usual weekly to do list made.  It's already Tuesday so I am just going to wing it this week and hope for the best!  

We went to a cookout this weekend.  I baked a double batch of cheese rolls.  They are made like cinnamon rolls except the dough is not as sweet, and when the dough is rolled out, it is covered with grated cheddar instead of cinnamon sugar.  
How I made them.

 (This is a big recipe and could easily be halved for a smaller family) 

 - in the bread machine on dough cycle Add
2 Cups water
1 stick softened butter
2 t salt
2 T sugar
6 cups all purpose flour
2 t dry yeast
After that cycle,  punch down the dough and roll out on a floured cabinet to a large rectangle.  
Spread with 2 T soft butter and about 2 generous 

cups of grated cheese.  I used sharp cheddar.  Roll dough up tight and then slice into 1 inch rolls.  Put on a prepared baking sheet (I like to use parchment paper but greasing would be fine) Cover with a clean kitchen towel and let rise about 30 minutes.  Bake in a preheated 375 degree oven until golden brown.  
Melt 2 more tablespoons Butter and mix with some garlic powder or salt.  Brush on to hot rolls.  

This is a photo from my son.  He went to friends party and they made baked corn dogs from a Pinterest recipe.  They used Jiffy cornbread mix and ordinary hot dogs.  
He said they were really good.  I think I might make them soon when we have a group over here. Except I will use Kosher wieners and a less sweet cornbread than Jiffy.

I don't sign up for many freebies or contests but I do remember doing both of these freebie offers sign ups. 
The Smuckers fruit pouches were a commissary shopper contest and the Ziploc bags were from Right At Home.  
Both full size products came in the mail, one day apart.  It's always welcome to get free groceries in the mail! 

It doesn't happen too often but all 7 grands were here at the same time this weekend.  
They range from almost 2 months to 6 years.  

My parents celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary.  

Two of the grandsons had the best time playing in this box.  

They like toys too but this big box and a quilt kept them busy for hours.  

Hope you all have a wonderful week!