If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Messy purse and some Easter things

Hello everyone,  
I’ve kind of been on the go for the last 2 weeks and my purse was sure showing it.  
So I dumped everything out and went from there.....

Below is after I sorted and threw some stuff away - at the top is a Bill that needed paid and to the left is my phone and kindle
All the other stuff went back in my purse 

Inside my purse now 

This bag is bigger than I really prefer for everyday use but with all the going I’ve been doing, it’s been handy as it is also plenty big enough to add a drink bottle, a magazine and my iPad. 

After I did my purse,  I gave that big dining table a good cleaning and then put out a few Easter decorations- none are new, just things we’ve used at least a year, maybe more. 

I think 5 of the grands will be here for some cousin fun and an egg hunt so I filled some eggs
Some have a few coins in them and some have chocolate 

My plastic eggs are almost vintage -they’ve been collected and kept over the years and are sturdy.  
It seems to me that the new plastic eggs for sale now are so thin and cheaply made- they are just strong enough to use 1 time.  
Plastic eggs aren’t really green but I like that mine get re-used.  

More Parsimony   Those orange things are part of the watering system- if you look close you’ll see they are attached to black tubing.  My husband set them up and he can gently water all his beds at the same time 
The water sprays out of the orange things in a fine mist. 

And speaking of my husband,  he is doing great with his new knee replacement.  
He is so gung-ho  to get better.  He even rode a mile on our home stationary bike today and shopped at Lowe’s (for plants of course) 

Hope you’ve all had a good Tuesday 
❤️ Rhonda 

Monday, March 29, 2021

New week, new to do list

Good morning 🌞 
I made this week’s to do list over the weekend and also did 2 of the tasks on it.  

The top list is a new freezer inventory
And the bottom list is the to do list 

The weeds in the raised beds were bugging me and I’m happy all the beds are cleaned out 
But it’s going to get cold later this week so it’s still too early to plant most things. 

My photos aren’t great but we have a few asparagus shooting up and I’ll pick some today.  
The asparagus roots were planted in 2020 and we’ve read it takes 2 years to establish an asparagus bed so we were happy to see any kind of a harvest already. 
Also we have about 6 barrels of potatoes growing 

That’s all the weekend news 
This will be a busy-ish week with several appointments 

Have a good week everyone 
❤️ Rhonda 

Saturday, March 27, 2021

Getting back to normal

Hello everyone,
My husband is doing much better.  He’s been off of the heavier pain meds for days,  he’s doing great at physical therapy and he even drove a little yesterday.  
Needless to say but we are both very happy he’s doing so good.  

It wasn’t a big list but I scratched every single task off of the to do list.  That felt good too! 

I cleaned up the front flower beds- they weren’t “weedy” but had some dry stuff leftover and of course leaves.  
I half filled up this trash can and uncovered some tulips almost ready to bloom. 

The garage got a good sweeping.  When it warms up even more, it will get mopped too (and no, I don’t mop our garage often, maybe once a year or so) 

I also gathered up a bag of trash out there.  I’m reclaiming real estate 

as 6
Laura at Harvest Lane Cottage talks about doing.  

In the backyard,  I looked over husband’s raised beds.  They need some attention before he can plant anything so I worked on them some.  
I’ve still got 3 1/2 beds to clean out and I left the worst for last but I’ll just keep working on the .  It’s too early plant most things anyway.
While I was pulling weeds,  I found several volunteer lettuce plants.  
So I gathered them up and replanted them all together.  
I think there are about 12 volunteer leaf lettuce plants 

For cooking,  before the surgery, I made a batch of sausage biscuits for the freezer that my husband likes so much.
They were so handy for quick breakfasts.  If you are the caretaker, it’s really nice to have some fast some easy foods. 
These are baked Grands biscuits and Jimmy Dean precooked Turkey sausage patties.  
I freeze them with the sausage on top so I can microwave the sausage a little before I put the biscuit in the microwave.  The sausage takes longest to heat.  

One night this week we had hamburgers and I baked these Rhodes dinner rolls for the hamburger buns.  
We really like them but they are smaller than a fast food burger bun.  
And it’s simpler to eat slightly smaller bunsat home than to go out for store buns or takeout food.  

And last a funny story about the 5 year old grandson who is back in traditional school after almost a year or virtual school 

He has plenty of cool masks- I know he has baseball, dinosaur and super hero theme masks but apparently the teacher had some even nicer ones 😎

I hope you all have a good weekend.  I think we are going to a school plant sale and I’m sure my husband will pick out way more plants than we

❤️ Rhonda 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Soup and celebrations

Hello everyone 
I made a delicous batch of soup last week, inspired by a soup recipe from an old blog that is no longer being updated. 

I followed the recipe except I didn’t add the beans and for seasoning,  I used just a little sage and thyme.  
It was such a good soup! 

For the last 6 or 7 years,  we started taking a trip for our wedding anniversary and they were usually to the San Diego area or Branson, Missouri.  
In March if 2020 was our 40th wedding anniversary- you all know what became of celebrations then. 
This week was our 41st anniversary.  With my husband’s surgery,  trips aren’t possible now but he tried to make our day very special.  
I woke up and saw this huge happy anniversary sign in our front yard

My husband thought he asked 1 of our children to arrange for a flower delivery but he actually asked 2 children so.....

2 huge floral arrangements were delivered.  
They are both so pretty and it smells like a florist in our home.  

Ducky spent last week at our favorite kennel/doggie day camp 
He had a great week playing with so many other dogs.  
He is home now and so tired from his busy week and also so happy to nap beside Jeff.  

I hope that photo doesn’t gross anyone out too much.  We think it looks bad but we checked with the doctor and they think it’s OK.  

This was actually Jeff’s 4th knee replacement surgery.  His other knee had lots of problems and it took 3 surgeries to get it OK.  
So we are really hoping this knee will be a one and done situation.  

Hope you are all fine.  
It’s been raining buckets here for about 16 hours and I’m glad today is a stay at home day.
❤️ Rhonda 

Saturday, March 20, 2021

3 weeks of March so far——-

Hello everyone 👋🏻 
This was not a normal month for us 
First I’ll show you my to do list from 2 weeks ago 

There was no list last week as my husband had knee surgery at our local hospital.  
He’s doing ok but it was major surgery.  Surgery was on Monday and we came home Wednesday- I think he should of stayed there a few more days but it wasn’t our decision.  

He is supposed to wear Ted or compression stockings for several weeks.  Well,  they are very hard to put on, especially onto a leg with a 12 inch incision.  
We ordered this sock helper and it works like a charm!  

It doesn’t look like it would work but it does.  
Amazon has several brands as did the local medical supply store.  

Next week’s lists- they aren’t pretty but I hope they will help home things go smoothly.  
Chores and errands 

Hope you all have a good rest of this weekend