If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

4 generations
Me, little Elizabeth,  my daughter Nina and my mom Rowena

My Mom's birthday is this week.

Happy birthday with love to you!  

Friday, November 18, 2011

the little stuff is at the top of my thankful list

Some cookies I baked today for a baby shower that Nina is hosting tomorrow.
The new mom is doing this new baby daughter's room in hot pink and zebra. 
Nina saw some cookies similar to these on Pinterest and thought they would be perfect for this occasion. The Pinterest version used peanut butter cookies dipped in pink sugar.  
The new mom is a RD so I am sure she follows the no nuts eating recommendation to avoid passing on allergies to the baby.
So I baked a double batch of  thumbprint cookie dough from Betty Crocker,
 and tinted it heavily with rose food coloring.   
The center is a Hugs flavor of the striped Hershey kisses 
I don't think I have ever made such hot pink cookies before,  these turned out delicious though!

I saw this cartoon on Facebook and  really like it .
I am just not a fan of rushing from holiday to the next,
I am not really a fan of rushing anything
So I will just be enjoying Thanksgiving for the rest of November.  
The December issues of Country Living and Martha with  their very pretty Christmas covers have arrived
but I will just wait until Dec. 1st to read them.

Sweet little Gavin and Elizabeth this morning
just a coincidence that they both wore Eskimo Joe shirts

Jimmy came for lunch and Elizabeth was so excited to see him.
Gavin would of been excited too but he had already left today.    

I am thankful for little things like a lunch visit from my son,  
sweet grandchildren, 
 fresh cookies,  
a funny cartoon,  
and new magazines

there are lots more things I am thankful and this is just the things I am thinking of right now

I added a few kind of new blogs to me on my sidebar.
One is the fun activities of an American family living in Europe.
One is a homemaker in New Zealand who follows Pinterest and actually makes something she pins everyday, then blogs about it.  
Another one is about thrifty things made at home and 
the one is  called Life at Kilkinney Glenn

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

November update

November is halfway over and  I finally put out some fall/Thanksgiving decorations this week,
I think I might be the very last blogger to do so........
Anyway,  decorations are very simple this year.
Everything is stuff I already had.
The jars on the mantle are filled with faux apples and pears

I just made the thankful banner this week,  so I guess it is new.
But I used only supplies I already had
I used a Cricut to cut out the brown oak leaves and cream letters, them glued them to a some craft ribbon.

2 wreaths made by my brother,
 this wall leads into our kitchen and faces the dining room.

keeping it real - can you see the trash can?  

plastic canvas candlestick Pilgrims and Indians I made 10 or more  years ago
The turkey salt and pepper shakers belonged to my grandmother.  

more turkey S&Ps, that will actually be used.
I don't care if these get handled but I would be very sad if  something happened to my grandmother's set

my father in law painted this turkey and it is hanging by our front door.

some very simple silhouettes I made of my grandchildren

I took profile pictures of them, printed them and cut them out of black paper.
Then I scanned them and shrunk them to fit these little frames and printed them
in black and white on paper.
I've seen lots of method to do them,  this is just my method and probably not the best but I am really happy with them.
The frames were 10 cents at a yard and I have 4 of them,
so when future grandbabies come along,  I can add their profiles to this grouping.

One other change I made is about comments on my blog.  I used to allow anonymous comments but I have been getting so much spam,  about 3 day and they've mostly been anonymous.
I am not going to add the word verification but I did change the settings to not allow anonymous comments anymore.
So if you want to leave a comment but don't want to do the blogger thing,  then just email me

Monday, November 7, 2011

Okie humor

Not sure who to give credit for making this funny graphic,  it is being forwarded among most all us Okies.
The weather has been so extreme the past 12 months,  we just have to laugh at it and wonder what is coming next.

I may not be doing much blogging for awhile.  I am fine however my days are busy.