If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, May 15, 2021

May 15 - yard sale finds

The neighborhood sale we went to was kind of a bust- just a few sales in a big neighborhood- but I found a few things 

Potato Heads for $1
2 small Pampered Chef stone baking dishes .50 each 
And the dirt on them is from carrying these succulents in them 

The succulents were $1 a pot and this pot has  4 plants in it
Not sure of the name of these trailing ones but they seem to have little red flowers 

The Star Wars game was the big ticket item,  $4 but look at all the figures it came with.
The larger ones with red buttons shoot their weapons. 
I expect the grandsons will have tons of fun with this set.  

I saw lots of home stuff and clothes and furniture- but I’m not in the market for any of that.  
Did you yard sale today and did you find anything you were looking for?  I hope so! 

❤️ Rhonda 

Friday, May 14, 2021

May 14- 4th post of the month

Hello everyone 
I’m still here- just been busy with family things and Spring things.   

First I want to brag on this peony bush- it had 31 buds and some the flowers are huge! 
Sadly, peonies only bloom once a year but they really show off when they are blooming.  

2 of the grandsons are already out of school for the summer.  we visited the Botanic Gardens in our town and thought this driverless lawnmower was amusing.  
I think it works like a Roomba vacuum cleaner 
It was working and moving and apparently  it’s smart enough to just mow grass and not cut down plants.  

We also tried Geocache hunting for the first time.  
They’re are many hidden in our town but you do need an app to help find them.  
This tiny one was the first of 5 we found. 
See it? It was  a pill bottle hanging on a wire in a very full tree.  It just had a note and sheet of paper to sign when you find it, 
The last of 5 geocaches we found was the biggest and most interesting. 
It was filled with stickers and doo-dads.  It was on the edge of a pasture and had letters explaining the landowners animals.  

We didn’t take or put anything in the 5 geocaches we found but we did sign the logs in all of them.  
Anyone have any tips to find them?
I think this will be something I do with the grandchildren this summer.  

I’ve been reading and enjoyed this Kindle book 

And I’m in the middle of this series and really like it too 

I’m planning to go to a neighborhood yard sale tomorrow
Maybe I’ll get some treasures I can share here- but who knows? 

Bye for now 

Monday, May 3, 2021


Good evening 
I worked in our front flower beds this morning- it’s been on my to do list for weeks and today was perfect, the outside temperature was perfect. 

My tools 
The garden kneeler is so handy- you can kneel on it and then use the side supports to help stand back up or it can be flipped over and sat on.  
I pulled weeds and moved a few plants and dug up some plants that weren’t doing good.  

The front of our home on one side 
And the flower bed on the other side 

My husband is responsible for planting most everything.  His method is he buys things at Lowe’s or Atwoods that catch his eye, 
and then he plants a little here and a little there.  
Right now, the dianthus, rhododendrons, pansies, 1 iris and mock orange bushes are blooming.  
Soon the red lilies will be blooming and so will these peonies and rose bush- both are loaded with buds. 

While I was weeding,  I uncovered some of last year’s Purple Heart coming back to life.  

Supper was  boneless pork chops baked with ShakeNBake for pork and they were delicious, green beans and little potatoes, that baked along side the pork chops.  

And this little guy had a snow cone at his brother’s t-ball game.  
It apparently had plenty of blue food coloring in it 

❤️ Rhonda 

Sunday, May 2, 2021

May #2

Hello everyone 
Below is this week’s to do list.  It has weekly tasks and some things I hope to get done this month. 

I’m hoping to do several yard and garden and patio things this week.  There will also be a few family things happening.  
So I decided to get a jumpstart on meals for the week.  
After I made a weekly menu (on the list above)  I gathered up the needed canned goods and the frozen meats.  
They will just sit on the counter and be ready for quick meal cooking, 
The 2 bottom packs of meat are thawing in the fridge until needed.  
I used the chicken sausages and vegetables in the sheet pan meal we ate tonight.  
This meal was really good too!   And the asparagus was from our garden.  

In case your wondering about our lunches and breakfasts, 
lunches will be leftovers or sandwiches and 
breakfasts tend to be eggs with toast or hash browns.  

Hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready for this new week starting tomorrow 
❤️ Rhonda 

Saturday, May 1, 2021

May 1st and May #1

Hello everyone 
Have any of you wondered how my to do lists look at the end of the week? 
 It’s rare that everything on the lists get done but I’m OK with the progress I made last week. 

Those tiny volunteer lettuce plants  I found at the beginning of garden season have done so good! 
I’ll be picking the biggest of them this week and we may just have salad every day 
The taller plants are broccoli grown from seed 

We did some cleaning up and changing around in the backyard and didn’t need this assortment of chicken wire stuff.
So I put it on a local Buy Nothing group on Facebook (where people give away or ask for free things, nothing is sold)
Anyway,  it was picked up 15 minutes after I listed it.  
That was a very easy way to clean up a situation and I’m guessing whoever picked it up had a use for it.  

I apologize for not doing VEDA all 30 days.  Some family things (not bad things) went on this week that had my attention and they just aren’t things I will blog about.

Happy May 1st everyone 🌺 🌸 🌹