If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, October 6, 2023

Eat at Hometober days 4, 5, and 6- couponing- etc

Hello everyone 
For for eat at Hometober
On the 4th, we had leftover roast beef.  
On the 5th, we had delicious lentil tacos again.  
Yesterday,  I made a big batch of pasta sauce- the kind we call Roma Sauce 

It’s cooking in an 8 quart crockpot.  
Many containers of sauce went in the freezer and one will be for supper tonight on the 6th. 
 I’ll cook some pasta and green beans from our tiny fall garden.  

About couponing- 
These are not sales you could duplicate exactly but I do want to show you ways to save money, if you are wanting to do that
After I shop at CVS, they almost always put a high value extrabuck on my account or they email it to me.
On these two purchases, you can say that they have sent me four dollar extrabucks  several times. They can be spent on anything.
I like to stack them with other CVS coupons that are usually on everyone’s account
CVS sent me coupons for gold emblem snacks and also snacks in general. And a four dollar extrabuck
These nuts were buy one get one  1/2 off. Cashews are a family favorite!
So I bought two and nicelyntold the cashier I would like to add every available offer on my account to this transaction
I got 3 pounds of cashews for about $14
I was not expecting to get the four dollar extrabuck on this transaction but it was a nice surprise

Then in yesterday’s mail, there was another four dollar extrabuck from CVS
I looked over the other coupons on my CVS app
I saw one that was five dollars off $25 worth of candy
We don’t need any candy at this house, but I was wanting to fill the candy dish at a relatives assisted living home.
So I stacked my two $4 extrabucks with the five dollar off candy.
I don’t have a photo of the actual candy that I purchased because I’ve already taken it to my relative
But I bought six bags of the Hershey brand. That came to almost $24. But it needed to be $25 so I added a bag of peppermint that was a little over a dollar.

So I got six bags of chocolate candy and one bag of peppermint for about  $12.

My relative doesn’t eat this candy, but she does have a large candy bowl. 
There are many workers that come in and out of her apartment and they enjoy having a little treat and it’s just a nice little Thank you, saying we appreciate them.
So I was quite thankful to stock up on treat  for the workers for very little money

I went to Walgreens, mainly just to spend the reward from last week.
(And when I wrote about what I bought at Walgreens last week, I was wrong about my rewards.
Two of them are what are called boosters and had already expired so 
I only had $11 to spend in Walgreens Rewards.   yes, couponing is tricky.)

Walgreens also had cashews on sale. The 8 ounce bags were $2.99 each
The zipper bags were buy one get two free.
The bags are an OK deal, not the very best deal, but I was wanting to add more to my pantry stock.
This transaction was a little over five dollars.

So, if you are wanting to coupon, check your apps for the stores that you want to shop
After you shop there, check your app and your email again to see if they have sent you any personalized offers
In my experience, they tend to send offers for things you have already purchased.
At CVS I am still getting lots of baby offers even though our youngest grand is 4 1/2.  

I have not been back to Dollar General in two weeks.
And I don’t think I will be going back to either CVS or Walgreens again this week.
I have not looked into next week sales, but I don’t foresee myself being a super couponer like the people I see on YouTube or Instagram.
But I am very happy to have stocked up on things that my family really likes-like cashews which are a favorite snack of grand children and husband- and to treat all the workers at the assisted living home

If you’re wondering, I ended up with 5 pounds of cashews. 
I did check the dates on all the packages and all of them are dated well into 2024. 
I am positive my family will eat them before they go rancid.

This weeks to do list looks exactly like last weeks to do list
Because it is the very same list
I got so little done last week, I just re-used the same list for this week and added boxes for the things I really do try to do daily no matter what.

Even though it may be my motto, I don’t always get things done

Hope you are all having a really, really good week!

❤️ Rhonda 

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Eat At Hometober day #3

"Will there be lentil tacos in Heaven?"
That is what grandson JJ said the last time he ate lentil tacos here. 
He Really Really likes lentil tacos!

Lentil tacos aren’t everyone’s favorite meal but my husband and I sure do like them and so do our grandchildren 

Today,  I made our favorite lentil taco recipe times 3 in our  big crockpot.  
We had them for our supper,  in flour tortillas with traditional taco toppings. 

A triple batch makes lots of taco filling so I packed up the rest in meal size containers to freeze for future meals.  

❤️ Rhonda 

Monday, October 2, 2023

Eat-at-hometober day 2

I did some bulk cooking today.  
I cooked about 5 pounds of lean top round beef  roast in the crockpot.  

After about 6 hours in the crock pot, it was done and tender. 
I shredded and put in containers.  
4 went in the freezer for future meals like vegetable beef soup, tacos, beef and noodles.   
Y’all will these again during Eat at hometober.  

Supper was 1 container of shredded beef with a green salad and steamed vegetables.  
I used the tiny harvest of green beans from yesterday and supplemented them with some potatoes and frozen vegetables.  

A reader told me I should be saving my green onion tops to regrow.  
I liken to eat the white part so the ends I saved are pretty short but I planted them and will see what happens 
There is quite a bit of root in the soil- I’ll keep them watered and in the sun- 🤷🏻‍♀️

In the kitchen, we made a big change. 
One of the cabinet door hinges broke so after thinking about it,  we just removed all the upper cabinet doors (they are stored in the backyard shop)
We have a friend that is a custom cabinet builder.  He looked over our cabinets another time we were having trouble with one. 
For  an unknown reason, our cabinets were built with European hinges that are very finicky.  
His suggestion was we replace all the hinges but we didn’t want to do that then or now.  

I like no doors a lot.  I like being able to see everything and I think it makes cooking a little easier.
What do y’all think? 

❤️ Rhonda 

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Eat At Home-tober, hummingbirds, coupon shopping

Hello everyone 
I don’t have to tell ya’ll about the cost of living 🤯 
We are fine but we have 2 trips planned and needed some home repairs.  
So, to help ease our pocketbook a bit,  I plan on us eating at home all of October- hence the phrase I made up- Eat at home-tober, kind of like Vlogtober, but I doubt it catches on.  
Groceries are expensive but eating out is even more expensive.  
I’ve bought groceries, most of what we should need this month, from the commissary, Kroger and Walmart.
I’ll need to plan ahead to keep this going all month.  

I plan on blogging about it all month if you want to follow along or join in————the more, the merrier, right? 

Today, 3 grands were here so we had homemade pizza.  
Unbaked pizzas
I let the bread machine knead and raise the dough.  I used the 2 pound measurements.  
This is a good, basic crust.  It rolls out easily and thin, like we like it. 
Baked pizzas with fresh fruit and veggies
All 5 of enjoyed it lots! 

I was thinking the hummingbirds had migrated already and then I saw one yesterday.  
So I washed and refilled the feeders,  
I live in the light green belt.  We could see hummingbirds until October 25, according to this graph.  
That’s much later than I would of expected.  I guess we will see but there is fresh nectar  in my backyard to fuel any hummingbirds that stop by.

Last week I did a little coupon shopping at Walgreens - these sales have expired 
Cost was about $27 and I earned $21 for next time.  

I’ve built up a laundry products and paper goods stocks pile in just 2 weeks.  
The candy corn is for a grandson who thought it was a bad deal that I didn’t include candy corn in my fall decorating.  

This week,  I have those $21 in Walgreens rewards to spend.  
I’m not sure what I’ll use them on but I may wait and go Saturday and use this coupon- 

Any purchase that is $45 - and  that is usually before coupons, etc- will earn $20 in Walgreens cash.  
They have many of their vitamins buy 1 get 1 - hopefully some will still be in stock Saturday.  
We will need to replenish our vitamin supply one way or the other anyway. M

But if you plan on doing coupon deals,  please get advice from an expert on YouTube or IG to get the maximum deals.  

❤️ Rhonda