If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Whimsy and my to do list

My cousin and my brother posted these 2 photos on Facebook last year of these cute little csndles.  My sweet Aunt Bernice put these on the Thanksgiving table every year.  Now cousin Carla owns them and she shared 2 with my brother.  
If you can't tell from the photo, these are tiny, maybe 3 - 4 inches tall.  
How they survived all us 21 Campbell cousins, I have no idea.  

My mom crocheted the orange pumpkins. 

These plastic canvas magnets are made by me.  Aunt Bernice had a set and I guess someone made them for her.  She let me borrow hers after Thanksgiving, I used hers as a pattern and made my own. 
They always remind me of her.  

My candlestick Thanksgiving people, also made by me with plastic canvas.  
The tiny basket is a souvenir from a tractor show we attended in California and the turkey salt and pepper shakers belonged to my grandmother (and she gave them to my daughter but they like living here, right Nina?) 

And here's my weekly list, just a few days late this week.  
Now, after this stroll down memory lane,  I need to get busy! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Camels, pecans and CVS

We are still picking pecans.  The pecan orchard is right beside a small animal park and this sweet, social camel lives there.  
We were picking near the fence and he came over to chat.  He really likes having his head patted and being talked to.  I understand he likes to give kisses on the cheek but I didn't want to be that friendly. 

In the background is more of the animal park.  I don't know what all lives there but I've heard they also have kangaroos and their monkeys can be seen in their big enclosed areas.  
The pecan trees we've been picking. 
The harvest is plenty but the workers are few........

I did this deal Saturday so it is not available any longer but it is a deal they repeat every so often.  The Eucerin was buy $20 get $10 ExtraCareBuck.  
I used a 30% off any lotion coupon from my CVS app, $2 coupons on each item and I think $10 in ECBs.  It cost about $3 cash and I got back $10 ECB.  
All these products count toward Beauty Bucks and when I went to CVS Monday, a $5 ECB for Beauty Bucks printed for me at the red scanner.  

There were a lot of specials this week.  
Lots of items to buy and get their entire price back in ECBS.  

I spent about $8 and got back $17+ in ECBs.  Just the 2 gallons of milk would be close to $8 at other grocery stores.  I drank the Ocean Spray Pact orange flavored drink on the way home from pecan picking,  it tasted very good.  
CVS has another sale that starts Thursday and I've looked it over but I will probably skip it.  

Other Black Friday shopping is up in the air.  If I see something we want in the newspaper ads, I might do a little shopping but I won't be standing in any mobs or camping in front of any stores.  

I have not yet made a to do list for this week.  We've been busy with family and grands until this afternoon and then we spent the afternoon at the pecan orchard.  
So tomorrow, I'll do some minimal housecleaning and plan out the Thanksgiving cooking.  

Hope you are all having a good week! 

Saturday, November 21, 2015

2 baby tips

I sewed up a few bandana style baby bibs last month for the grandson baby.  He is quite a prolific drooler so I looked through my fabric and cut out a bunch more last night. 
This new batch has flannel on either both or 1 side for absorbency.  
I prefer to use buttons to close bibs and the assorted buttons are all from my button jar.  

Bandana bibs sew up quickly and don't use much fabric.
There are multiple free bandana bib patterns and tutorials online.  
Tip 1 is make some bibs for the babies in your life or for shower gifts.  

We were  indoors on that day  but this 20 pounder was spending a lot of time in the stroller.  He was a little sick with teething and a cold, so he didn't  want to sleep in the swing.  He is just so big that my arms get tired if I carry him as much he would like, so when we need to move from room to room, this little umbrella stroller is perfect.  
Babies want to be close to their caregivers so even on his happy days, if I am doing laundry or straightening up our home, I roll whichever baby is here around the house in a little stroller.  
The baby likes it and my back really likes it!  

Jackson modeling a bandana bib- 

I looked through my fabric stash and cut out a stack of bandana bibs for granddaughter Charlie.  I'll get them sewed up so I can give them to her Thanksgiving. 

Silly Elizabeth in a green apron with a tutu on her head, 
Can you guess what she is?  
A flower of course!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Quilt Show at my parents retirement center

Yesterday was a quilt show with family quilts that belong to residents and quilts made by residents. It was fun to see so many quilts in one place. 
My mom with some of her quilts 

It's hard to see in this photo but on the right is a table holding 3 Husqavarna machines.  The daughter of a resident owns a sewing shop and she demonstrated some state of the art machines.  
I helped make this quilt many years ago- the animals are appliqued and then I added embroidery.  We made 5 of these baby quilts and they were a joint project of my mom, grandmother and me. 
On the quilt rack, 3 of Mom's quilts.  On the lower right is a gold cross stitch quilt she made.  
Bottom- Christmas quilt by Mom
Top- a crazy quilt belonging to another resident and Mom's crazy quilt made from neckties

A signature quilt 

This old quilt is red and greens but it looks pink in the photo

This old and very scrappy crazy quilt appealed to me

2 beautiful embroidered quilts 

2 different ways to make T Shirt quilts 

My dad and JJ visiting with Randi, the activity director.  She always finds a piece of candy for JJ and he calls her "my friend Randi" 

This is a sweatshirt jacket, the patches are raw edge appliqué 
I visited with the maker - turns out her son in law is my son in law's barber.  
Our town has a population of about 50000 with 20000 more college students.  It has a small town feel to it, and we all seem to know each other or know each other's family.  

A beautiful signature quilt, I especially like the embroidery in the center

Quilts Quilts and Quilts!  If you made it to the end of this post, you have the patience of a quilt maker 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Sunday, November 15, 2015

CVS this week

CVS this week
I go through the ad and clip out each deal I want to do.  Then I glue them to a sheet of paper.  When I shop, I can just look at my paper to match up the items and sales I want to do and don't have to flip through a 20 page ad to find the right sizes or quantities of items needed to make a deal. 
Then I get out the coupons I need, any ECBs and my CVS card and paperclip it all together.  
Below is my receipt from this week's deals as well as the $14 ECBs I earned for my next shopping trip.  
I spent $10.48 total on my purchases.  My receipt says I saved $67 or 87%
The cashier applied a 25% off toothpaste app coupon, she also applied a $5 Almay app coupon even though I bought Revlon.  I questioned it and she just shrugged and said her screen said it was eliglible. 

5 Lipton tea bags 100 count
4 Colgate total toothpaste 
4 bags Tide pods -I think they each hold 14 pods
1 mascara and 3 eyeshadows