If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, November 29, 2021

Let’s get my home back in shape

Good morning Homemakers 
First here is my to do list for the week 

It’s different than how I usually do it.  And I’ll explain.  Because every room in our home needs more than just some vacuuming and dusting,  I listed each room and my plan is tackle each room and then as I get it back right,  I’ll move to another room.  
This is what all the rooms looked like Sunday afternoon 

I took all these photos in about 3 minutes and Ducky followed me from room to room.  

The bathrooms and laundry room also need attention, but really, who wants to see a messy bathroom?  

I hope I can get lots done but last week, I was slowed way down with a cranky back.  It’s been feeling fine the last 2 days but I’ll be careful and if it flares up, I’ll have to stop.  

My plan is to do floors, dusting, wash bedding as needed and deal with clutter in every room.  

Anyone else starting  this week after Thanksgiving with a messy house?  😧😧😧
I’ll check back in soon…….

Sunday, November 28, 2021

I think I’m back

Hello everyone, 
I’ve already blogged about things keeping us busy.  And you all know how the pandemic halted most travel plans. 
Well, my husband and I are vaccinated and boosted so we felt it was safe for us go on a Branson vacation we scheduled months ago.  
We celebrated our 40 and 41st anniversary during the “stay at home” days so we tried to make this long awaited vacation as memorable as we could.  

We spent a week in a condo and mostly saw lots of shows.  We ate a meal out everyday and then had light breakfasts and suppers in the condo.  
Outside the patio of our condo were pine tree with long skinny pine cones- they were about 6-8 inches long and I thought about bringing some home but they were full of pine sap and very sticky so all the pine cones stayed in Branson.  
The Duttons 
Steve, Larry and Rudy Gatlin 
Johnson Strings - their costumes light up and changed color 
Hughes Family Christmas 
Clay Cooper 
Jesus at the huge Sight and Sound theater 

We ate some very good meals but I only took a photo of this one 
Loose meat sandwiches at Heroes Tastes and Taps-  so good! 

We saw more shows but I didn’t  take photos at any of them.  
We shopped just a bit but I’m not much in a shopping mood these days.  

Branson is a great town.  It is very busy now as so many people are back vacationing.  
My advice - if you want to travel there- check online reviews for the attractions you’re thinking about, take lots of patience and take a big pile of money 

My husband and me- in the lobby of the Mansion theater where the Gatlins played just one show.  

I plan on blogging regularly now
See you all soon
❤️ Rhonda 

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Probably my only November2021 post

Hello everyone 
I have no plans to stop this blog but life has lots of extra things going on that are not leaving me with much time to do homemaking in my home.  And since I usually blog about home things,  no posts have been written this month.  
Possibly toward the end of the November,  things will be normal and I’ll get back to both homemaking and blogging. 

Yesterday was the Marine Corp birthday.  It’s not a big deal to anyone but Marines.  But to Marines,  it’s a very big deal.  
They have formal birthday balls, tell each other Happy Birthday and Semper Fi all day and celebrate a lot.  
No ball for us since retirement but I did bake a cake for my Marine husband and we happily reminisced looking at old photos.  

This ball was in 1984.  I sewed this ball dress and I remember I spent $7 on the fabric.  I wasn’t cheap on purpose but we had $11 in checking and I needed a make a formal.  I used a remnant of velvet for the bodice and the sleeves and skirt were some very cheap Halloween costume fabric. 
I got lots of compliments on it and wore it to several balls.  

My husband had been promoted before this ball so I bought this dress at Dillards.  Look at those crazy lace covered padded shoulders!  I liked that dress then and wore it to several balls too.  But I don’t much like it now.  
And no,  I didn’t color my hair.  We lived in California and I spent most afternoons in our front yard watching my children play.  Just the California sun bleached my brown hair that lighter color.  

I’m fine.  Just busy and I’m hopeful by December,  life will be more normal and routine.  
Hope to see you all soon 

❤️ Rhonda