If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, May 11, 2019

May Doings - cookie baking, coupon shopping, one room schoolhouse, etc;

 Good morning everyone,  
My daughter asked for homemade cookies for a school reception and since I like to bake cookies,  I was happy to help.  She came over one morning and we somehow made 5 cookie recipes in less than 3 hours.  We both worked and my oven is a double oven but we were both surprised it went so fast.  
Recipes were chosen based on ingredients in my pantry I was wanting to used up. 

We made gluten free mini chocolate chip cookies,  spritz cookies all shaped like camels, oatmeal cookies with butterscotch chips and corn Chex stirred in, a brownie drop cookie with peanut butter chips and chocolate oatmeal no-bakes.  (This box is some of the “ugly” cookies, the ones that didn’t come out perfect.  I froze them and will add them to our lunch on Mother’s Day.  Even if they’re misshapened,  they will taste fine and my family won’t care.) 

Almost 4 year old Jackson wasn’t too sure about the no bake cookies.  As I was  dropping the scoops of the boiled cookies into wax paper.  He said “those don’t look good, they don’t look done” 
I told him to just wait a few minutes until they cool and set up and then to see what he thinks.  
They cooled and then set up just fine and he decided they were yummy.  

Shopping at CVS 
My trips there vary.  I look for bargains but I also buy what we like and need.  

This was a week ago and was an especially good shopping trip.  

What I bought this week- my total was higher because I only had $10 in CVS bucks,  my husband requested Dove bath soap stuff but it wasn’t on sale and I didn’t have a coupon,  and I picked up a large bag of jelly beans on clearance.  

I spent more than usual but I did get back lots of CVS bucks.  
And I need to keep our jelly bean dispenser full as all the grands like it. ❤️ 

That’s our youngest grand RJ getting his candy.  He will be 3 in July.  
His big sis Andie is finishing up 1st grade. 

One room school house

I thought y’all might like to see inside the school house Elizabeth visited.  It looks very much like schools did 100 years ago.  That’s her in the middle of the front row. 

She had lots of fun doing the school work and the old games.  
They ate their lunches from home outside on quilts.  
Doesn’t this look like a great school field trip? 

Hope you all have a great weekend ❤️