If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, December 31, 2016

The last day on 2016

Hello everyone, 
All the Christmas decorations have been packed up and stored away for next year. 
But we didn't take down our 4 foot tree.  It is now decorated with winter themed things.  Come February, we will switch it to heart decorations. 
Mostly we enjoy the twinkle lights early in the morning or in the evening.  

every New Years, we display this New Years baby statue that I bought at a thrift store years ago. 
Last year I thought the statue resembled our grandson but this year, as JJ has grown, I think JJ and the statue are almost twins,  😍

I'm so glad I bought that funny little boy statue years ago but I never dreamed he looked like my future grandchild,  

From the new meal plan, for last nights supper we had "pork chop and potato casserole" from Allrecipes.com, with green beans, green salad and rolls left from Christmas.  

Grandsons Braeden and Gavin were here for this meal.  

Tonight's supper was soft beef tacos.  I cooked about 4.5 pounds of ground beef and seasoned it all with homemade taco seasoning,  Thr extra went in the freezer in meal size containers for future meals, especially when we need something in a hurry.  

The Oklahoma sunset was especially pink and pretty last night.  

We have a new calendar but it didn't have holes for  hanging in the top.  So I added a binder clip and that should hold it just fine.

I am sure blessed with cute grandchildren ❤️

Happy 2017 everyone.  

Thursday, December 29, 2016

babies, packing up, meal plans and a puppy

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas season.  We sure did. 
With all the little grands buzzing around,  everything is exciting and fun. 
This is our youngest, baby RJ, 5 months old.  He is quite a little charmer

Now it is time to get our home back in shape and clean again. 
I did so many loads of laundry today and cleaned floors.  My husband packed up the outdoor decorations and I've gathered up the decorations used in the house to pack them away.  I didn't put our very many this year.

The circles under baby Jesus are 3 plastic canvas coasters.  I know when I put them out, there were 5. 
Oh where could the other 2 be? 

It that time of year when everyone makes resolutions.  I'm not sure I'm making any but I do want to get back to living more organized.  One of the main areas is meal planning and preparation. 
We've stocked our kitchen with 2 recent commissary trips and I worked today organizing the pantry and freezer. 

Below is tonight's supper while I prepared it - a salad big enough for 2 nights
- and salmon patties ready to be mixed together and sautéed.   
the tomatoes on the salad are the multi color grape size ones.  They are kind of ugly but taste almost like fresh picked home grown tomatoes. 

Below is our January menu- I don't think I will need to cook all these meals and I will just cook them as needed and as they sound good.  But I have all the ingredients to prepare every one  except for needing bell peppers for 1.  Some are recipes I just know and some are recipes I have pinned under cooking on Pinterest. 
my plan is to look at this list often and plan ahead and cook these yummy meals as much as possible. 

We are getting a new puppy!  She is a boxer-bloodhound mix and in a shelter right now.  We will pick her up next week after she is all fixed and such. 
She looks like a sweetheart to me! 
We haven't had a pet since we lost our precious Theo 4 years ago but we are ready and anxious for one now.  He was just the best dog that did everything we did and went everywhere with us. 
So I hope this puppy will be up for our busy home and all the love she will get from her 8 new cousins
I think we are going to name her "Mabel"

Thursday, December 22, 2016

🎄almost Christmas

Hello everyone
I've been away from blogging for a bit because my husband took me to  Branson, Missouri for 5 days to celebrate my birthday.  We had a good time and saw several Christmas shows.  The weather turned bitter cold and it kept us from doing much shopping or sightseeing but it was still a nice, relaxing trip.
This is the only photo I took, looking out our condo's patio door.

Taking a trip so close to Christmas was not the best timing with all that we still need to do.  But the necessary things will get done, one way or another.  
Today, this little guy is with us along with sister and 2 cousins.  

Yep, that's his personality showing there 😃

Yesterday, we did a big shopping trip to the commissary where we usually stock up. 
So last night, I wrote out a to do list. 
A few things I managed before the children arrived

I'll be back to blogging either after Christmas or New Years.  
Merry Christmas everyone  😬

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Halfway through December

Good morning everyone.  Christmas decorations here are very simple, partly because it just appeals to me and partly because our two 1 1/2 year old grandchildren are very busy, if you know what I mean 😱

Our table top tree is decorated with lots of clear light and the Chrismon ornaments stitched by my mom.  

We had a spur of the moment cousin sleepover this weekend.  I had easy meals on hand to serve but needed some fruit.  
So I made a simple winter fruit salad with ingredients already in our fridge- diced red grapes, clementine sections and an Ambrosia apple sliced very thin.  It was really good too! 

These 4 having supper.  After they ate, each one got a shower and then we moved on to this fun activity.

My daughter sent over a box of  cookie dough play dough she had bought from a fundraiser.  
The grands really had fun making lots of colorful cookies.  
I was amazed how good they tasted.  

While the kiddos made their creations, I put all the clothes they wore to our house in the washer and dryer.  
Then I laid them back out so dressing the next morning was very easy.  I keep clothes here but this was much easier than trying to match up 4 outfits from the toy room closet.  

One trip to CVS after church on Sunday - I used $15 extracarebucks, some CVS app and redbox coupons and 3 manufacturers coupons.  I spent $2.76 for 2 Charmin, 2 granola bars, 1 shave cream and 1 makeup face wipes.  And I got back $5 extracarebucks for my next trip. 

Monday, December 5, 2016

A fresh wreath, Irish dancing, a madhouse and CVS

Good morning everyone,
I am normally an early riser and am up and going even earlier today as I have a dental cleaning appointment at 8 a.m. I make my appointments months in advance and I guess this sounded like a good time then but now I am wishing it was later.  Never mind,  I'll go and get it over with.

My brother makes fresh wreaths every year and he brought ours Friday.

This is our 2nd Christmas decoration of 2016.  

I think it is so pretty.  Besides normal tree cuttings, it has pine cones and these dainty blue gray berries.  Whatever they are,  they look great on the wreath.

Our oldest granddaughter has been taking Irish Step Dancing classses for close to a year.  She danced in a Christmas recital this weekend and it was so sweet.
The youngest girls all wear these velvet skirts and tops with the thick white socks and lace up soft sole shoes called Ghillies.

Bath and Body works had a big candle sale this weekend.  I planned to go and buy 4 and be done.  But when we got there, our store was packed! The check out line wrapped all the way through the store and the shoppers trying to select their candles were elbow to elbow.

We just stood outside in amazement for a bit, then took a picture and walked on by.
I like bargains but I was not going to stand in line for hours to save $10 or so on unnecessary candles.

I did shop at a very quiet CVS on our way to church.
The diapers, Dove products and makeup were all deals.  The cough medicine is something my husband needs
I started with $15 in Extracarebucks, some store, app and manufacturer coupons.  Before deals, my total was $90 but I paid $26 and got back $15 Extracarebucks.  I'm happy with that as the mediocre was a $14 need.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

December 1st

I'm working my way through that To-Do list and I found time to set up a bit of Christmas decor.
My son bought this huge poinsettia.  It's more than 2 feet tall.

So I put the poinsettia on one end of our dining table.  If more than 5 of us are eating here, then I may have to move it but this way it looks pretty but doesn't interfere with meals. 
The red and white card table cloth was crocheted by my mom years ago.  

And this is me in 1962.  
I'm struck by how pretty our humble little home looks in this photo.  My mom liked Early American style and our home looked so different from our neighbors who decorated with Formica dinettes, ceramic fish on their bathroom walls and panther shaped lamps on top of their TVs.  
We had hard rock maple furniture, milk glass,   braided rugs and cross stitched samplers on the walls.  
I think retro photos are so fun, did you notice the scalloped edge ❤️