If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, September 30, 2010

don't worry

just a quick post to let you all know that I am here, just been too busy to blog.  I've got some blog posts floating around in my head and I hope to put them in cyber-print soon.
thank you for the sweet emails and comments asking about me.

The weekend will be here soon - I will try to post then

Sunday, September 12, 2010

The winking 19 month old wonder boy

thrift store purchases and dining room update

Saturday, Jeff and I went to the antique mall, a junk store and 2 thrift stores.  We were looking for a piece of furniture to hold a tv.  We did not find one but I did find a few good things,  at yard sale prices even!
I got this stack of Pyrex Corningware Visions -whatever you want to call it - cookware for $8.25.  I've found a few other pieces at yard sales and just love cooking in it.  It cleans up really easy.  And if you don't think I got a bargain, just look on Ebay and see what the sets are going for.  Crazy high prices and they are so heavy, it costs almost as much to ship them. 
Mr. and Mrs. pillowcases for $2 at the antique mall
6 cup muffin pan,  $1 at the Antique Mall.  I've been looking for one these so I can make 1/2 recipes of muffins.

At home,  I am still working on re-doing the dining room.  It needs some things on the walls but very slowly, it is coming together.  So far,  I've not spent a dime,  just been reusing and changing up and moving things in my house around.

This sofa table was in our bedroom but I was so surprised that it fits right in that funny little bump out and looks good too.  The stool underneath can be pulled out and used for extra seating at the dining table. 
The window coverings are sheers we already had,  then I sewed a valance and added the trim to the bottom.  The fabric on the stool and for curtains was re-used from a table cloth I used several years ago in the craft room.  It is waverly vintage rose, was sold at Target years ago, but I still like it and wish they would reissue it.

sorry about these pictures being so dark, I took them with no flash - I've read several places that you get better pictures with natural light and no flash - and that may be true for real photographers, but not so much for an  amateur like me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

How I Coupon

 I've been couponing ever since I first married more than 30 years ago.  Couponing success and lots of great deals can be dependent on the stores available to shop at.  When I lived in CA, the big stores like Vons and Ralphs and Food Basket doubled coupons up to $1 and there were no limits.  I've read about so many great deals at CVS and Rite Aid and Publix and Kroger - but they are not in my town so I have to be content with 2 Superwalmarts, Walgreens and 2 smaller grocery stores. 

But wherever you live,  if your coupons are not organized and with you when  you when you shop, they won't save you any money.
I've used a big binder in the past to organize my coupons but currently, I like this little purse sized organizer.  It is made by the Container Store but I got it at a yard sale in a box of miscellaneous junk marked $1 for the lot. 
 My catagories - these are what make sense to me - you will probably sort yours differently
wet staples - any food items that come in jars or bottles
dry staples - boxed and bagged staples
dairy - cheese, milk butter, eggs
frozen and meat
oral care - toothpaste, floss,
makeup - I never buy makeup unless it is on sale and I have a coupon
health - soap, razors, vitamins, OTC medicines
cleaners - laundry, dish soap, any kind of cleaning product
wraps - this is any paper or plastic product
misc.  - this is where I put baby, pet care, batteries

I know some people say they don't use coupons because coupons are just for junk food.   I don't buy a lot of junk food either.  Half of my dividers are for food items and the other half are nonfood.  I would guess that I use a lot more nonfood coupons than food coupons but that is where I save money.  And if I spend almost nothing on shampoo and laundry soap, then I have more left to spend on produce and good groceries. 
 These are my 2 tickets from the last day of August.  I had a number of coupons that expired so I did a short shopping trip to Walgreens and Walmart.  Most of the things I bought were personal care and household items.  And you probably can't read the tickets too well, but I save a lot that day. 
I don't have shopping trips like this every time.  But when I can get razors and laundry soap and toothpaste and dishwashing soap for pennies on the dollar, it really helps. 

My coupons sources - of course I save the ones in my Sunday paper.  My brother and my mom usually save theirs and I have a few friends that we occassionally mail coupons to each other. 
Sometimes I print internet coupons that I know I  will use. 
When there is a really good coupon that I want lots of,   I look on Ebay.  Coupon sellers usually have every coupon you could imagine and they are mostly  pretty cheap.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Jalapeno Hot Sauce - Edited!

several women I know from a homemaking list on Yahoo groups have been making this sauce.  And since I still had a bag of jalapenos that we grew in the backyard, I thought I would try a batch too.  The original reicpe is from AllRecipes.com, a site I like a lot.  I like to read the comments from other cooks who have tried the recipes.  They usually have great tips and recommendations. 

I switched up the instructions a little.  I ran all the peppers and onions through my little food processor before I cooked them.  I also took my friends advice and used less vinegar and a teaspoon of sugar. 
The sauce turned out really good.  I think the hot food fans in my family will enjoy it a lot. 
I did not "seal" or hot pack this sauce.  It just made 3 little jars and I think they will keep in the fridge just fine until they are eaten.

go here to see the actual recipe at All Recipe.Com and read the comments if you are thinking about making a batch - you will find all kinds of tips and the exact suggested recipe