If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, July 25, 2022

End of July already?

Hello everyone
I didn’t plan to take such a long blogging break and I’m not sure I’m jumping back in to blogging regularly.  Who knows? 

In the top photo, 
I’m on the left and my son in law’s stepmom is on the right. 
We didn’t plan it but we were both dressed the same this morning 
Isn’t her home pretty?  
They have a pool and I’m guessing the blow up dragon was brought inside to keep it from blowing away.
I didn’t even notice it until I saw it in the photo.  

Life is still busy here.  
The new house for our son in law and daughter is being built but it’s not finished yet so our home is full and busy.  

It’s crazy hot there- 105-108 everyday but there is a break in sight. 
Hot and windy- kind of like living in a convection oven 🥵🥵🥵

My husband’s parents are both in their late eighties and have had several health issues so my husband has been spending about a week every month or so in Arkansas helping with dr appts, home maintenance, etc. 

I’m still stocking up and still cooking a lot. 
Our garden was pretty much a bust except for blackberries and flowers.  


CVS tempted me last week with their daily freebies and I had one really good day shopping there. 

First purchase in store  it was about $30 and I got back about $30 in CVS ExtraCareBucks 

I thought I would jump back in to the drugstore couponing deals after that. 
I went back today and took my planned purchases to checkout but it didn’t go like I expected at all! So I didn’t buy any of it. 
Early this evening, I went online and spent all my CVS ExtraCareBucks and ordered a f ew things and I think I’ll be done with CVS, at least for now.  

Below is today’s purchase 

The total spent was about $15
There are good deals to be found,  I just don’t feel like figuring them out right now. 

This sunflower was a seed planted in a disposable cup of dirt by grandson Jackson in his first grade class.  I kept a close eye on it and planted it outside, watered it often and it bloomed into such a pretty flower.  

I’ve been doing plastic canvas and finished this set of boxes for fall. 
I’ve started a snowman for winter but no photo yet.  

That fruit tray was full of melon and strawberries when the meal started.  
We’ve been eating lots of cantaloupes, watermelons and strawberries during this heat spell.  
And Popsicles! 

Our sad news is Cora and family have moved to a different university, 11 hours away. 
But we spent lots of time with her the last 6 weeks or so and it’s a good move.  We are happy for them but of course we miss them. 
And we will see them in 2 months 😀
There is a huge park near their new home and I’m happy they are in such a nice town. 

I guess that’s all the big news here. 
Hello to you all 👋🏻