If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Really good cole slaw

sorry this post is wacky - Blogger is not letting me do things like I want to !
this post is all out of order but the recipe is at the end......

I used the exact ingredients as the recipe called for
except I hand cut and grated the vegetables as I don't have a blender.
I also mixed the dressing ingredients in the cole slaw bowl
before I added the vegetables. 

a full recipe makes a lot - this bowl holds 13 cups and and it
is all the way full. 
I've talked about Jo Ann York before.  I read at least one magazine article about her
 and remember seeing her on TV back in the late 70s.  
  http://healingwoman.blogspot.com/  left me a comment last week
 and asked if I by chance had Jo Ann's cole slaw recipe.  
Well,  I did not but it got me thinking about Jo Ann again.  
I've looked for this little paperbook book of hers for a while 
but it usually is listed for a crazy high price.   
When I looked last week,  I found one
 on Amazon for less than $8 so I bought it. 
The seller got it to me so fast too.
Anyway,  I tried the cole slaw recipe first. 
 I only had 1 pound of cabbage so I made just a half batch
 and it is a great recipe, the kind of slaw we like.
It is not a heavy-dressed or super sweet slaw,
 but is dressed just enough and the vegetables are just right. 

We liked it so much,  I made a half recipe on Thursday and then a full recipe today. 

A little more about Jo Ann York, 
 this book was about how she fed her family of 4 for just
$16 a week,  that translates to about $67 in 2011 dollars.
She has some great basic recipes and lots of money saving tips. 

I plan on cooking more of her recipes and will let you know how it goes.

Yard sale fun

We went to just a few sales on our side of town this morning and found  a few goodies. 
a fleet of construction vehicles that Gavin will just love
and a doggie pull toy for Elizabeth
$3 for all

2 childrens books  50 cents for both

vintage linens - still in their factory packaging
3 pairs of pillowcases and 1 twin sheet
$3 for all

stack of Corelle plates $2
I think there are 6 dinner plates
and 8 sandwich plates.
We saw a similar stack of Corelle at the Antique Mall
today for $24. 

still in their original package and shrink-wrapped
a set of highly scented bath oils. 
50 cents!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nap Time

baby Elizabeth - pooped from all her playing this morning.

little Gavin
his first nap in this little red bed. 
He was so excited when he saw this bed and has
never been so eager to take his nap as today. 

They both sleep more on their tummies,  not sure why they are both sleeping on their backs today.   Maybe they are just so tired from all their morning activities. 

About the toddler bed,  it was given to us and has been in the active for about 18 months.  Gavin likes is so much, I am glad I took it and kept in the attic until he was ready for it.
The cute quilt was made by my fraternal grandmother for one of my children,  they all used it and I can't quite remember exactly who she made it for. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

Make do and mend Monday

Elizabeth has a couple of cute long sleeve shirts here.
It is way too hot for long sleeves and these shirts will be
too small for her by the time it is cold again.
So, my make do and mend project today
was to alter these shirts.
I just cut off the sleeves....
turned under the edge about 3/8 inch and pinned it up.
then I just machine stitched with invisible thread.

I think the whole project took 15 minutes.

2 re-done shirts
perfect all the hot days to come

If you've done a make do and mend project or you want to read about more projects like this one,
pleas visit my friend Heidi

our "pool"

The grandchildren love to play outside but it is so hot here
so I rigged up this pool in the shade for them.
Anyone recognize what it is?
the lid from the Little Tikes turtle sandbox

They also have a great time playing with this watering can
that belonged to their great great granddad. 

I expect in a few years that they will need a fancier pool to keep them happy
but I am sure enjoying that simple things are fun and keep them interested and active.

front yard flowers

Crinums in full bloom!

not as covered with blooms as some I've seen on other blogs
but this more blooms than they ever done

a rose bush from Aldis

red roses on a bush that was already here
when we bought this house

Friday, June 17, 2011

Make Do and Mend - 4 new skirts

the finished skirts

I made the first one, the shorter one on the right, in less than an hour.
I liked it so much that I looked in my fabric storage
and found fabric and elastic to sew up 3 more.

I know 3 of the fabrics were bought at yard sales,  I can't remember where the last one is from but it  is probably from a yard sale or thrift store too.  

they all have simple elastic waists

and simple machine sewn hems.  

have you done any make do and mend projects?
then tell us about them
and join Heidi at 
this is the pattern I used,  I am pretty sure I bought it at a thrift store
a while ago for 10 cents.  I only made the skirt but I do like patterns
that offer more than one garment like this one does.  

This project is about using what I had to make something I need and want.
I will be wearing these skirts often this summer and am very pleased that I did not have to go shop for them or spend.  

Sunday, June 5, 2011

what a difference a year makes

Granddaughter Elizabeth
12 months old yesterday! 
or 1 year, however you want to say it

just one year ago - it went by very fast. 

My brother Rex shares the same birthday with Elizabeth,
he is a few years older.