If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, July 30, 2023

To do list and Dollar General shopping

Hello everyone 
I spent a lot of time looking into my blog photo problem.
I don’t think I can easily fix the posts from this summer that are missing the photos 
But I’m hopeful I found the problem- I needed to update my Google photos app.
Time will tell I guess 

This weeks to do list 

I went to 1 Dollar General on Saturday.  
I used their 5/$25 coupon and some of their digital coupons. 
My purchases 

And the receipt 
I’m happy with the total but I made a goof.  I’m 
I bought the wrong kind of Febreeze so the Febreeze $3 coupon didn’t subtract 
But that’s how couponing goes.  It’s both frustrating and fun.

Hope you all have had a good weekend 

Saturday, July 29, 2023

Robin watching

I went in the backyard this morning to water the caladiums and the few pots of plants.  
I saw a robin gathering grass in the yard so I looked up at the pergola and sure enough,  robin nest #4  of 2023 is going in.  

Look at the top right corner to see the robin nest

They are fun to watch and they don’t make a big mess on the patio like doves we have had in the past.  
So I guess our pergola is just a robin haven now.  

My posts from April 30- July 3 all are missing the photos when I view them.  Can any of you see photos on any of those particular posts? 
I have paid .99 cents a month for years for Google photo storage so that should not be the issue.  

So far my other photos on other posts and other blogs all are still showing.  

Hope you all have a good Saturday 
It’s hot here but it’s always hot in Oklahoma in July 

❤️ Rhonda 

Friday, July 28, 2023

Trying again

Hello everyone 
I’ve been away from blogging most of the summer. I checked my blog yesterday and saw that more of my recent posts have missing photos. I’ve done a search to find out the problem, but I cannot find a solution that works that I can do or that applies to my blog. 
I’m going to write a short post now with photos and a back up and see what happens.

Our patio pergola hosted 3  families of baby robins this summer.
They were fun, watching the parrot sit on the nest, and then faithfully feed the babies. About three weeks after the eggs hatch, the babies leave, and they all go away, and never come back.

I’m still working on downsizing the amount of things in our home
Yesterday I gave away a whole, another big batch of stuff on the Facebook buy nothing group.
Last week I worked on my homemade cookbooks. I had four binders and several folders with printed off recipes and recipes saved  from magazines
They were quite unorganized!
We have had to do some serious changes with the foods that we eat so many of the recipes I had saved were completely useless at this stage.


AFTER I know, it looks dirty, but the scrapbook paper is a distressed style and looks a lot prettier in person
1 single notebook takes up a whole lot less space than all that other stuff.

The notebook has four dividers – main dishes, side dishes, breads & desserts, and miscellaneous
Some of the recipes are printed from the Internet and some are cut from magazines.
 Some are glued onto pretty scrapbook paper.

I used dividers that I already had and I was happy, but they have pockets in them. 
This is in the back in the miscellaneous section.
I also saved some menu plans from the past. I don’t know that I’ll ever use this again, but they’re fun for me to go back and read.

If the photos stay on the post for a few days, I will try to get back to blogging

If they disappear, I may look into starting a new blog or
I just don’t know.


Advice is most welcome about the missing photos