If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Sandbox, meals to go, CVS and some thrift store finds

Hello everyone! 
Grandpa built a sandbox for our backyard.  All the grands are enjoying it, even 11 month old Jackson.  

We had a big family gathering here for Mothers Day lunch.  My husband smoked turkey and I fixed green beans in the crockpot with cole slaw, tabouli, fresh fruit and banana pudding.  I did everything ahead so it was ready to eat when we got home from church.  

Daughter in law Sheena brought an adult dot to dot workbook.  She and son Jimmy both did one.  
The numbers are teeny-tiny and I think they went up to 600 or 900 or so.  

Sheena and Jimmy enjoyed doing them but just looking close at them makes me cross-eyed.  
Where adult coloring are supposed to be relaxing, I think adult dot to dot books might just stress a person out :) 

I've been mostly cooking things off of my May menu plan. I made 2 meals to go- each was shared with my parents and my daughters family.  They are especially easy meals and very kid-friendly.  
Above is Homemade rolls, fresh fruit salad, homemade fried rice with lots of veggies, and Tyson Popcorn chicken.  

We don't eat a lot of prepared foods but we do like frozen Tyson chicken.  These 2 kinds are made with whole white meat, not chopped up and formed back together, and they taste really good.  

Below is Tyson Crispy chicken strips, strawberries and tiny potatoes cooked with whole green beans. 

CVS drug store 

I am so stocked from previous CVS shopping that we just don't need much. 
Last week, I had a 30% off email coupon good on anything not on sale.  
So I used it along with my ExtraCareBucks to get a great deal on the press on nails I like so much.  
My total was low and I saved 84%.  
But I was a wee bit sad to not get any ExtraCareBucks back even though I knew I wouldn't.  

I may go to CVS this week but I will probably wait until the new sale.  CVS sent me a $5 BeautyBucksExtraCareBucks, a $6/$30 coupon and a 20% off coupon. They sure know how to entice this bargain shopper.  

Thrift store finds 
I don't think I've been in a month or so.  Here is what I bought this morning......
2 free books for my husband 
2 picture frames for my daughter - she plans to do a photo collage wall soon
Shorts for the 3 youngest grand sons 
A skort and play shorts for one granddaughter
A brand new Disney top for another granddaughter 
3 nice pair of long pants, size 4T, for next winter.  It is really hard to find like-new long pants for little boys- they seem to always have worn knees or stains.
Columbia brand shorts for my dad and North Face shorts for my husband. 

And a bundle of needed plastic hangers.

I had a lot of comments on my last post about the Silver Dollar City skillet meal on our May Menu.  I haven't made it yet, but when I do, I will photograph and blog about it.  

That's about it from here.  My husband has had several Doctor appointments that have kept us busy, nothing serious.  The oldest grands are busy with end of school activities and summer sports. 
And we are very excited about the upcoming birth of grandchild #8, a brother to these pretty sisters.  

Enjoy May everyone, it's going fast! 

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

May Menu plan

Hello again,
I am trying to better job of having some meal variety and to spend less.  So I made a May menu plan inspired by Dawn at Blessed Beyond Measure. 
You can visit her sweet blog here  Blessed Beyond Measure

 She plans out a month of meals in no particular order and allows 7 days open to use up leftovers.  That sounds like a plan that will work for us. I like leaving some days open to allow for leftovers or change of plans.  
May 1 was already a day I didn't cook a meal at home.  We were not very hungry after the big meal at church so I just fixed us some cheese toast for a light supper.

I planned this menu around groceries we already have.  I made notes by a few dishes about ingredients still needed.
I should not have to do much shopping this month except for fresh ingredients and the few ingredients needed for recipes.  
The menus are chicken-heavy as we found a good chicken sale last week at the commissary. They are also Mexican-heavy as we have big packs of both corn and flour tortillas.  And we like spicy, Mexican dishes.  

May 2 We had green enchiladas and they were so good!  I softened 8 corn tortillas in about 1 Tablespoon of hot oil and drained them.  Then I filled each one with some cooked chicken and cheese and rolled them up.  I put them in a greased baking pan and poured a little can of verde salsa on top (about 8 ounces). I put a little more cheese on top and baked for 20 minutes at 375 degrees.

May 3 Dirt E Rice, slightly modified, still delicious 

We have leftover enchiladas and leftover Dirt E Rice tomorrow's supper will be a leftovers of choice night.  

Monday, May 2, 2016

This week's to do list

Good morning!
I still like my old school method of a weekly to do list with notebook paper decorated with rubber stamps and washi on a clipboard.  It hangs outside our pantry.  
This list just keeps us on track and doesn't add clutter to our counter tops.  

Do what works for you! 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dishes to go

Happy first day of May everyone.

One day last week we took supper to my parent's retirement apartment and my daughter and her family also ate there.  Last week was especially busy so we prepared a very simple meal.  My husband cooked 2 whole chickens in his barbecue rotisserie.  I added green beans and quick cheddar cheese bread.  

I increased this recipe by 50% so it would fill up the Pampered Chef mini 4 loaf pan.  
I clipped this recipe from a magazine, probably 20 years ago and have baked it many times.  It is especially good still warm from the oven.  

Today our church had a family meal and communion service. 

I made banana pudding cups.  I ordered some 6 ounce portion cups on Amazon for them and they were just the right size.  
I also made 2 trays of fresh fruit skewers. 

My husband grilled meat provided by the church - 2 trays of chicken legs 
And 2 pans of pork loin.  
We attend a tiny church in a tiny town a short drive from our home.  
The auditorium was turned into the banquet room and the 2 ladies in charge did just  a beautiful job in this very humble little building. 

Grandsons Gavin and Braeden liked the food and fellowship too.  

Happy May Day everyone!