If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, June 10, 2019

June Sewing - so far

This month’s sewing so far-
I made a top for myself with a pattern by LoveNotions.com

I finished off all the edges with single fold bias tape and I like how it looks.

I also sewed an apron but it was such a complicated pattern and I don’t like how it turned out so I’m not showing it.   I disliked both sewing it and the finished apron so I threw that pattern away.  I kept the apron and may wear it, but I doubt it.

Granddaughter Elizabeth has Girl Scout day camp this month and the leader chose these stools for all the campers.
folding camp stool

 My only part of the process was to sew the seats.  The leader bought this outdoor fabric at Joann.  She picked it because it was 90% off.

 I don’t think I’ve ever sewn with outdoor fabric but it was very nice.  It’s sturdy but not bulky.
When I finished sewing the very last one,  I took it off the machine along with the 4 inches of thread left on my bobbin- that was great! It’s no fun when the bobbin runs out before a job is finished.  

This reminded me of my Brownie and Girl Scout days.  We did outdoor camp at a lake not far from our town.  We didn’t have stools but made SitUpOns with woven newspaper strips.

I found a tutorial on Pinterest for retro Girl Scout Sit Up Ons and may try making them with my grandchildren.  

Retro SitUpon

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Menus and turtles

On this week’s to do list was inventory the frozen food and make a June menu.  
First I hand wrote the inventory as I counted things in the freezer.  But that was messy so I printed it out and then I put it pretty paper because I have a bunch of paper.  

 Meals for June were planned minimally.  If I decide later to cook a new recipe, I can, but for now, I’ve planned either familiar recipes or meals that don’t need recipes.

 There are turtles everywhere in Oklahoma right now .
Below is the second big turtle we’ve seen in our backyard this week, and it’s only Tuesday.
This guy was muddy, and mossy, and had an injury to his rear right  shell.  
He hissed when my husband picked him up
And he’s been moved to field where he won’t drive our dog crazy or eat our strawberries.  
I don’t think our dog would hurt him but there would be no peace if both Mr. Turtle and Ducky were in our yard at the same time.  

Monday, June 3, 2019

This week’s to do list

As usual, I keep my to do list hanging by the pantry. 
Sometimes it all gets checked off but sometimes it doesn’t. 
Either way, this list does help keep me on track.  

Have you made your list yet?

Have a nice Monday everyone ❤️

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Patio plants and CVS shopping

Hello everyone. 
Our backyard plants are just flourishing this year with all the rain fall. 
I grew a few from seed but most are plants bought from the Lowe’s markdown rack bought by my husband or son.  

Our pots are just an assortment, mostly from previous year’s yard sales.  
I looked for pots yesterday but didn’t see any.  
That big orange tub held some sort of an agriculture product and it’s from our son that has cattle.  

 This started out as 3  tiny succulents from Atwood’s.  They were in 2 inch pots when I bought them in April.  
I’ve heard succulents like hot, dry conditions but these have thrived this cool, damp Spring.  

This is a fairy garden I set up for my grandchildren.  They all like it and when they’re not here,  I rearrange it too.
My favorite piece is this little clothes line.  I found it at Dollar Tree.

On to CVS,  the deals are not great this week, but I had $28 in CVS ExtraCareBucks bucks and I like to spend them so I don’t neglect them and let them expire.

I got lots of toilet paper and paper towels.  Also, 1 bag of Tide pods and a makeup brush I wanted.  
After my newspaper coupons and $28 in ExtraCareBucks,  I spent $18.40 and got just $10 back for next week. 
But I’m happy with this deal as we were low on both paper products.

If you are a brand new CVS shopper, I would recommend waiting for better deals in a future week.  

Another money tip is return stuff that has problems and get a refund.  I bought a big bag of Caesar salad at Walmart on Wednesday, thinking it would be an easy side dish while my sister in law and brother in law were here.  
We didn’t eat it then but I got it out to have it with lunch today but it was so brown!  It was dated best by June 7, 
5 days away.  So I returned it this afternoon and got a refund of almost $5.  

Have a good Sunday everyone ❤️

I’m sorry, I had a crazy time doing this post using both the blog app and also trying it on Chrome.  And this is as good as I could get this short post to look and it took 90 minutes 🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Neighborhood yard sale day

Our neighborhood’s annual yard sale and a nearby neighborhood’s sale was this morning. 
I shopped with my son and sister in law.  

Kid things were very abundant.  
Among my treasures are this pile of super condition boys clothes- some were $1 each and some were $2.50 for a sack full.  

Fabric was $3
Puzzle was .50 and a like new pop up book was $1

Razor scooter was $2
These retail for around $50 

Plastic barn was $2 and is the prefect home for farm animals we already owned

And a Rae Dunn mug for .50 

It was not nearly as hot today as it usually is for our annual sale so it was enjoyable being out. 
We went to lots sales, I’d guess 30 and I’ll say I have my desire to yard sale satisfied with all these purchases.  

I’ve really been a slacker toward blogging and I miss it.  I have plans to get back to regular posting.  
We’ll see! 

Have a great June 1st everyone.