If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, December 31, 2022

I want some advice

Good morning everyone 
The last 10 months with our 5 house guests has been fun and busy.  They finalized the purchase of their brand-new just-built home yesterday and started moving in. The new home is beautiful and I will share some photos later. Right now it’s very much in transition as they move stuff from this home and from several storage buildings.

I’m guessing most all of you were in that recent cold spell over Christmas. That was a hard one, wasn’t it? Anyway we’ve known for a while that our doors and windows were kind of leaky, they are 22 years old. But during that cold spell with the hard winds, the curtains in our dining room were fluttering back and forth from the breeze coming in the closed and locked window.
So, we have started shopping for replacement windows and a replacement front and back door, there is a good company in our town and we feel very safe using them.

My biggest decision is what kind of front door to get. We can get a metal door which we can paint or they will paint whatever color we would like. Or we could get a wood door and my husband is thinking he would like a wood door.
Our home is brick, with a lot of terra-cotta in the brick and gray mortar. We have fairly new siding and it is white.
Our roof is brown and our fence is white. Shutters are white but could be painted.  

We do plan to paint the hanging light fixture glossy black to match the ones we painted by the garage door.  

What kind of door and what color do you think would look good with our home?  I don’t want a big glass window again.  I’m leaning toward maybe a row of windows just at the top or a solid door with no openings but I really don’t know. 
Do you think a color like terra cotta, gray or blue would be good?  Or what about a wood door and what stain wood?  

About 2023,  I plan to be back to blogging regularly 

Thank you all 
❤️ Rhonda