If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, June 26, 2023

End of June -to do list, sewing, grocery haul

Hello again- I’ll just jump right in

I made a to do list that started Sunday- it’s not pretty but hopefully it will keep me on track 


I used to sew a lot! I found this photo of 2 of my children in pajamas I sewed - around 1987 I think. 
Aren’t they cute?  They really were happy children that usually had smiles on their faces.  
Anyway, this got me thinking that our youngest granddaughter would enjoy a twirly nightgown too. So I searched EBay and somehow found the pattern.  
I cut out a blue polka dot one last night 

I am so thankful for online shopping.  I’ve been using Kroger delivery and it’s great!
Oklahoma does not have any actual Kroger grocery stores but there is a delivery hub about an hour from our town.  
I wont say their prices are rock-bottom lowest, but they do have good deals.
They have weekly sales and coupons and if you match them up, it’s pretty good.
They also have two weekly Free-Bees coupons, this week it was for marshmallows and apple sauce cups. I think my grandchildren will enjoy making rice crispy treats with the marshmallows.

Anyway, I ordered Saturday evening and my groceries were delivered Sunday morning about 7:30 AM. I ask for delivery between 7 and 8 AM.
They bring them right to my door and they travel in a refrigerated truck, so everything was fresh and chilled.
Kroger has the best produce of any store I’ve purchased from.  
The 3 bagged produce items were dated into July
Everything looks fresh and A+ in my opinion 
Look at this crazy big bell pepper! It’s on top of a 1 pound strawberry box

Dog items and grocery items.  The chicken breast were buy one get one free and I should’ve bought four or six. It was a good deal but I don’t eat that much meat these days so that will easily make three meals. The cream of tartar is for homemade Play-Doh.
As I said, before, the marshmallows and applesauce were freebie coupons.
That’s a lot of bread, right? I already had two loaves on my order. Then at the end, when you check out with Kroger, they usually have some short dated items that are half price or less. So I went ahead and added three more of the discounted loaves of bread, and I just put them in the freezer.

Can you believe these five grandchildren are getting so big and old? The youngest one is eight and the oldest one is 14! 
They have very busy lives -ball tournaments, ninja tournaments, livestock shows, Girl Scout camps, church camp, energy camp
They all had some free time in their calendar last week and were able to have a sleepover here.

I’ve been doing more decluttering. Most stuff that was usable has been passed on to people who wanted it on our local Facebook buy nothing group.
I truly recommend looking into your area buy nothing group. People give away lots of neat stuff and people ask for stuff. 
And it just feels so good to take stuff that we don’t need and put it into the hands of people who do want it.

OK, I need to get up and get on with my day. The last of my tea is gone.
I hope you all have a great week 
❤️ Rhonda 

Friday, June 16, 2023

June things

Hello everyone 
Sorry but I just haven’t had enough energy to blog and when I checked my blog earlier in the week,  many of my photos don’t show.  Have no idea why as I pay Google for photo storage.  

Can you see photos on my posts?

Anyway,  our entertainment this spring has been 2 nests full of baby robins.  We had 2 separate robin nests under our pergola roof and we have had so much fun watching them.  Both parents work so hard keeping the babies fed and protected.  And then once they are about 3 weeks old,  they all leave and live somewhere else.  

The photo is not great as I took inside our living room window. 

The babies have their mouths open most all the time.  
This is the birds in the first nest a day before they flew the coop.  

I rarely go into stores and prefer to order or do Walmart pickup for most things.  But I’ve seen a few IG posts about some Dollar Tree things.  
So I stopped there today.  
Centrum Mens vitamins - best by date is in 2024 and they are made in the US.  $1.25 is a super deal on these.  
I’ve worn this brand of press on nails and they are usually $7 or more a set.  
I was especially happy to find these for $1.25 a box.  

If this post works with photos- I’ll blog again soon.
Hope you are all fine
❤️ Rhonda