If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Not the busiest Wednesday

Hello everyone 
We had 2 errands today.  The first one was picking up summer  lunches and breakfasts from our local school system  They pass out a week’s supply at each weekly pick-up.  
The second was going to the hospital for my husband to do his pre-op screenings.  Both were so pleasant and efficient.  I truly appreciate when events like this go smoothly.  

My main housekeeping today was doing all our laundry - just 3 loads so it wasn’t a huge task.  

Lunch was a stir fry made with normal vegetables we usually have the last of the Texas Roadhouse steak left from that family meal on Sunday.  

Simple and very tasty 😋 

These pots are in our backyard and are holding deeply discounted plants from the Lowes clearance racks.  
They all perked up and really grew once they were transplanted into bigger pots.  

Good night everyone 
Hope you all sleep well with sweet dreams 
❤️ Rhonda 

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Shopping day

Y’all sure know how to welcome me back, thank you!  

Today’s harvest is less impressive than yesterday.  There were also 2 little tomatoes and my husband ate them before I took a photo.  
He said they were delicious 

Here’s my list with a few more things checked off 

I did some shopping this afternoon
Below is just a few groceries we needed from Walmart pick up 

The Acetaminophen is for my husband.  He found out this morning he will have shoulder surgery next week.  He has to stop his other pain relievers but can take acetaminophen ( this is a new recommendation,  before his past surgeries, he couldn't take any nsaids or Tylenol). 

I needed yarn for a plastic canvas project and Joann was the cheapest and easiest place to get it.  

Believe it or not,  these 3 items were from CVS and were .21.  I had a coupon for the nail polish and hair products and CVS sent me a $4 coupon on anything because I haven’t shopped there in so long.  

All of these items were from Walgreens and I spent $41 cash with some digital coupons and Walgreens cash for all 
of it and I got back……

$11 in registers rewards and $14.39 in Walgreens cash for future shopping trips.  
Walgreens is my favorite couponing store!  

All coupons were digital coupons. 
If you want to try some deals,  first get the app for whatever store you want to shop at.
Below are some media accounts that give good information on sales and coupon matching.  You can find them on YouTube and IG.  

Savvy coupon shopper 
LA Savings 
Couponing with Kayla 

There are lots more besides these.  

Supper tonight was a doctored up Pizza. 

It was good but tomorrow I will plan out meals with vegetables 

My husband and I both a bit down and anxious thinking about the surgery but I think by tomorrow,  we will be ready to face whatever.  

And thank you everyone for the warm welcome back 


Monday, June 10, 2024

Getting back to doing stuff

Hello everyone
I’ve pretty much been away from blogs for several months - lots of reasons from me just not feeling like myself, my husband having health issues and several family situations I can do nothing about.  
I can work on myself and I’ve been to the doctor.  One of my issues is responding to very well to a new prescription but other issues still exist-  so,  I’m just going to do what I can, try to fix what I can and just live with the rest. 
And I want to get back to being more productive.   

So,  I made this list for the new week.  And as of this evening,  I’ve checked off a few more things too.  

I picked a little more than a gallon of green beans this morning.  We have one row of them in a skinny bed and they are producing quite well. 

We had a family meal last night with family packs from Texas Roadhouse.  
We all ate heartily but there lots of rolls left.  
My husband’s favorite breakfast is a sausage biscuit or 2.  
So I decided to use a lot of those rolls for breakfast sandwiches.  

I happen to have a good supply of breakfast sausage bought during Kroger sales.  
So I cooked up 3 rolls and made about 2 dozen breakfast sandwiches.  
I put all but 1 box in the freezer and the other one in the fridge.  
They heat up easier when their are not frozen.  
He can just heat up 1 or 2 for his breakfasts.  
And when a box empties,  we will take a frozen box and put in the fridge.  

In the sewing room,  I’ve started 2 more strip quilts.  
It’s my favorite kind to sew.  
We have 2 twin extra long beds in a guest room and regular quilts are just not long enough for these beds 
so I’ll sew these to be size that covers them like a bed spread.  

That’s all for now