If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, May 1, 2017

Meals, bragging, a diaper deal, an oops deal, etc;

good morning everyone,  here are a few things we've been up to

This is our salad-sandwich tray for the week.  Making meals and snacks is so much easier when I take the time to make up of these.  We used it this weekend to make sandwichs and to have diced veggies with our cottage cheese.  During the week,  we will add diced veggies to dinner salad, eat more sandwiches and add diced veggies to tuna for tuna salad.

I'm trying to use up some oddball ingredients from the pantry.  This meal used a can of green enchilada sauce and the enchilada casserole was delicious! I usually make Mexican rice with chicken broth but there are several cartons of turkey broth in the pantry.  I used turkey broth for this batch of rice and I couldn't tell any difference.
I also baked a pouch of cookie mix.
I'm guessing most every pantry has some unused oddball ingredients, right?

I have to brag on my son and daughter in law.  Her mother just retired and they hosted a dinner for her.  They originally planned to have it in their backyard but we had so much rain that day.  So they
 cleared out their living room and set up the dinner there.  

For dessert, Bobby made cinnamon rolls.  This batch was only his 3rd time bake yeast bread and he used my grandparents recipe, from my blog.  Link is on my right sidebar under my grandparents photo. I think he has yeast baking mastered already.

Several weeks ago I read about a Cuties diaper deal on Amazon and I think I saw it on Mineysavingmom.com but I'm not sure.
The deal is to use Subscribe and Save and get 4 bags of Cuties diapers, shipped, for around $6-7 total, depending on the size.  That price is for all 4 bags, not just one.
I read the reviews and skeptically bought it.  We use a lot of diapers in our family.
My first shipment came, all 4 bags in one box, and their quality is fine.  For nights, a heavier diaper might be better, but these are great for daytime.

I have since reordered 16 bags and my daughter did too.

I have to say Amazon changes their prices and availability often.  In the short time I've been watching Cuties diapers, I have seen the price go way up and then way down.  All our orders were placed when the price was low.
If you need diapers, I would suggest you check Amazon daily and buy when the price is low too.
Cuties come all sizes and the packages range from a single bag, to the four packs to boxes.
So if you want to try Cuties, please read the description to make sure you know what your getting.

Grandson Jackson is here the most and he needs his clothes changed often as he is an enthusiastic player and eater. 
I had very few short sleeve shirts here in his size but more than a dozen long sleeve shirts. 
These 3 all had the double sleeve style so I decided it would be quicker and cheaper to just alter these 3. 

No sewing involved -just cutting.  I just cut off the long sleeve under the short sleeve hem.

This took maybe 5 minutes - I think my husband may want the sleeves to use for rags when he stains wood projects.

I bought these water jugs at Walmart in the Easter clearance section for .50 each. 
I hand washed them and then 2 grands used them. 
I put those 2 to wash in the dishwasher. 
But, they must be made of shrinky dink plastic as they shrunk! 
Their bottom label does say hand wash only so the damage was caused by my error. 
Oh well, I'm glad I didn't buy more than 5. 

Crazy, right?