If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, October 31, 2016

End of October round up

first,  I usually do my posts with the Blogger App on an IPad.  I was able to load these photos but when I add words, it shuts off.  So, I'll do what I can out of the app but all the words will be at the top.

Anyway- Gavin was baptized this month. It was a very special day.
He invited so many family and friends and our church was full.

Afterward,  many of us went to lunch and bowl at a local restaurant.  The photo is the most recent group shot of all 8 grands together that day.

Sewing- I finished the plastic canvas tissue box for our son's office.

We shopped at the commissary and our groceries were put in all those brown sacks.  So many!  I folded them all up and will either reuse or recycle or pass them on.

A Sprouts grocery store just opened in our town.  It is so nice!  We got coupon books full of free coupons - they are dated to be used 2 every week for 5 weeks.  The first week was free Reds burritos and salsa.

The 3 big pumpkins showed up in our yard- gifted to us by a mystery pumpkin Santa Claus someone.  We don't know who but almost every home on our blog got some.

New dishes - a sweet gift from my husband ❤️

We have been having very mild weather, it feels like late spring, not Autumn.  We have enjoyed several picnic lunches during this stretch of nice days.

Halloween is not my cup of tea but we do live in a family neighborhood with lots of children so we bought a good bit of candy to pass out.
It was a fun evening with mostly families coming by.  It was fun to see so many of the parents dressed up as well as the children,
The dad in the dinosaur suit was the talk of the neighborhood

It's almost November ...................
Grandson Gavin was baptized at our tiny church.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Tree, a rainbow, makeup repair, meal prep and thrift store bargains.

Hello everyone,  here is another a multi topic post.  Do you all prefer these jumbled up ones or would you rather read short, more frequent posts?  

We bought this 4.5 pre lit tree at Hobby Lobby.  We added some extra colored lights that blink, artifical fruit and am assortment of ribbon we already had.  We just really enjoy the twinkling lights when it's dark outside and the grands all like it too.  

After Thanksgiving, the fall things will come off and this will then be our Christmas tree.  And then it might be the Valantine tree and Easter tree before it gets stored away for next year.  

We have had quite a bit of rain this fall.  This early morning rainbow, that seems to end right in our daughter's home, was photographed by our son in law.  
I'm so glad he got this photo and I know it pleased his family too.  
Almost magical looking, right?

Makeup repair
I saw this hack to repair a broken compact and since I had one, I gave it a shot.  
The tutorial said to use a plastic spoon and alcohol. 
Makeup is messy and stains so I worked on a paper towel.  

Crunch up the makeup more, with the flat end of the spoon, until the makeup is powdery.  

Then stir in alcohol by drops until it goes back together.  
Let it dry and then see how it turns out.
My makeup turned out fine and is very usuable once again. 
I call this one a win.  

We have another busy week ahead and I had mostly basic produce on hand,  so I prepped it all to have a head start on the week. 

Lettuce, tomatoes and onions are in the first 2 containers for taco toppings and for sandwiches.  
There is a container of diced potatoes to make a copycat version of Olive Garden's potato sausage kale soup.  
One dish has diced carrots, celery and potatoes for vegetable beef soup.  
The big dish is a simple salad to add to any lunch or supper. 
 The last dish is the end of the carrots, cabbage, celery, bell peppers and onions to make a vegetable noodle stirfry we really like.  

If the potatoes are covered with water, they will stay white and be good in the fridge for at least a week.

Then everything was labeled and put in the fridge until needed.  

I went to my favorite thrift store twice last week in search of long pants and long sleeve shirts for the grands. 
I found quite a few of both in the sizes needed.  
Below is what I bought the first day and I got almost as much the next trip. 

Besides play clothes,  I also added some dress up clothes from their 75% off Halloween costumes.  

So, it was a good week here and I hope all of you are fine too.  
And here is one funny picture to give you a smile

He is helping Grandpa in the garage while wearing a car buffer attachment on his head ๐Ÿ˜‚

Friday, October 7, 2016

Monarchs, gardening, cooking, medical info and grands

Monarch butterfly season- they are loving our backyard zinnias.  At one time, I counted 8 of them feeding there.  
But I am a lousy photographer so I never got very many of them in one shot.

The front yard rose bed - before ......
My son in law told me about a new rose disease called Rosette and he thinks these bushes have it.  I did some internet research and I think he's right,  
Anyway, I usually trim these bushes way back in the fall so I just did it early this year.  
They may have to be removed but I'll wait till spring and we will see what happens.  

I cooked a special meal one day as my husband returned home from his second trip to help his parents.  His dad needed surgery for a broken hip.  I'm happy my husband could go be with them and I'm happy my father in law is healing and my husband could come back home.  
We had some store bell peppers and some homegrown bell peppers.  So I made 2 pans of stuffed peppers.  We had one pan for supper, and also shared them with my parents.  The second pan went in the freezer for a future meal.  And yes, one pan looks different as the homegrown peppers are much smaller than the store bought and I added a little leftover mozzarella cheese to it as well. 

For dessert, I baked a blackberry pie.  These were wild blackberries my dad picked and we froze.  I used some of my freezer pie crusts.  There were some dough scraps so I made 2 tiny cherry pies.  I tried out pie in the silicone muffin cups and it worked great!  They baked nice and brown and released from the cups so easy.  
I used part of a can of Dollar Tree cherry pie filling for the mini cherry pies- down further you'll see what I did the rest of it.......
Our little backyard garden is yielding a bit of Okra.  
To cook okra, slice it thin and then shake it in a bag with just enough cornmeal to coat it.  
Put it in a hot skillet with a thin layer of oil to coat the bottom of the pan.  Add diced onions, salt and pepper.  
Keep cooking and stirring occasionally until it all cooked and browned.  
This is a very Southern dish.  And so good!  

With the rest of that can of cherry pie filling, I baked a half recipe of a family favorite for breakfast the next morning,  
Cherry Swirl Coffee Cake.  
This is a recipe I have used so many times.  Years ago, I wrote on this recipe "Nina's favorite". And then she wrote "yum yum". ๐Ÿ˜„

I baked that coffee cake in the early morning while we were in a thunderstorm.  Shortly after it was done,  our electricity went off and stayed off for about an hour.  
It was still dark so I got out 2 battery operated lanterns.  

Its nice to be prepared.  

And a medical tip .............
While my husband was away helping his parents, my dad had MOHS surgery on his nose for melanoma.  My brother was with Dad at the hospital.  Dad's nose requires some special care at home while he heals.  When the nurse was giving those instructions, my brother took a video with his phone and shared it with me and our Mom.  
This was so helpful to us to watch and to see exactly what to do.  
This is not the actual video- just a screen shot.  

So, many people have a phone that videos now.  If your getting special medical instructions like this, see if it's ok to video.  

I took my mom to a couple of her doctor appointments during the last few weeks while Dad is recuperating. And I 
was so impressed with her general doctor who made some changes in a prescription for her.  As he visited with her and told he what he wanted her to do, he was also writing it down.  Then he gave her that sheet of his instructions so she could know exactly what he recommended.  
That young doctor has the nicest penmanship too! 

Family Time

Right now, 4 of our grandchildren are having a cousin sleepover on our living room floor.  Before they went to sleep, they watched "Beauty and the Beast" and tomorrow morning, they are excited about riding their bikes. 

It's 3:30 a.m now and they are sound asleep, Grandpa is asleep but I am wide awake.  

I guess I'll be taking a nap tomorrow afternoon.  

Questions about press on nails

This post is just about wearing press on nails -
I've been asked several questions about them 

Below, I'm wearing Dollar Tree glue on nails.  I don't like the glue on nails quite as well as the Impress press on nails with a sticker back but I do sometimes wear them. 

Yes, sometimes these nails pop off or start loosening before it is time for a new set.
It is quick and easy to fix a priblem.  
I keep this small zippered bag in my purse.  Inside is a bottle of nail glue and extras of whatever nails I am currently wearing.  If I lose a nail or need a repair,  I just get this little bag and can fix the problem in a minute.  
Sometimes a loose nail needs a drop of glue.  Sometimes I need to put on a whole new nail.  
So whether I am on the go or at home,  repairs are quick and easy.  And way quicker than waiting for polish to dry or going by a salon for a repair.