If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, April 12, 2021

BEDA #12

Ever heard a smarty kid say “ want to hear me count to 100?  OK, 1...2...skip a few 100” 
I guess that is how BEDA is going. 
We had houseguests and we were busy doing things and I really couldn’t photograph much.  People just don’t understand why I would be taking photos of things like supper or purchases (things blog readers may like) but things that non-blog people don’t take photos of.  

Anyway,  I think as of this afternoon,  we are back to a more normal routine.  So,  I’ll try to get back to BEDA,  

We did some shopping with our guests -I will add my husband did not shop as he is a few weeks past knee surgery and doing good but not ready for shopping.  

Our town has a new Home Goods and I visited it for the first time.  It’s a very nice store and huge!  

I think Home Goods is a sister company to Marshalls and TJMaxx.  Prices are similar but HomeGoods only carries home things- no clothing, shoes or personal care like the other 2 stores.  

I saw lots of pretty things there but it was just Soooo Much Stuff!  I was a bit overwhelmed and didn’t buy a thing.  

We also visited Dollar Tree.  Our local store has been re-set and now is a Super Dollar Tree meaning they have a small section with $3 and $5 items.  The higher priced items are all together and marked.  I saw things like decent quality door mats, games, bed and decorator pillows,  nicer personal care and cleaning items.  
Sorry I didn’t take any photos.  

A simple thing our guests enjoyed and so did I was working jig saw puzzles.  

This one was small but tricky as the pieces are all odd shapes and don’t fit back together in rows. 

We started this one but it’s still in progress- and it’s tricky too.  It’s old shoes with assorted plants in them 

Now I need to go do a little housework and make my weekly list.  
I won’t have to cook supper though as we have leftovers.  

❤️ Rhonda 

Thursday, April 8, 2021


Hello everyone 
We drove to a small town about 30 minutes away to watch a grandson run in a track meet.  
He ran hard and he had fun.  

This home is right beside the parking lot at the track and very much in town.  
Do you see their pet? 

Just a goat 🐐😵😁

Lowe’s is having a Spring event with giveaways every Thursday in April.  You have to pre-register here 

This is what I got today.  Next week’s registration is already over too.  But if you want to try for the giveaways on the 3rd and 4th Thursday’s of April, set a reminder to register on Wednesday night at midnight EST.   The details are very clear on the Lowe’s site.  
Isn’t that a great freebie?  

Super was a baked chicken and oven roasted vegetables-carrots, little Yukon potatoes and sweet potatoes. It was very easy and tasted really good after a busy day 

Hope you’re all having a good April 🌞
❤️ Rhonda 

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

BEDA #7 baking day

Hello everyone 
I made a few sweet things this morning- all with old, tried and true recipes.  
A double recipe of Banana bread- it made all those muffins and 1 tiny loaf , also a lemon dessert 
I printed off this recipe in 2000 and it’s still my go-to banana bread recipe 

The lemon dessert is an old recipe too.  I remember making it when my son Bobby was a baby and he will be 40 this month. 
It’s kind of like cheesecake but lighter and it doesn’t use cream cheese 

Oatmeal cookies - these are crunchy cookies and a lot like a granola bar 

Of course cooking leads to a lot of dirty dishes 
Thankfully most of them fit in the dishwasher and I washed a few more by hand. 
The kitchen is 100% clean now and we shouldn't need anymore sweets for days.  


Tuesday, April 6, 2021

BEDA #6 - bunch of stuff

Hello everyone.  
We voted in our school board and city council election and then we had a late breakfast at 
Jimmy’s Egg
My husband ordered a big breakfast but I ordered from the smaller 55+ menu.  My plate was still pretty big, there is a scrambled egg under the 3 strips of bacon and that’s supposed to be a mini stack of pancakes but it was more than enough for me.  
This was the first sit down restaurant meal we have had in so much months and we really enjoyed it.  

Also,  my husband and I are both fully vaccinated for Covid too so I’m feeling braver about doing low risk things like eating in a not-crowded restaurant.  

We did several errands while we were out.  Ducky went to the doggie spa, we went to the bank and got groceries with a Walmart pickup 

I needed to get some groceries before our house guests arrive.  I’m not sure what meals will be eaten here but I’m prepared.  
And Ducky went to the spa so he won’t offend anyone with his doggie aroma.  

Produce I ordered to top off what we already have 
In general,  the Walmart shoppers do a very good job picking out nice produce.  

Our supper was a quick meal- and we had such a big late breakfast,  we never ate lunch and just skipped to supper. 
There were leftover mashed potatoes from Easter so we had a simple Shepherds Pie with some asparagus from this yard.  
And this photo is before I cooked everything 

Our guest rooms are pretty much geared for grandkids but I tried to set this room as good as it can be for 2 adults.  
I stacked the coffee tables that are normally toy tables and pulled apart the trundle bed so there is room to walk in the room.  
It is what it is- I guess our guests can pretend they are at camp 

Hope you’re all fine 

Monday, April 5, 2021

BEDA #5 - banana keeper and T-ball

Not much to post about today. 
I worked on my to-do list as we have houseguests coming in a couple days and also marked off several errands

Jane (Lejmom) asked about the Rubbermaid banana keeper.  I am still using it and it’s good but I wouldn’t call it miraculous.
These bananas were bought March 25 and March 30.  
The top one is very ripe and the others are pretty ripe too but considering how long ago I bought them,  they look OK. 
With all the Easter stuff, we didn’t eat fresh fruit as much as usual but that’s ok,  I plan to make banana bread with these to have when our guests are here.  

My husband and I eat a banana most everyday and I plan to keep using this banana keeper.  I think it does help keep the bananas at least a bit longer.  
Cons are it’s a big ole’ box and it wasn’t cheap.  

This evening,  I watched a grandson play T-ball.  
It was nice warm evening but windy.  For once, I was glad to be wearing a mask as between my cap, sunglasses and mask 😷 
all the dust blowing off the field didn’t get in my eyes, nose or mouth.  

❤️ Rhonda 

❤️ Rhonda ❤️