If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, December 4, 2020

Blogidays December 4- cinnamon ornaments and meals

Hello everyone 
2 grands were with us over 2 days.
We tried making cinnamon applesauce ornaments 
There are lots of recipes and variations on Pinterest if you want to try them 
The basic recipe is just cinnamon and applesauce.  We added some other spices that were getting old and some school glue 
When the mixture is all mixed up, roll it out, cut with a cookie cutter and use a straw to add a hole for hanging 
Then either bake them or air dry.  Ours are air drying.  I flipped them this morning so they would dry on both sides and some of the ones we rolled too thin broke.  
But they do smell delicious and we had fun making them.  

Supper last night was beef tacos and chicken tacos. 
These Soft Tortilla Bowls cost more than traditional taco shells or tortillas but they make taco eating so easy! 

Breakfast was what the boys asked for- pancakes and bacon 

Lunch was vegetable beef soup, grilled cheese and orange slices 

There is a slight possibility that public schools in our town will open on an A/B schedule next week.  
But who knows?  The Covid numbers are bad but there was some glitch in how they were reported so they look worse that they really are.  🤷🏻‍♀️

That’s how we spent the last 24 hours or so........ I’m a homebody but I’m really ready for this pandemic to be over! 

❤️ Rhonda 

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Blogidays December 3 - Dollar Tree, fruit and a few replies

Hello everyone 

Outdoor decorations from the side- it’s been raining most of today and I didn’t want to walk in the very wet grass to get a centered photo 

The red and green thing that’s circled is a sign that says Merry Christmas 
And the other circle is Ducky, our dog, checking out the decorations 

Errands this morning were a stop at Dollar Tree.  They had so much cute Christmas stuff- roll wrap, gift bags and containers for food gifts. 
I bought placemats- they are navy and will be just right in the breakfast room with the navy check curtains. 

They look blackish but really are navy in real life. 

At Sprouts we bought red grapes and giant naval oranges.  Both were on sale for .98 a pound. 

I washed the grapes and then cut them into little bunches- perfect to grab for a snack serving. 
I learned this tip from my Aunt Bernice way back when my children were little and have fixing grapes this way ever since.  

A few replies 

 about that raisin bread in the ABM not rising enough- I think the dough was heavy as I put quite a few raisins and pecans in.  I think it needed longer to rise than whatever time the machine allowed.  But thankfully the bread was still delicious!  

4 of the light up wall pictures were purchased at Aldi several years ago.  They use AA batteries and have switch to turn them off and on. They are easy to store away and they just stack up flat and sit on a shelf.   I really like them but no actual decorator would ever approve.  Thankfully, no real decorators ever come to my house 😂 

Lana-  I did get the email about my chopper being recalled and I started to jump through their hoops to get a replacement.  But I decided I’d be more likely hurting myself destroying the recalled chopper than I would just using it carefully.  

it was warm the day we put the outdoor decorations in the yard.  Our weather has been all over the place- we’ve had some hard freezes,  some very windy days, and today it’s been raining off and on all day.  But mostly it’s been quite pleasant all autumn.  

Hope you’re all having a good Thursday 
❤️ Rhonda 

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Blogidays December 2

Hello everyone 

Below is a video how the twinkle lights look in our living room early in the morning - my favorite time to sit with a mug of hot tea snd just enjoy the decorations 

Some of the grands were here yesterday.  They did virtual school in the morning with their mom and then spent the afternoon here.
They helped Grandpa with his decorations in the front yard.  
My husband picks the outdoor decorations and I do the indoor decorations 

I’ll show a photo of them in their final arrangement all lit  up soon.  

I had a helper when to peel carrots and potatoes for supper.

She counted out the vegetables so we both had the same amount peel.  But I’ve peeled a lot of veggies in my 50 or so years of cooking.  
She was amazed how fast I could peel.   I ended up peeling most of both piles but she did work hard.  I assured her she would pick up speed if she kept practicing. 
This roast beef supper was shared by 3 families - my daughter’s family, my parents and us - and there were enough leftovers for my husband and I to enjoy today.  

The first of the month means going over bills and what we plan to spend and budget for.
We don’t have many bills and I keep track of finances in a binder, with a sheet of paper for each month.
I worked out the December budget yesterday morning.  

Merry Christmas everyone 🎄
❤️ Rhonda 

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Blogidays December 1- to do list

Hello everyone and welcome to Blogiday #1.  I did a Google search and saw many variations of  Blogmas and Blogidays and I like the name  “blogidays” best so I’m  going to call it that.  

I made a pretty to do list and I’m happy to say, that we’ve already marked a few things off after I took the photo 2 hours ago. 

Supper is going to be a roast, inspired by Kim at http://outmywindowtoday.blogspot.com/
I think I’ll cook the roast with ingredients where it makes a gravy while it cooks.
I’ll slice the carrots and bake them and make mashed potatoes but use homemade chicken broth when mashing instead of milk and butter. 

Early this morning, I had some hot tea and did some Bible reading.  December is the perfect month to read Luke,  if you’re looking for a place to read. 

Now husband is having a late breakfast of toasted raisin bread from yesterday. 
I had a blueberry smoothie.  

Have a great Monday everyone 
❤️ Rhonda 

Monday, November 30, 2020

November # 6 - homemaking today

Hello everyone 
My husband was away helping his parents over the weekend so I used some of my alone time to freshen up and clean our home.  
So today,  I had plenty of time to sew.  
I made 3 aprons for the 3 grandchildren that don’t live near us.  
Two of them were sewn from some printed panels my mother in law asked me to sew. 
 But I know all 3 of the siblings will want aprons so I made a 3rd one for the oldest.  It’s fun fabric,  aprons printed on an apron 
I stopped at Walmart to get some cookie mixes to mail with the aprons and found these 2 along with lots of other flavors in the same brand.  
They look like flavors children will like.  They also had gingerbread,  several colors of sugar cookies and several kinds of edible cookie dough mixes in the same brand and all at the same price.   

When I got to the post office to mail this and another gift,  the line was so long- I felt like leaving but I got in the line and thankfully everyone was masked and standing at a distance and the line went much faster than I expected.  

My husband asked for raisin bread so I baked some in the bread machine.  It tastes delicious but didn’t rise much,  
I tested my yeast afterward and the yeast was quite active so I guess next time I should let the raisin bread dough mix in the machine but then let it rise in a baking pan and bake it in the big oven. 

Supper was chicken tacos with canned refried beans and corn.  
It’s cold here but no snow like I’m hearing other bloggers talk about in other states.  

Tomorrow is December 1 and I’ve been thinking all day that I’d like to try to blog every day until Christmas - kind of a Blogmas like youtubers that do daily December videos and call it Vlogmas.  I don’t expect I just invented Blogmas,  but I don’t remember anyone else calling it that.  
So,  I’m planning and hoping to do daily posts for the next 24 days - 

Christmas gatherings will be different this year but I still plan to do Christmas things,  they just might be on a smaller scale than in the past.  
I’ll be blogging about that and about just my normal home stuff.  

Hope you all are well.  
See you tomorrow 
❤️ Rhonda ❤️

❤️ Rhonda ❤️