If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

September #2 - some products I like and replies

I’ve tried a few new products that I really like and think they are worth sharing,  
We needed new bath towels and I bought waffle weave ones on Amazon.  We think they dry us off after showers just as well as the traditional thick terry cloth ones.  
The advantage is the waffle weave towels machine dry much quicker than thicker towels. 
I always cut tags off of new towels, pillows, etc.  Tags bug me 

I found mini Turkey pepperoni at our commissary with the shelf stable pepperoni.  
They are about the size of a dime and it’s so quick to sprinkle them onto a homemade pizza. 
 My granddaughter says they don’t pull off the toppings like biting into a big pepperoni. 
They taste really good too.  

This is  a new lotion I ordered from Amazon for about $10 a tube.  It has no scent and for me,  it did just what the package says it will do.  

Our weather is just starting to cool off a bit and I realized I have almost no cool weather clothing.  
So Saturday,  I ordered some clothes from JCPENNY, Walmart and DressBarn. 
Walmart is shipping my 4 pair of pants in 4 shipments.  I like the first pair that arrived , I don’t like the 2nd pair and I’m still waiting on the other 2. 
JCP shipped my entire order together.  It arrived today and I like all of them.  I liked their quick shipping and  prices too! 

The first navy piece is a cardigan and the last 2 tops are just plain v-neck tops with 3/4 sleeves.  
I ordered 3 nicer tops from DressBarn and they have been shipped together and should arrive end of this week.  

Last,  I’ll do some replies.  
William Durant? I had to look him up and I don’t think he’s anywhere on my bookshelf.
Dog training is a good idea but for now,  I’ll just play catch with Ducky in the backyard and will do my walks without Ducky.  He’s not a big dog but is very strong.  
I do know deep bruises and torn things can take a long time to heal.  We had a car accident a few years ago and my bruised sternum hurt for months.  
I am taking it easy and my husband is helping with things too.  

Thank you all for your comments ❤️ I missed this social part of blogging 


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

September #1———hello

Hello everyone- I’m still here, just haven’t had much free time for blogging or taking photos when I have had time to do stuff.  Over the last 6 weeks,  I’ve taken a few photos so I guess I’ll just show them and hopefully in the future will have more current posts. 

I made my first pretty to do list since the beginning of summer or so.  

I wrote out most of these tasks Saturday morning, before I took Ducky for a walk.  Ducky has been getting lots of walks but instead of acting better on the walks, he has been acting worse by pulling and raring up and jumping. 
Anyway, he pulled me over Saturday morning and I fell with my left hand and shoulder taking the force.  I didn’t break anything but I am bruised and sore.  
So, exercise and heavy housework has been put off for a few days.  

Now onto a few things I did get accomplished recently. 
We bought fresh peaches- trucked in from Georgia and Colorado 3 times.  We ate some and put most in the freezer.  



All the peaches are just so good! 

See that pile of big red books on the floor?  My summer was so busy and those books sat right there for about 3 months!  The book shelf has been rearranged and all books are on the shelf now. 
But that just describes how my summer home things went - we ate meals and kept the dishes and laundry done but the not-necessary tasks just had to wait.  

The very tall bookshelf, built by my husband, with no books on the floor anymore.  

I’ll try to post again tomorrow- I was going to make this longer but my  blog editor app keeps shutting down. 

Hope you’re all fine—