If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, November 7, 2015

This week's list, CVS bargains and a little chitchat

Hello everyone! Below is my list for this week.  I'm happy that most of it is now done, except for the ironing.....it keeps waiting though.
I am still liking my pretty weekly list on a clipboard.  This week, I thought to hang it on the wall (instead of on the kitchen counter) and I like it even better here.  It is on a narrow wall by the pantry.  It's easy to see and just mark things off.

I made one trip to CVS and I'm so late posting about it,  it probably won't help any of you.
I have looked ahead at the future sales on IheartCVS.com and I do plan to get more detergent, shampoo and toilet paper for almost nothing.  
I started this week with $14 in Extra Care Bucks.
I spent them and $10 cash and got back $14.25 in ECB.  The mascara was added to past CVS Beauty purchases and I earned another $5 in ECB for it.
I am looking forward to the good future sales and having $19.25 in ECB to use.  

I'll post a picture when the light is right to get a decent photo- I finished sewing and hanging a shower curtain to match the window curtain I sewed a few weeks ago for our master bathroom.  I am very happy with how it turned out.  

We may be going to harvest pecans later today or it may wait a week or so.  The Oklahoma pecan trees seem to have a great crop this year.  

We are finally having fall weather.  Our house is snug enough that we have not yet had to turn on the heat though.   Thrifty weather is sure nice after a hot summer with high air conditioner bills! 

I am still a fan of the Dollar Tree glue on fingernails.  I just switched this week from the brown chevron back to a French tip style.  My grandson was disappointed I changed, he said the chevron nails were like zebra stripes and he liked them best.  

I need to do some housework so I'll end this post here.  
Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. I like the idea of hanging up your to do list. I have to admit mine is on the computer and in my mind (most of the time).
    Do you crack your own pecans or do you have it done? I remember my aunt used to pay sometimes if she was too busy.
    Have a great Saturday!
    Vickie's Kitchen and Garden

  2. Hi Vickie. My husband is in charge of the cracking and picking out. We get paper shell pecans and they are quite easy to crack.

  3. How I'd love a pantry that the one I see peeking through the open door in your first photo. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. Hi Joyful, I enjoy this pantry very much. It was truly one of the key reasons we bought this home.

  4. You coupon people amaze me! I have a friend and CVS and Walgreens are constantly giving her stuff. Bravo! I love pecans but they are hard to find here in Europe. People don't even know what they are. Enjoy!


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