If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Today's CVS purchases and if you want to see my stockpile....here it is

I had my deals and coupons planned out ahead of time so we stopped at CVS on our way to church 

I prefer to go at this time because the weekly ad has just started and sale things are usually in stock.
Also my favorite CVS manager, Cole, is working then.  He is also a couponer and knows exactly how deals are supposed to work.  

The socks and chocolate were both on clearance 75% off and my husband needs socks so this was a good find. 
Everything else was on sale and bought with coupons.  
My receipt says I saved $100,06 which equals 100% and I spent no actual cash- just ExtraCareBucks from previous week's and coupons.  I got back $17 in ExtraCareBucks.  

I blog about my deals and some of you have commented asking where I keep it and what do I do with all of it.  
First, we live in a pretty normal Oklahoma home that has quite a bit of room.
Second, I do share these purchases with my family and with others in need.  

Our hall bathroom has a deep, floor to ceiling linen cabinet.  
On the top shelf is multi packs of toilet tissue.
On the 2 bottom shelves are about a dozen boxes of facial tissue, 15 bags of assorted diapers, 4 extra hand soaps and 5 twin packs of Pantene shampoo and conditioners. 
I didn't photograph the baby wipes, they are on the top shelf of the toy room closet.  

Laundry room 
On the top of the cabinets are 5 multipacks of paper towels.  
I can fit more up there and I think paper towels are a deal next week at CVS. 
Remember- I plan ahead by looking at the  future CVS sales at IHeartCVS.com
The lower cabinet is deep and holds about a dozen bottles of laundry detergent and a few bleach and fabric softener.  
The bottom shelf has a few bags of laundry pods and assorted laundry products.  

The rest of the CVS stockpile is in our big, walk-in master closet.
On one top shelf is more toilet tissue.  
The other items are in containers on this tall shelf in the master closet.

Shoe boxes of dental floss.....
Bar soap.....
A basket of women's razors and a basket of men's razors and cream 
Toothpastes and brushes 
The bottom shelf is dark so I put a lantern to help light it up for the photo.mm
On the left are shampoo and conditioners, 
In the middle are mouthwashes
On the right are liquid soaps and lotions.  

And I forgot to photograph the tray of face moisturizers and makeup wipes.  

My tips for stockpiles 
 I rarely spend much cash. 
 At CVS, I focus on sale products that give ExtraCareBucks and then use my ExtraCareBucks for future sales.
 I do almost all bargain shopping concentrating on just CVS.  I see great deals on line that people get at Walgreens, Dollar General, Publix, Target, KMart.   Pick one store available to you and focus on it.
 Buy stuff you will use.  
 Join a Facebook group that posts for the store you shop.  
 Be organized. 

And have fun!
 I like that couponing stretches our income but I also consider it a hobby and a game.  


  1. That is absolutely amazing, all the great deals you do! I live ina small town so shopping is somewhat limited, but I don't think I would be that savvy anyway!

  2. Thank you for showing us that! I think its excellent. You have items to use but also to trade/barter with and give where there is a need. Its like a shop. There are a lot of possible scenarios that this hobby is also a great investment. Not just for you but the whole family. Well done! xxx

  3. You're so smart! I used to be able to do these kinds of deals but my thinking is foggy these days. I'm so happy you are able to get such great deals!

  4. It always feels good to stock up and save money while doing it. That is if one has the space like you do. Well done!

  5. I believe it was Ellie Kay who promoted the idea of giving on a very limited income by using what she got for free using coupons/sales to donate to homeless shelters, food banks, etc. I did that when we attended a church that gathered items. Since we can't use certain shampoos here (or detergents etc) when I could get those brands for free, I'd donate those. It made me feel really good to take in a bagful of things I'd gotten free all month long.

    I want to stock up on the personal care/paper/pet foods which are often very good buys on these CVS deals. I need to really start watching for good deals once more, especially now that Swagbucks and I are struggling so, lol.

    1. OH I'd forgotten all about Ellie Kay! I used to read her books and learned so much from her. Perhaps it's time to pull her book out again and start learning from you girls on the CVS thing. I've really let my frugality go out the window and used busy and tired as excuses.

  6. I hope you don't mind me reading your blog, but I love reading it and you give me encouragement. I am a mother of 4, grandmother of 4 who is still in the working world but I do shop bargins and use coupons always. I have been so discouraged with Walgreens. Every time I go in with my list and coupons, I come out spending more than I had figured and I could have gotten the items cheaper at Walmart. I will have to start using CVS as it is on my way home from work so it isn't out of my way. I am also a list maker but mine don't look as good as yours. Keep up the good work! Love your stockpile.

  7. We live in a rural area with few stores. A CVS was just built recently and I've only been in a few times. I had no idea you could do these things! I will have to investigate further. It sounds like fun!

    I love the pictures you shared of how you organize everything.

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  9. Wow!

    Does CVS accept internet (printed) coupons that are not their own?

  10. Wow! Love your stockpile, Rhonda!

  11. You have quite the stockpile there. Love it!


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