If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter, CVS, some bulk cooking, etc!

Hello everyone - the end of March and beginning of Spring has been a busy time here.  I'm guessing your homes have been busy with similar things.  

First,  FedEx delivered this beautiful box of organic produce from GrubMarket.Com
I won it as a giveaway on Laura Lane's blog  http://harvestlanecottage.blogspot.com
Thank you to Grub Market and Laura

We celebrated Easter all day on Sunday.  
First we went to church and then we came home for a big family day.  

Here are some eggs we colored.  They are not real eggs but fake eggs I got at the Walmart Clearance last year for 19 cents a dozen.  
We used markers and stickers 
And my daughter tried the rice-food coloring- shake it all up method she had seen on Facebook.  Mixed reviews from us on that one.....

Our lunch menu included "doubled eggs" as 5 year old Elizabeth calls them.  
I cooked 2 dozen eggs.  I like to use a pastry blender to mash up the filling 
And a small scoop to fill the eggs back up.  

That very large dining table I found on a Facebook swap and shop list is so nice for big meals.  

We got a heavy rain on Easter morning and it left the backyard muddy so we had the egg hunt indoors.  

Lots of fun!  

My brother brought a huge fresh fruit tray from Sprouts and this fancy dozen donuts from Hurts 

My daughter and me, after most of our Easter activities.  

Mid week, son Bobby came with daughters Andie and Charlie.  My parents came over to visit them too. 
That's 10 month old baby Jackson and 9 month old baby Charlie.  
The cousins always like to do crafts, even if it's just coloring.
They are all so happy to see each other.  It makes this grandma so happy to see them hug and spontaneously say "I love you Andie" or which ever cousin they are near.  :) 

Midweek, we made a quick trip to Tinker Air Force Base.  Plane-crazy Braeden was so happy to see airplanes up close.  We also shopped at the Exchange and stocked up on groceries at the commissary. 

I had not been in about 2 weeks and I ended up with a pretty big haul.  It did not go quite as planned.  The deals on the CVS app don't show up in the store for me so I did call customer service.  

Anyway,  after coupons and ECBs and my gift cards from Swagbucks and MyPoints.com,  I think I spent $19 actual money and got back a pile of ECBs.  Customer Service also added some ECBs to my account so I have lots to shop with the rest of April.  
Whether the CVS deals go exactly as I think they should or not, I am still very happy shopping there and will continue 

My husband and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary and he gave me 3 dozen roses.  
They smelled so good and lasted about 10 days.  

Bulk Cooking 
I cooked a big batch of homemade chili and put most of it in the freezer for quick meals on future busy days.  
I also made a big batch of refried beans for th freezer, but didn't take a photo.
Not a great photo but my son asked me to bake cookies for 50 for a reception.  
I baked my favorite chocolate chip, oatmeal coconut and snickerdoodles.  
When he came to get the cookies,  he also made himself a salad to go and he looked over the garden
In our backyard
The garden is my husband's project.  It is doing great and I'll take better photos when the sun is not making shadows like in this one. 

One plan I have for April is it will be a low-spend extra thrifty month at the If You Do Stuff home, 
Our biggest bill of the year is due in June. So we are planning to save extra the next 2 months so when that property insurance leaves our savings account, it won't be as noticeable. 
More on that later............

Have a good first week in April everyone 


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Easter celebration with your family."Doubled
    eggs"...so cute. :-)
    Happy anniversary - beautiful flowers!
    What a wonderful giveaway you won. I would love to win something like that.

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Looks like you and your family had a wonderful Easter! I would love to have my granddaughter close enough to spend time with her on a regular basis.

  3. Beautiful post! Congrats to you two as you celebrate your anni. Blessings to you. Gorgeous roses! Easter looked like lots of fun for all. We've had some of those indoor Easter egg hunts and they are great fun. All the best,

  4. You certainly have been busy! I've got to get busy in the garden but it isn't my fav thing to do. I just like to look at things after they are already planted an din bloom ;-) Happy April to you and good luck with the savings. I too will be trying having a low spend month as I've got bigger responsibilities over the past months in Kenya.

  5. (as she smacks her head....) using a scoop to make tidy "doubled" eggs...genius.

    Actually doubled makes good sense....something like twice baked potatoes. Smart girl.

  6. Oh the indoor egg hunt looks funs. I know it's really more fun in the yard but we've done the indoor hunts when weather was inclement. Lovely photo of you and Nina, too.

  7. Looks like a nice time for all. Happy 36th Anniversary!!!! Can't wait for the garden to produce. We planted some blueberries and raspberries alittle while ago and still have grapes to get in today hoping. Then tom. Allen is thinking strawberries and potatoes. Unless he tills tom. and plants Tuesday.


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