If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, June 3, 2016

June 3- that free mirror and a little sewing

I got this giant mirror from the yard sale leftover pile of a nearby home.   
It was gold, which I didn't care for, so I spray painted it.  
I read a tip online to slide sheets of cardstock under the frame and between the mirror.  It worked great to keep the paint off the mirror and was so fast! 

To hang it,  I used a 50 pound gorilla hook.  They are the best way we have found to hang most anything. 
They just push into the wall with no tools and are easy to remove, leaving just a tiny hole.  

Our son Bobby told us about Gorilla Hooks.  He does construction jobs like remodels and he says he uses them to hang heavy things for his clients.  
If you shop for Gorilla Hooks, the big packs are a lot cheaper per hook than the small packs.   Our multi pack contained 35 hooks, we've been using them for everything.  

The breakfast nook that is now kitchen space- where I hung the mirror.  

I did a few little sewing jobs yesterday ......
Patched a hand towel 
Added extra elastic to our very slim granddaughter's play shorts so hopefully they will stay up.  

And I sewed a cover for a facial tissue box.  

Just trace around your box and cut out the pieces leaving a seam allowance.  
Then sew it up-if you want better detailed instructions, you can  look on YouTube or Pinterest - which is what I did 😄
I used this fabric, which is not really cloth fabric- but I don't know what it is exactly.  It is sort of like heavy interfacing but it sews and cuts so nice and has a nice appearance like fabric.    I got it at a thrift store and it wasn't labeled.  
I do like how it turned out and have already cut out a second one.  

Have a good Friday and good weekend everyone ❤️


  1. Your mirror turned out so nice. Looks like you found the perfect spot for it too. Way back when I was a little girl, I had trouble keeping my pants up too. My mother would cut the tops off of old stretch pants (today's leggings) and sew them onto the tops of shorts like that. Had to wear my shirts out, but that was better than losing my pants! Have a lovely weekend!


  2. I was so worried about the mirror -it looked broken at first glance. Very pretty now though and hung in the perfect spot!

  3. You've been so busy getting stuff done! Congratulations!

  4. What a find on that mirror! It looks great and such a helpful tip on using the card stock too. :-)

  5. Hello Rhonda,

    I'm really liking that mirror and the card stock idea is one I'm sure I'll use in the future. Your tissue box cover is terrific & appears to be easier to make than I anticipated - I think this would be a terrific gift idea for my "secret sister".


  6. What a lovely mirror. I'm so dense these days... I can't figure out how you used the cardstock. But, you did a great job!

  7. Love your mirror.. So pretty..Amazing what a can of spray paint will do.. Isnt it?


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