If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, July 4, 2016

4th of July and happenings

Hello everyone!
This is the front page of our newspaper today, I think it is the  nicest front page I've seen in a long time

This is an odd sight in our town - 4 giant dogs in a storage lot.  We don't know what they are for but they are great looking dogs and very well made.  My husband is 5'11" and they are taller than he is!

I made a batch of granola last week.  It uses very simple ingredients and turned out great!  I like to eat a little granola on top of yogurt.  
This is tastier and much cheaper than buying those little flip cups of yogurt with topping.  

I got the recipe from an Internet friend, Michelle @ homemakingwithlove
You can find her on Instagram and YouTube. 
Thanks Michelle ❤️
I followed this recipe, adding about 1/2 cup of coconut and because we have a bounty of pecans, about 1 1/2 cups.  I also baked about 25 minutes as I like granola extra crunchy.

Sewing - I cut out more than 20 burp cloths for my grandchildren and for gifts.  
The fabric is from Joanns.  

Below is another meal for a group that ended up being a meal to go.  
My aunt and uncle were in our town and they met us along with my parents at our daughter's house.  
Steak fingers,
Mashed potatoes
Chopped tomatoes, onions and cucumbers dressed with a little balsamic dressing
Chopped fresh fruit
And a box of Aldi cookies- my daughter surprised us with a warm blackberry cobbler so all the adults had cobbler and only the children had cookies. 

I packed all the food into Dollar Tree plastic containers and everything carried nicely in my big Thirty One Gifts tote.  I put cold foods on one side and hot foods on the other.  

My husband put in a small garden, this first summer of his retirement.  He enjoys it and has harvested quite a few radishes, onions, yellow squash and bell peppers.  The tomatoes are starting to ripen like crazy 😍

We always seem to have a craft or two going on here.  

Below is Elizabeth making a birthday card for her dad.  

JJ likes to cut- I think we could hire him out as a confetti maker.  
He likes to ham for camera too 😍

Perler beads are so fun 
Elizabeth made a Grand Old Flag 
And I made a big Captain America.  

                                       Happy 4th of July to all my American readers 



  1. Hope your 4th was happy! I don't have a 31 Gifts bag but have a cheap knock off and I use it to tote things all the time. I am not sure how I got along without it.

    1. Hi Anne, my bag is a real one but I didn't pay full price. It was a special that month or something.
      I have bought 2 other real 31 gifts bags on EBay at very good prices.
      That big bag does come in so handy!

  2. Your husband's garden looks great- I can't wait till our tomatoes are ready!
    I have never had steak fingers before. Sounds like something my husband would love. Have a great day.

    1. Maybe steak fingers are a Southern thing? I used tenderized cube steaks and cut them into 1 inch strips. Dip in milk, then flour and fry in a skillet in 1/4 inch deep hot oil. Add salt and pepper. They are delicious!

  3. The comment about the confetti maker made me laugh! I seem to be picking up bits of paper often. That is one of the hazards of having a crafty child. :) Sounds like you had a wonderful 4th!

    1. JJ just likes to cut, he is not really concerned with making a project, he is just happy to snip those scissors.
      About the "confetti" that ends up on the floor, I'm afraid I am as guilty of it with my craft, sewing and coupon clipping.
      Your Megan will never complain of boredom if she keeps being crafty ❤️ Smart Girl!

  4. I always enjoy your posts. Your grands are blessed to have such a good grandma!


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