If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Another big meal, CVS, some family fun & a retro kitchen

We had a big group here for Saturday breakfast - 5 children and 6 adults.
Mornings can be a bit crazy so I did as much prep as I could Friday night.  

The table was set and stools were brought in of extra seating for little ones.
The breakfast meat was put in the fridge to thaw and I set out the skillet and plates that would be used to cook it.  I used precooked bacon and turkey sausage patties.  I buy them discounted at a military commissary with coupons and the extra price is worth it to me for their ease and convenience.  
Back when our budget was much tighter I couldn't even consider them, but now, I am quite thankful to afford these treats.  
I also made a big batch of pancake batter.  My daughter was commenting how tasty my pancakes always are.  I told her that I've got several pancake recipes but I always use brown sugar instead of white sugar and I add a good splash of vanilla to every pancake recipe I use.

I set up the coffeemaker with water and coffee.  I set out the right combination of sippy cups and child size cups we would need. 
I also laid out clothes for the overnight grandchildren to dress in and I even set out mine and my husband's morning prescription and vitamin doses.  
Our morning went especially smooth, even cooking breakfast for 11.  😄

I'm still shopping there though I have skipped a few weeks this summer.  

2 weeks ago, I got $140 worth of stuff seen below for $40 and got back $37 ECBs.  I don't usually spend that much cash but I got a lot of stuff, including 2 expensive lipsticks that were not on special.  

This past week,  I bought $93 worth and spent just $4 cash.  
I used manufacturer coupons, ECBs personal CVS coupons from their app and from the red machine in CVS stores to drop my total so low.  

And I earned more ECBs with this purchase for the next CVS sale I do.
By the way,  the Gold Emblem deluxe mixed nuts and cashews are delicious. 

Family Fun 
Our 4th grandchild, Braeden, turned 4 and we celebrated at a local restaurant that also has 4 bowling lanes.  It was very fun and the food was delicious!  

The grandchildren really enjoy homemade Popsicles - just orange juice frozen in an old fashioned Tupperware mold.  

Jackson wasn't too sure he liked his first orange juice Popsicle
But after a few tastes, he decided they were very good.  

My daughter took this photo on their recent 2 week road trip.  This is her husband's great aunt's kitchen in North Carolina.  
Retro appliances like this are not something common nowaways as most everyone seems to want stainless steel and granite. But I think these old appliances are so cool.  My electrician brother pointed out that the burner controls are the buttons on the vent hood.

That's the highlights from around here- have a wonderful Sunday everyone! 


  1. It is pretty awesome that the appliances are still working in that kitchen. It reminds me of my grandma's kitchen, except the appliances were brown.

  2. I love the idea of a big Saturday breakfast!!!
    Thank you for that!
    And have a cozy day. : )

  3. That's awesome on all the stuff you got. And how lovely to have a big family breakfast. Sounds wonderful!

  4. Great spread you have for Saturday breakfast! How fun for everyone to come! Preparation is key!
    We are going to CVS this next week when we have an appointment in another town. Although not quite up to your savings yet -I love it when I can go there.
    Have a blessed week!

  5. I adore vintage kitchens! We lived in a 1930s-era house before this one and I loved the kitchen. We took the vintage stove with us when we moved (new owners didn't want it) and remodeled this kitchen around it. My daughter and son-in-law just bought a 1960s house with the original kitchen. She is loving it!

  6. I love vintage too and the vintage kitchen looks great. It sounds like you've been very busy entertaining and it is very helpful to be organized when feeding so many. Happy rest of your summer!

  7. Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Love the Retro appliances!

  8. I wondered if there is a favorite You Tube video that you would recommend that teaches how to get the deals at CVS? It's overwhelming to try to pick one out.

  9. I really amazed at how you entertain your troop so often Rhonda! One weekend a year exhausts me for weeks! That's some savings. You've really figured out how to make coupons work for you. JUst went to an estate sale this weekend that retro appliances. The oven had a round window. It's a shame that whoever buys that house will probably rip it out. Have a wonderful week!


  10. Good thing you're so organized for having those big family meals! Great job on the CVS deals. Always love seeing pics of your grandkids - they're so cute. And now I know you have another blessing. :-)

  11. I love that kitchen! I actually don't like stainless steel much I would rather the retro colours.
    I also love the ice blocks made in the moulds. I used to do that and when my Granddaughter is old enough I will start again.
    Even though we don't have coupons we have points you can save up in some supermarkets and I got $30 free groceries this week! I set it out and took a photo as you did I was so pleased. Also I only bought specials so I stretched that $30 a pretty long way.
    Great job on the breakfast for 11!
    Have a lovely weekend Rhonda, with love, Annabel.xxx

  12. Love the retro kitchen Rhonda. Retro appliances are coming back in.

  13. Great deals on the CVS buys!

    But the highlight of this post for me was the great-aunt's kitchen. It brought back memories. My grandma's kitchen looked just like that except the stovetop and oven were brown. The cabinets were the same as well, even down to the placement and the handles! What a trip down memory lane.

  14. I love your retro appliances. They remind me of the fifties. I give you major credit for making breakfast for so many people. Prepping ahead is something I should think about. Breakfast for 4 every Sunday morning just about does me in. I usually make bacon or sausage. I will cook the bacon an hour or so before they arrive and just reheat quickly in the micro. The sausage is easy. Then I make hash browns and scrambled eggs. Sometimes my son would bring donuts and I cherished those mornings. But DH can't eat them anymore so I now cooking every Sunday.


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