If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, October 31, 2016

End of October round up

first,  I usually do my posts with the Blogger App on an IPad.  I was able to load these photos but when I add words, it shuts off.  So, I'll do what I can out of the app but all the words will be at the top.

Anyway- Gavin was baptized this month. It was a very special day.
He invited so many family and friends and our church was full.

Afterward,  many of us went to lunch and bowl at a local restaurant.  The photo is the most recent group shot of all 8 grands together that day.

Sewing- I finished the plastic canvas tissue box for our son's office.

We shopped at the commissary and our groceries were put in all those brown sacks.  So many!  I folded them all up and will either reuse or recycle or pass them on.

A Sprouts grocery store just opened in our town.  It is so nice!  We got coupon books full of free coupons - they are dated to be used 2 every week for 5 weeks.  The first week was free Reds burritos and salsa.

The 3 big pumpkins showed up in our yard- gifted to us by a mystery pumpkin Santa Claus someone.  We don't know who but almost every home on our blog got some.

New dishes - a sweet gift from my husband ❤️

We have been having very mild weather, it feels like late spring, not Autumn.  We have enjoyed several picnic lunches during this stretch of nice days.

Halloween is not my cup of tea but we do live in a family neighborhood with lots of children so we bought a good bit of candy to pass out.
It was a fun evening with mostly families coming by.  It was fun to see so many of the parents dressed up as well as the children,
The dad in the dinosaur suit was the talk of the neighborhood

It's almost November ...................
Grandson Gavin was baptized at our tiny church.


  1. Congratulations to your grandson Gavin on this important step in his life!

  2. What an exciting time you have had lately. I love your photos!

  3. How wonderful for Gavin! Never heard of a Sprouts grocery store but it must be nice to get the free goodies. That was very nice of the pumpkin Santa. I don't remember if you garden, but you can tear up the paper bags and put them in the compost. I always use mine for cooling my baked goods on, but the stores rarely offer paper anymore around here, so I really appreciate the few that I get! What a nice big family you have! I don't need to offer you blessings, you already are!

  4. Yet another month of quiet but happy adventures with family. Truly heartwarming and inspiring. Thank you for sharing...

  5. Lovely words and photos capturing a fun, family month!
    I love the photo of you pumpkins. : )
    Have a cozy day!

  6. I've been having trouble with the Blogger app on my iPad, too. I worked around it by going directly to the blog through Google. Hope everything is fixed soon.

  7. I love that Gavin was baptized! What a wonderful day! You are very lucky to have such a good store come to your area. Google is not telling me when I have comments -I just hope I don't miss too many. Blogging can be an expedience sometimes and I hope it straightens up for you! Have a great day!

  8. I just installed the Blogger app on my phone, but haven't been able to post from it. I need to just play with it a bit, I think.
    Too bad we aren't closer, Brad's class needs paper bag donations. I don't happen to have any, but you sure do! LOL.

    1. Tammy, I wish we were closer too. I asked Nina if her school needed sacks but they don't.
      I remember my children making Indian vests from brown sacks, back in the 80s-90s but I doubt that is politically correct these days.

  9. You have such beautiful grandchildren and they look happy to have their picture taken. You and your Hubby look so happy too.

    Congratulations on Gavin's baptism. His name seems to be popular today. The 3 week old next door to me is named Gavin. I love the name.


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