If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fall Tree, a rainbow, makeup repair, meal prep and thrift store bargains.

Hello everyone,  here is another a multi topic post.  Do you all prefer these jumbled up ones or would you rather read short, more frequent posts?  

We bought this 4.5 pre lit tree at Hobby Lobby.  We added some extra colored lights that blink, artifical fruit and am assortment of ribbon we already had.  We just really enjoy the twinkling lights when it's dark outside and the grands all like it too.  

After Thanksgiving, the fall things will come off and this will then be our Christmas tree.  And then it might be the Valantine tree and Easter tree before it gets stored away for next year.  

We have had quite a bit of rain this fall.  This early morning rainbow, that seems to end right in our daughter's home, was photographed by our son in law.  
I'm so glad he got this photo and I know it pleased his family too.  
Almost magical looking, right?

Makeup repair
I saw this hack to repair a broken compact and since I had one, I gave it a shot.  
The tutorial said to use a plastic spoon and alcohol. 
Makeup is messy and stains so I worked on a paper towel.  

Crunch up the makeup more, with the flat end of the spoon, until the makeup is powdery.  

Then stir in alcohol by drops until it goes back together.  
Let it dry and then see how it turns out.
My makeup turned out fine and is very usuable once again. 
I call this one a win.  

We have another busy week ahead and I had mostly basic produce on hand,  so I prepped it all to have a head start on the week. 

Lettuce, tomatoes and onions are in the first 2 containers for taco toppings and for sandwiches.  
There is a container of diced potatoes to make a copycat version of Olive Garden's potato sausage kale soup.  
One dish has diced carrots, celery and potatoes for vegetable beef soup.  
The big dish is a simple salad to add to any lunch or supper. 
 The last dish is the end of the carrots, cabbage, celery, bell peppers and onions to make a vegetable noodle stirfry we really like.  

If the potatoes are covered with water, they will stay white and be good in the fridge for at least a week.

Then everything was labeled and put in the fridge until needed.  

I went to my favorite thrift store twice last week in search of long pants and long sleeve shirts for the grands. 
I found quite a few of both in the sizes needed.  
Below is what I bought the first day and I got almost as much the next trip. 

Besides play clothes,  I also added some dress up clothes from their 75% off Halloween costumes.  

So, it was a good week here and I hope all of you are fine too.  
And here is one funny picture to give you a smile

He is helping Grandpa in the garage while wearing a car buffer attachment on his head 😂


  1. Did you know that you can write on your plastic containers with a dry erase marker? Meal prep is a budget saver on those busy days/weeks. You have the best thrift stores! I rarely find decent kids clothing around here.As far as the post, of course I like to see frequent post from you, but I say do what works best for you. :)

  2. Will you come over and chop all my veggies!? I've always dreamt about a salad bar in my fridge!

    I love the silly pic. I have one of my nephew with a potato chip bag on his head. That was taken right before his hair got washed for the second time that day! Crumbs, salt, ugh!

  3. I love that you peel the potatoes ahead of time too...we need to do that! Sometimes it gets so busy with the grand kids it's hard to do it at dinner time! What a great deal on kids clothes too. I love to read your blog posts but I say too whatever works for you! Have a good week now I'm on to peeling potatoes!

  4. Haha- he is such a little cutie pie! His swanky "hat" made me smile. :)
    I love your tree and the beautiful pic of the rainbow! Great finds at the thrift store too!
    Chopping up all those veggies and making things as easy as possible to put meals together during the week is a great idea! I used to take the time to do that, I still do to some extent, but I've been slacking a bit lately in the organization department. You have inspired me to make an effort to get back into the routine of preparing ahead to make my weeknights a bit smoother. Thank you! :)

  5. You are so organized. I'm always impressed with what you get done.

  6. What a cute little fellow! He wears it well! Love your tree. I too am a lover of twinkling lights.
    That's a great idea to do all the prep work for the week at once. Saves a lot on the clean-up too. I really need to do this! Thanks for the inspiration!
    PS: I love your blog however you want it to be. Short or long it's all good to me!

  7. Hi Rhonda,
    Your little grandson is adorable! Regarding the length of your blog posts, I enjoy your blog regardless of the length of your posts. Also, I always like the photos of your holiday tree. It sounds like a fun idea for grandbabies.

    Blessings to you and yours,

  8. Awesome fix on the makeup!

    Today I made a list of blogging friends on my sidebar, and you are on it!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  9. Love the idea of prepping toppings and such. I love your tree!!!!

  10. Sweet Car Buffer you have in that lil one! What a cutie.
    You've got something great going on with that food.

  11. Love the photos! =)

    I'm anxious to get a new Christmas Tree this year!

  12. Love the tree!!!!!!
    As the darkness comes sooner, the twinkling lights make a home so cozy!
    And that meal prep?
    Have a cozy evening. : )

  13. Adorable pic of your grandson grinning wearing the car buffer hat. He is a cutie!Thanks for the tip about using alcohol to repair shattered powder in compacts. I have a blusher compact that I am going to try to rescue.

  14. I got quite a chuckle seeing your grandson with his "hat". He is so creative and so cute.

    I love prepping veggies the way you do. It makes the week so easy.

    The tree and the rainbow are beautiful. :-)

    How ingenious the makeup restoration is. Thanks for sharing.

  15. First off, that little grandson of your's is adorable! What a cutie!!! I love your meal prep ideas and may do some of that myself. Thanks for the reminder on the Olive Garden soup...I need to go and harvest some kale out of the garden. I made some of the soup awhile back and froze it and am hoping that the kale will still be good after freezing. I use alcohol to clean my makeup. It's good to know that it can help with broken powdered make up pallets also. Thanks for that tip.

    Be blessed my friend!

  16. Great idea to do all that meal prep ahead of time while you can. Sometimes, chopping veggies is the most time consuming part of meal prep. Isn't it wonderful to find all those great kid's clothes at thrift shops? Saves so much money! Your grandson is such a cutie!

  17. What a cutie-pie! Rhonda, I love these accounts of your day or week, rambling or not. I think we can all identify with the randomness of life, and a bit of real life is a welcome respite from all of the 'Beautiful Blogs', if you know what I mean. Not to say your blog is not beautiful, but I do get tired of reading about peoples perfect lives, with perfect children and perfect homes. That's just not real. More rambling posts from Rhonda, I say. Love, Mimi xxx

  18. I love your little car buffer!
    I also love your meal prep and fridge organisation. We are in spring now and I go over to salads and cold things. I am going to follow your method. I think its excellent.
    The thrift store clothes for the Grandkids are fantastic. Your children mss love all that you find! What a saving. I love thrift stores and I have decided to do more thrift store shopping. This year I mainly did it when away in the country but I am going to start going weekly as retail has got ridiculous plus the quality is poor... (here anyway) Also for my Granddaughters play clothes etc. I know it helps us but it can help the wider family too. Lovely to read this Rhonda. Have a good weekend! xxx


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