If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, January 30, 2017

Cooking like my Grandma

Caution - if typos bother you, then just pass on this post.  I'm doing it on an iPad and the app has a mind of its own but I can't go to our desktop right now and I'd rather just post, flaws and all, instead of wait until I have the opportunity to do it differently.

below is my version of a meal that I enjoyed so many times in the past, cooked by both my Grandma and my mom.  It's round steak, lightly floured and pan fried with mashed potatoes and gravy and homemade buns.  My grandma served fried steak for breakfast with biscuits and gravy most every morning.  I am well aware nutritionist would be aghast at this but Grandma lived to 99 and Grandpa lived to 89.  They also ate homemade pie everyday 😄

No pie for us,  And that plate of steak fed my husband and I as well as my parents 3 meals.  
It was so good too! 

We've also had bkackeyed peas cooked in the crockpot and banana muffinins baked in a stoneware muffin pan.

I baked double batches of sandwich buns twice 
And a double recipe of raisin bread once.  
I used my grandparents recipe and let my Zojirushi bread machine do all the mixing- it's not much work this way, and just requires some tending to and shaping, then I bake the buns in a regular oven. 
They all get sliced and stored in bags in the freezer until we need them.  
I share some with my parents and whoever is eating with us.  

CVS shopping for this week and last week- I'm sorry I don't have breakdowns and the receipt photos but I can tell you I spent very little and got back plenty in CVS extracarebucks for the next shopping trip. 

We had the pleasure of spending lots of time with our grandchildren over the last week. 
Below is a professional photo of almost 5 year old Andie and her 6 month old brother, RJ.  They have a 1 year old sister, Charlie, but she didn't want to be in this picture.  

And here are all 8 of our precious grands- and it is obviously not a professional photo,  but we love it too.  

I am doing this post on my iPad and the text keeps jumping around so I apologize if it is formatted in a weird way.
But it's just a blog post -

This afternoon. I had some time to myself and spent 3 hours shopping.  I hardly ever shop this long but the weather was beautiful and I really enjoyed it.
I hope to post tomorrow and show you all my purchases.  It's quite an assortment.  


  1. I'll be grandma and pa worked a lot harder physically than we do these days. All your baked goods look so yummy!

  2. Just stopping by to say HI! Your CVS deals are amazing!

    Isn't it amazing how some people can eat whatever they want and live a long healthy life and others could end up with all kinds of health issues! I miss baking and cooking like your grandma used to. Low Carb treats are just not the same a making cinnamon rolls! :-) Hope you are well!

  3. That professional photo is gorgeous!
    I love your cooking. Like you I have a Grandma who lived such greta old age and such a wonderful life and she loved her sugar and fats etc. I think what they didn't have were artificial things, chemicals, trans fats and the rubbish in stuff and those are the things that are terrible for people. Anyway Nan liked 4 teaspoons of sugar in her tea! So I am going by actual examples of success and your Grandparents are amongst them!
    You have beautiful Grand children! Love Annabel.xxx

  4. Grandmother lived to 102, ate bacon every single morning and had pot roast swimming in fat and grease at least 3 times a week. In addition to that she ate ice cream every single night and her sweet tea was almost syrup consistency. Now that is living!

  5. Boy! Does that ever look good, Rhonda! If I cooked like my grandma, we'd be eating Spam, cheese, and raspberry ripple ice cream, that's all she ever ate and she lived to be just a few weeks shy of 100. Your grands are adorable. You are so fortunate to be able to have them near. And they are so fortunate to have such fun grandparents! Hope your week is full of wonderment!


  6. Good Morning Mrs. Rhonda,

    The photos of your grand children are precious, regardless of how or where they are taken.

    Your supper of pan fried steak, potatoes, gravy and rolls looks so very delicious. That's the kind of food I grew up on. My maternal great, great grandmother & great grandmother both ate like that all their lives and both lived to be 102 an 101, respectively. Unfortunately, my maternal grandmother and mother also ate like that and both passed away very, very young, 66 and 49, respectively. I think it just shows that although diet contributes to our health, there are also many other factors that impact our longevity.
    Because of my enjoyment of cooking, nowadays I feed my own family a far more varied diet than what I grew up eating. I also always include at least one vegetable and, usually, a salad.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of treasures you found during your day out. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful time and were able to do something fun for yourself.


  7. Boy, does that meal ever look delicious!! I'm just north of you in Kansas so feel free to come make me dinner!

    I had to laugh about your comment about your gparents eating that every day. My gparents did the same kind of thing. Homemade tortillas with LARD at every single meal. Slathered in real butter. Also chorizo, a Mexican sausage, if you don't know. Fried eggs every morning. Neither had an ounce of fat on them. Looking back, I can see why. It was portion size. Everything in moderation.
    They also didn't watch much tv. Walter Cronkite was the only thing they watched in the evening. They were always doing something busy! Making something, gardening (their yard was spectacular with flowers), etc.

    I think generations of the past just used their bodies a whole lot more than we do. The rich food they ate was used for energy and didn't have time to settle and make them fat or wreak havoc!!!

  8. Your food looks delicious! My husband's family also cooked like this and lived for a very long time. I'm thinking like Debbie in KS above activity was the key.
    That photo is just so cute and your grandkids are darling. Makes me feel good to hear you say that the Ipad is jumping around on you. Happens to me a lot.

  9. What a meal. My hubs we be delighted. This is how is mama cooked. I do cook meals like this for him every now and then. I don't fry a whole lot. The rolls look awesome. I want to make up breads and rolls one day. I've never made rolls.


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