If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, April 21, 2017

Easter, my husband's project and CVS

Hello everyone,  I'm sorry to have taken such a long blogging break.  Spring is just a busy time, right?

We had a lovely Easter with almost all our family.  First was church, and then to our home for lunch, visiting and egg coloring,

Baby RJ is growing and quite a charmer ❤

His big sister Charlie is a bundle of smiles and activity. 
We didn't plan it but Aqua was the color of the day for many of us.  

This is baby RJ, sitting with my dad and cousin Jackson.  Jackson doesn't talk a lot but he does know anyone smaller than him is a baby and "baby" is one of his words.

There was no outdoor egg hunting because of rain but the grands had a great time coloring eggs.
That's the 6 oldest grands around this table with my brother and his girlfriend behind the 2 grands that  needed the most supervising.

This picture sums up what 2 almost two year olds are like - mostly just a blur 😂

My son has been re-doing his work office for awhile.  His window had a basic miniblind that he didn't like and he didn't want drapes.
He asked his dad to make this window cover - it's various widths of wood, stained in an assortment of stains, then attached to a frame and hung over the window.  
I think it turned out so nice.  Our son and his boss both like it a lot too. 

I haven't been to CVS in a few weeks but I had $20 in extracarebucks from a previous visit that were going to expire soon.  
I went planning to buy just 3 packs of Cottonelle that were on a deal. 
Well. My store was out of Cottonelle so I looked my in store coupons and the add and did a different deal. 
On the Scrubbing Bubbles, I used a $2/2 coupon on each pair.
I had a $2 instore any toilet paper coupon on the Total Home.
By purchasing $30 on these products, I got back a $10 extracarebucks for next time.
I used a $1 on any chips on the cheese balls and a $2 on any greeting card for the card.

My total was about $36 before coupons and went down to $3.22 after coupons.  
So even when deals don't go as planned, I still think it's worth it to shop deals at CVS.  
I know lots of you use cheaper, homemade cleaners, but I was not happy with them.  We have hard, heavy on lime water, and it needs extra help.  


  1. You rarely post photos of yourself and I have to say your skin is gorgeous! What's your secret?

    1. Thank you obscure 😄
      My secrets - avoid suntans and sunburns, never have worn heavy makeup, I've used Ponds cold cream and moisturizer for years, I've never smoked and maybe the main one is I inherited it. Most all the women in my family looked young for their age.

  2. Love seeing photos of your big happy family and you, Rhonda. Your husband did a fantastic job on the window covering. Have a lovely weekend!


  3. It's funny that you were all color coordinated without planning to be.

  4. Wonderful Easter pictures, and good on you with the CVS deal!3s

  5. That window treatment your husband built is amazing! I think I need to show this to my hubby!

  6. Me and my granddaughter sat and looked at the pictures last night. She loved the kids (me too)! She said eggs and fun! Great pictures! What a pretty and unique way to cover that window. To me it looks like a piece of art.

  7. What a nice Easter with your family. Looked really fun! I've used homemade cleaners in the past and was happy with them UNTIL we moved here. Homemade or gentler cleaners work great everywhere except the bathrooms. I've resorted to heavier cleaners for toilets, showers and sinks. The others just don't cut it with our hard water.

  8. I think it's nice you all can wear the same color so well, even if it wasn't planned. It looks like a happy Easter. Love your son's window treatment too. Very clever!

  9. Looks like you had a great Easter! How fun to do the Easter egg coloring with all the grands. Love your son's new window treatment that your husband made. I've been wanting a headboard made out of reclaimed wood that looks similar to those blinds!

  10. If your cvs is out of something, ask for a rain check. They never expire. I cut the pic of the deal out and staple it to the rain check. I look for rain checks every week and my stack of RC is two inches thick and some date back seven years. Wait until a good coupon comes out to use your rain check later

  11. Sweet picture of you, Rhonda! It's been a while since I stopped by. I'm moving slower these days so everything takes longer. Little by little but not finding the time to blog. I started doing small CVS deals. Scary but fun! Do you get coupons from others?

    1. Thank you and it's So nice to hear from you Georgene.
      I'm glad your trying CVS.
      Yes, I get a couple sets of extra coupons from my dad that he gets in his paper and he usually finds a second set at his retirement home. My brother usually saves me 2 or more sets but since I only see him about 1 time a month, they may expire before I get them.

  12. What a sweet sweet family you have! Looks like Easter was wonderful. We hunted eggs in a screened in patio at my daughter's motherinlaw's. Was fun, but challenging to find places the kids wouldn't see the eggs right away.


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