If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, September 4, 2017

Doing stuff at home all day

Today is a holiday in the USA so all the grands were out of school and with their parents.
My husband and I stayed home all day except he was gone for 10 minutes to fill up our car.  Because of Harvey, gasoline has been in short supply in some places.  So just to be careful,  we've been keeping our tanks full.

Last night our dishwasher was making a funny squeak.  We think it was just two dishes scraping against each other but it made me remember I hadn't cleaned the inside of the dishwasher lately.
All dishwashers are different but for ours, both sets of spray arms come out easily and need cleaned as bits of stuff get caught inside.  I also took out the filter pieces and soaked them in vinegar to remover lime deposits.  Our Oklahoma water has lots of lime.
Then,  I poured that vinegar into the dishwasher and ran a short cycle with hottest water,
After, the interior was sparkly clean and there was no more funny squeak.
While I did this job, my husband worked on our slow draining bathroom sinks.  No photos, but he took the plastic drain pipes under the sinks apart and cleaned out "black gunk" with his fingers and an old toothbrush.  Ewww I know,  but I'm thankful he could and would do it.  

In the kitchen,  I made another batch of energy balls.

I cooked 4 pounds of breakfast sausage and then froze them for easy breakfasts.  Half is regular and half is hot sausage.  I put a label on the outside and a foil divider in keep them separate. 

I made a big salad that we will eat Tuesday and Wednesday, also a box of taco toppings that we had with tonight's tacos.

I talked to my daughter a few weeks ago about what clothes her children needed for winter.  One boy needs jeans and her daughter needs a coat.  I remembered this Columbia jacket I bought last year when my favorite thrift store was having their closing sale.  It's clean and soft, should fit Elizabeth fine and keep her warm.
I used a seam ripper to remove the tag that had the previous owners name on it.   Now it's ready for colder days.

My husband finished up a holster he's been working on.He has a Mares Leg pistol that looks like a short rifle.
He used an eagle belt buckle he has had for years. He kind of looks like Marshall Dillon when he modeled it.

We do live in Oklahoma and guns are very common here. But he doesn't walk around with this strapped on.  It's just something to have.
We are very safe with guns.  They are locked away and my husband had so much artillery training as a Marine, he follows every gun safety procedure.
We both enjoy making things and this was a project for him to work on leather.  

I did all our laundry today.  I use the clothes dryer some but I also hang most tops and pants to air dry on hangers.  

I also did some deep cleaning and a little decluttering in the kitchen.

On the table, are some top patterns and a few lengths of fabric. I plan to cut out 3 tops for me.
I like the other tops I've sewn up this summer so much, I don't like it when they all need laundered and I have to wear a store bought top.

This is my list of things I plan to do this week.
I made some progress but I think it will keep me busy all week.

This was a fairly normal day for us, I don't understand when people are bored.  There is always something that needs doing in our home. We have no time to be bored.


  1. I'm always impressed by your industriousness. On a good day I can get a lot done but on many days I must scale back. So frustrating at times. I agree with you that there is no time to be bored.

  2. You stay busy for sure. You get so much accomplished! So funny my husband was worried about being bored when he retired. We've put the all those worries to rest!
    We haven't had any any shortages...high prices though. Have a great day!

  3. I have been away from the computer for the long weekend and looks like I missed so many posts. You had a very productive day and I also don't understand how someone can be bored, I always have something to do and usually run out of time to finish it all.

  4. I agree about being bored. It's a word I taught Megan not to use. She learned early to keep busy as I would find her something to do. :) It looks like you accomplished quite a bit yesterday. I spent the day catching up on laundry, ironing and then cleared out the mending box.

  5. Hi-just found your site from another site. You sound like me when it comes to getting things done. I just do not get bored and do not have enough time to get it all done sometimes.
    I noticed your pattern in the picture. Was wondering where you got the pattern. I liked it. I live in the high desert of AZ. There are no fabric stores only a Wal-Mart so do not get to shop for patterns much anymore.
    We live on 40's some acres with chickens and pigs and green house gardens.
    I was raised in Illinois as a child. I am 67 years old and love being a house wife.

    1. Hello, I like your name. Our daughter is Nina too ❤️
      I recently discovered Lovenotions.com patterns. They are Internet patterns that can be printed at home. If you look at some of other recent post, I've kind of been raving about them. I like them so much and hope you do too.
      Nice meeting you Nina

    2. Thanks so much for the reply and the Lovenotions site. I did order a pattern.

  6. Beautiful holster! My husband (aka the Redneck) is a gunsmith, and we love to see what other folks use for holsters.

  7. Indeed!
    I always get so much inspiration from visiting you here, Rhonda.
    Thanks for sharing all your tips and coziness!

  8. Okay if you can do it I can do it. You give me inspiration girlfriend. Keep it up because I need all I can get!

  9. Rhonda, I really like the pattern you're using for your tops....can you tell me how deep/low is the scoop neckline? Thanks!

  10. Now, if I would only do stuff, stuff would get done. I just keep hearing the nurse and hubby say rest rest get well.

  11. I tend to get bored, but I read blogs like yours to get motivated! You are so productive. It's Wednesday and I haven't made my to do list yet for this week. ha ha In my defense, it's an unusually busy week outside the home for me.... dr visits, a funeral, a birthday party, some shopping, etc. Maybe next week will be better!

  12. I love your blogs for tips and motivation too. Please post a photo of the tops you sew.

  13. I'm rarely bored, either. I love the sewing you've done. I'm longing to sew myself lately, but can't until I get into the routine of homeschool, get the canning done and the garden put to rest. Hopefully, soon....

    Anyway, since I can't right now, I will fully enjoy your projects. They look like they fit well and are very flattering. Again, I love your meals that you pre-plan and put together in little fridge kits. They always look so tempting, quick and easy.

  14. I love the holster. It's gorgeous.

    I hate cleaning the inside of my dishwasher but it is a quarterly job. I use vinegar in the jet dry dispenser. It's cheaper than buying jet dry and it keeps everything working well. Plus I never have spotted glasses.

    You are a busy lady. There is not such thing as boredom here either.


  15. It looks like you've been busy! :)
    I need to get back to doing all of our baking. I was shocked to see we spend about $15 a week on baked goods since we've moved. You've inspired me to back into the kitchen. Your zinnias are beautiful. They are one of my favorite summer time
    flowers. The holster your husband made is nice! I'm going to have to show my husband when he gets home tonight. I hope you have a great weekend!

  16. Boredom was a completely dangerous word when I was a kid!!! It always resulted in something like weeding, scrubbing, etc. Fortunately, it didn't often happen, boredom, I mean. It seems like there wasn't enough daylight to do everything I wanted! Now that I'm older, it hasn't changed. And time goes much faster!!

    I love the holster your husband made. It's really beautiful. I took a leather class in HS and made my dad a great wallet.

    I can relate to your hard water issues. We've been vinegaring and tapping on a valve in the shower for a WEEK trying to loosen up the sediment so we can change a leaky valve. It feels like it's glued on, but everyone says it's the hard water and to just keep tapping!

    I hope you'll share all your sewing projects when you're done. I have several I'm eager to start...just waiting to put the yard to bed so I have time.

  17. Love that kitchen. Thanks for posting the to-do list, I'm reinspired to make them daily. They help. Cooking ahead of time is a huge help but no extra freezer. Drat.


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