If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, December 1, 2017

Hello everyone,  we have had 3 busy weekends in a row and this weekend is also going to be busy
Life just gets busy this time of year, doesn’t it?  
I’ve had ideas for blog posts but just haven’t had the opportunity to actually do the posts.  
We did put out ours Christmas decorations this week so I’ll show them.  

We have 2  Nativity sets,  this one with tall ceramic figures made by a dear friend years ago.  

This plastic set was bought our first married Christmas at Kmart in Oceanside California.  The pieces are very durable as all our children played with it and it doesn’t look too worse for wear.  Son Bobby made the stand for the angel when he was about 10.  He cut and bent a clothes hanger to make it and I’ve used it ever since then.  

My brother makes us a fresh evergreen wreath every year and he delivered it yesterday.  

We rearranged the living room and I am so happy with how much roomier it seems.  
The white tree is new this year, purchased at Hobby Lobby.  

You know how women usually prefer clear white tree lights and men usually like colored lights? 
This tree has a big selling point——-

The lights are programable and can be clear or multicolor, they can be continuous or they can blink in several patterns.  

My mother in law’s thing has always been Christmas ornament collecting,  she’s done it so long and has several thousand.  Now,  she is starting to downsize a little.  She asked which ones we wanted and I chose the Campbell soup balls as my grandparents were Campbells.  
These balls are fragile and we decided to use them on this silver tree as a centerpiece.  This tree is very sturdy so I’m not worrying about them.  The limbs must be heavy wire under the tinsel and don’t sag at all when things are hung on them.  We bought the silver tree at Pier 1, maybe 10 years ago.  

The Campbell Soup Kids are different on every ball but they all seem happy, kind and of course cute.  

That’s the extent of our decorating this month.  

And if you don’t see any posts from me for awhile, maybe even until Christmas, it’s only because life is busy right now.  I’ll be back blogging when extra activities slow down.  

Merry Christmas everyone,  even if today is just December 1.  


  1. I love your tree! I also think it is so special that your MIL is passing down ornaments and that you were able to find ones that are special and have personal meaning to you. I am also a descendant of the Campbell (and McClellan) clans of Scotland on my mother's side. :)

  2. Love the trees and the special ornaments you inherited.

  3. You already have your tree up but I've yet to clean the house so I can put up a few decorations. Hopefully later this week if all goes well. Otherwise I've completed many of the things I wanted to for Christmas. I understand about not posting. I'm thinking to do the same until after Christmas so I can truly enjoy a peaceful Christmas. Have a happy and blessed holiday. xx

  4. p.s. I thought the Campbell's soup bulbs were very sweet. I've never seen them before.

  5. It sure looks like Christmas at your house! I love that your tree allows you to change the lights to whatever mood suits you! Perfect! And I love love love the Campbell soup kids.... always have... and I think it's wonderful that you were able to get such a cute set ! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. Love your decorations. I really like the soup ornaments. CUTE!
    I must say I like multi-colored lights too. Both are pretty on that white tree - but sure do love that pic of colored lights.

  7. The tree is beautiful! Your Campbell's ornaments made my heart smile! I have two that my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl and they have managed to survive several moves, thank goodness!

  8. I adore the Campbell's soup ornaments.

  9. Merry Christmas -Your house looks beautiful!

  10. Merry Christmas!
    I love the Campbell's soup ornaments! Your home looks lovely! =)

  11. Those Campbell ornaments are so cute! Never seen any of them before.

    House looks nice.

  12. I loved this post!!!!
    Your Christmas home is beautiful!!!
    I love your new tree. : )
    I love to sit at night and just look at the lights. : )
    Have a wonderful season with your loved ones!

  13. I noticed the Garber Wolverines shirt great granpa was wearing. My dad graduated from Garber High school in 1936.

    1. Hi Karen, my parents both graduated from Garber in 1951.
      You have good eyes to spot his shirt.

    2. Wow small world. I wonder if they knew the Kruse family from Fairmont.

    3. Karen, I don’t remember hearing that name but I’ll see them today and ask. My families are Kerr, Pitzer, Schnaithman, Campbell, Bacon.

  14. Your decorations are so beautiful, the white tree is great.


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