If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Homemaking this past week or so

Hello everyone,  first I want to thank everyone who read and signed up for Fetch Rewards.  I almost have enough points to cash for a $50 gift certificate.  I’ve done a number of points programs since the internet started and Fetch truly is the easiest.  

I posted earlier that I put up a St. Patrick’s Day tree but I didn’t post a photo. 

I had an emailed coupon code from Olive Garden so we tried their catering.  We ordered 1/2 gallon each of 2 kinds of soup and salad for 6 and 12 breadsticks.  It was packed so nice and everything was delicious.  We enjoyed soup and salad every day for a week for about $40. 

Sewing- I used scraps and remnants to cut out some baby bibs and burp cloths.  

They are for our son’s college friend who is having her first baby soon.  

Aren’t there so many cute baby fabric prints in stores?

I made a St. Patrick’s bracelet for my mom.  Green has always been her favorite color too.  

My to do list for this week- shortly after I made it Monday morning.  

My manicure is Impress press on nails- they work best for me and I get compliments on them often,  

The heritage of our new puppy is mystery and he is growing much bigger than we or the veterinarian expected him to.  He outgrew his small food and water bowls.  Instead of buying bigger ones,  he is using some Pyrex bowls that are not part of any of my sets.  
Use what you have! 

We all like pudding and gelatin cups.  I use 5 ounce portion cups from Amazon because they are so convenient. 
But when my budget was tighter,  I made in reusable juice glasses or plastic containers.  
We like the Aldi and Royal brand gelatin and puddings justvas much as the more expensive Jello brand.  

I recently made a quadruple batch of freezer biscuits from the King Arthur site. 
They are so delicious and we like being able to bake a few at a time and have fresh biscuits at breakfast. 


I had a first time user coupon and tried Sprouts home delivery.  With the coupons, this $45 total dropped to $20.  I was very happy with how nice the delivered produce was.  
I won’t do home delivery regularly but it’s nice to know it’s now available if we need it. 
In the bag is 2 pounds of English walnuts and there were also 2 pounds of butter. 
We really like the Killer Dave’s bread with lots of grains and seeds.  I just discovered Aldi has an almost identical version for 1/2 the price of Sprouts. It is especially nice toasted. 

Below is my general plan for meals this month.  
They are not in any order.  
As the days go on, I just pick which ones we feel like having and it’s nice knowing we have the ingredients on hand.  

☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️March Meal Planning ☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️☘️

✅Pepperocini beef from freezer 
fresh spinach - salad - French bread

Taco meat from freezer- crunchy shells, also have soft tortillas for round 2
Refried  beans from freezer - taco toppings 

Roma sauce from freezer with pasta
French bread  green salad 

Hamburger soup- make with fresh potatoes,  carrots, canned tomatoes 

Chicken strips from freezer with homemade mashed potatoes 
Green salad

Cube steaks with oven fries, gravy
Green beans 

Tater tot casserole with green beans 

Bacon lettuce tomato sandwiches 

Chicken shepherds pie with cooked chicken from freezer and mixed vegetables, 
Homemade mashed potatoes 

Salmon patties with wild rice
Fresh spinach 

Chicken fajitas with bell peppers from freezer, onions
Flour tortillas and toppings 

Baked or smoked whole chicken 
Mashed cauliflower 
Green salad 

Toppings and baked fries 

Red beans and rice - buy beans and green bell pepper 

Chili from the freezer on rice - cook extra 

Fried rice 

Turkey dogs - use buns or wrap dough and make pigs in blankets 
Baked beans 

Easy Baked chili rellenos with baked chicken 
Green salad 

Use frozen pizzas and chicken strips if needed at busy time 
Baking- mini choc chip muffins- use up sour cream 

Celery and carrot sticks - make homemade dip
Celery sticks w/ jalapeƱo or plain cream cheese
Pimento cheese 
 ✅Pudding cups
✅Jello cups 

Our 8 grands are all busy and doing great.  

Gavin has been to 2 big livestock shows this year.  
Little brother Braeden isn’t old enough to show animals but he like to help with the grooming 

Isn’t this a great school photo? Elizabeth is almost 8 and sold 800 boxes of Girl Scout cookies this winter.  

Andie just turned 6 and she is also in Girl Scouts and really likes kindergarten.  

My daughter did these costumes for JJ and his best friend to wear on Dr Suess Day at their school. 

I hope you all are fine and having a good March.  


  1. I love Dave's Killer Bread too, especially the whole grain. What is the Aldi's brand called? Next time I get to go I would like to try and compare the two.

  2. Your grandkids are so adorable! That was really sweet of you to make those baby things for your son's friend. I am sure they will be very much appreciated. Your meals for the week sound wonderful too.

  3. I love your St Patrick's Day tree. And the bracelets are adorable.

  4. What beautiful grandkids! I love the little one washing the cow... and I saw a blue ribbon in the hand of the older one! Awesome! I like the pudding cup idea and your sewing is adorable. I enjoyed making burp cloths for my grandbabies with all the pretty flannels. They are so handy and not to mention, as the kids get older and have runny noses, they make great wipe cloths for the nose... so soft!

  5. Your grands are such cute kids!
    The burp cloths and bibs are a great present. You only have to have had one baby to realize you can't have too many of those.

  6. The grandkids are all so adorable. I always love seeing how you decorate your tree. It's gorgeous. You also make beautiful bibs and burp cloths. I am not so talented.

    Your menu is making me hungry! YUM!

  7. Your menu made me really hungry. I'm glad it's time to make some food!


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