If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......
Photo was taken around Christmas 1962 when I had just turned 5. That is my pretty mom behind me. She made the cross stitched clock on the buffet. The stocking with my name on it was made her mother and delivered to me before my first Christmas even though I was not even a week old. My apron was made by great grandmother. I come from a long line of homemakers who did stuff and got lots done.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


My sons are 14 months apart but obviously have very different personalities.
They did both learn to make stuff and do stuff when they were growing up. And here is proof. 

I think these photos from this week are just hilarious.
One son is wearing a camouflage Santa hat and ornaments in his beard. 
The other is at an ugly sweater party and they are wearing shirts they embellished with fabric and iron on adhesive from me and bows and tiny ornaments from their grandmother.

Vote if you want but I must say my comments are not always working.
Do you prefer the super handyman redneck son's decorations or the attorney son who usually looks like he stepped out of GQ with the bows and teddy bears on his shirt? 

Both are funny as can be!

Sorry for covering up the cute young woman's face but I don't know her and she may not approve having her photo blogged. 

Monday, December 15, 2014

Another weeks to do list

Monday's to do list - it's doesn't look too daunting. I have today to myself so I am expecting to get all of today's things done and may get a few of the others done too.  I am guessing most everyone reading this also has a lot to do this week and next week too! 

I've already taken out the trash, walked and have the laundry started.

You know I have a CVS deal to show.  I've been using Ponds cold cream and moisturizer for a long time, maybe 15 years. Ponds is made in th USA, simple, reasonably priced and just keeps my face soft.
Last week, these large jars of Ponds were buy 1 get 1 50% off.  I had $1 coupons on each, a $5 off $15 scanner coupon for face cleansers, a $4 ECB that came by email and I used a $10 ECB and about $3 on a CVS gift card.  I spent no cash at all. 
I didn't earn any ECBs on this purchase but the before deal cost of the Ponds will be added to my beauty rewards ($5 ECB earned for every $50 in beauty purchases and CVS tracks them on your CVS card)   The CVS deals in the next few weeks don't interest me much so I was happy to spend my ECBs and get enough Ponds to last me a long time. 
My husband uses the Ponds moisturizer on his face in the winter too.
My latest CVS deal 

My brother has been making beautiful fresh wreaths for us for years.  You all know that I am lousy photographer and the colors don't show up right but this years is bright colors, red and blue and green and even has a set of battery operated twinkle lights. 
I really like it and the lights are a fun surprise. 

I better stop this post here, and get busy if I plan to check off those tasks today. 
I hope all of you get lots done today. 

I'll be back later to show another spectacular wreath that is very different from the green one and was made by brother's girlfriend.

Monday, December 8, 2014

What a difference a week makes

Last Monday, I had so much needing done that it took most of the week to get things right.
This week, I've already made so much progress on my to do list.  I did cleaning and laundry first thing. 
This afternoon I've been sewing and in between I went to town for a few errands,
I needed to mail off a package and also mailed 2 letters that used our last 2 postage stamps. So I bought 4 books of stamps while I was there, I made sure to get all Forever stamps as they will always work 1 per letter even when postal rates go up. Right now, I think it is 49 cents a letter. I think when I was a little girl, it cost a nickel and when I was a newlywed it was 20 cents. 
These stamps should last us maybe 6 months or longer.  Most all our bills are paid online.
On Black Friday, I did less an hour worth of shopping and one store that I shopped at was Bath and Body Works as all their stock was buy 3 get 3 free and you could stack coupons. I got lots of products to last the year and the clerk talked me into buying their Black Friday tote bag, a very nice black and gold bag with 6 full size products inside. She said I could exchange any of the scents I didn't like.
Well, I didn't like several of them so I did even exchanges on them today.

The Vanilla Bean Noel smells just like a sugar cookie and I got it for my grands after their baths. 

And of course I stopped at CVS. I wanted to do this Schick razor deal. Coupons.com had a printable buy 1 get Schick coupon.  When you purchase $25 of Schick, you get $10 ECBs.
So I bought 4 packs, used a scanner coupon and and ECB and gift card from previous and weeks and got all the razors for no money out of pocket.   And got a $10 ECB for next time.

I had so many comments and emails about my messy house last week. It is something we can all relate to I guess. I am happy to say that now every bed is made, all dishes washed, all laundry put away and surfaces are cleaned off. I'm not going to photograph it all, you will just have to take my word for it.

I've continued to have trouble leaving comments on some blogs. So with some hesitation and after making almost all the settings private, I switched to Google.  It seems to of worked! I can comment now. 

Hope you are all having a good Monday!  We are having leftovers for supper but I am making a big salad to eat first. So I am off to the kitchen to chop .............

Sunday, December 7, 2014

It's being to look a lot like Christmas

It's been a lot of work but I finally got our Christmas decorating done and I am very happy with how it turned out. This year, we have 4 small trees.
This tree has multi color twinkle lights, Santa things and scentamental ornaments.
My father in law painted the Santa on horseback.
A silver tree and a green tree with twinkle lights and pink ornaments. 
These ornaments are very vintage and all have little scenes in them. 
This tree has long pink bulbs and some birds. My son thinks all Christmas trees need birds on them, even when the bird ornaments are old and very shabby.......
This one is my favorite. The ornaments, all made by my mom, are Christian symbols call Chrismons and crocheted Angels. 

On this fridge are my parents stockings that they used years ago. They are not very big and we all found it tricky to find tiny things to stuff them with.  
The stockings  don't weigh much and I hung them with clothesline that glued magnet strips on the back of. Aren't they pretty? 
The little stockings are plastic canvas and I made them a few years back.  The grands can play with the little ones but not the big ones as they are a bit fragile.

I hope you all are getting in the holiday spirit too!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My daughter's mantel

My daughter and her family have started their Christmas decorating. Their mantel is almost finished and I think it is really pretty.
She made the "O Holy Night" with her Silhouette cutting system. 

The stockings are new and were bought last year during the 90% off clearance at Target. 
To finish them, she plans to add their names in red, again using the Silhouette. 

At my home, things are a little more normal than they were yesterday. The 8 time-consuming gifts are finished, some of my other to-dos got done today and I think lots more will get done tomorrow. 
I laughed at some of your comments on yesterday's post - it seems so many things just get out of whack this time of year- ��

Jeff and Rhonda

Jeff and Rhonda