If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday already........

Good morning everyone.  This week flew by for us, I can hardly believe it's already Friday 
I changed out the snowballs and snowflakes on the winter tree to hearts for Valentines.  
Nothing is new. My mom made the crocheted hearts and I stitched the felt and sequins hearts years ago. 
I like the twinkling lights, especially in the early morning and evening.  
My grands haven't seen the Valentine tree yet but I know they will like it.  

I don't think this photo shows how big this new table is.  We put in both leaves and it's 115 inches long, 48 inches wide and fits just right in our diagonal shaped dining room after we moved out the hutch. 
I plan to sew some placemats but we bought these at Dollar Tree to protect the top for now.  

CVS (of course)
3 boxes of Liptons tea $3 a box, used $1 coupon on each and got back $3 ECB 
Pizzas $5.50 each, used 2 coupons Buy 2 get 1 free, and got back $10 ECB
Candy 99 cents, got back .75 ECB
Toothpaste was free after .50 coupon and $2.50 red machine coupon
Deodorants - used B1g1f coupons and got back $2.50 coupon 

Have a good weekend everyone! 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Another jumbled up post

Hello everyone 
I did a little planning this evening and wrote out a new to do list for the coming week.
I also clipped today's coupons and got a CVS list and matching coupons ready for when I can make a trip there.  

Below is the winter mantle my daughter decorated in their home- she was inspired by an expensive grouping she saw somewhere online. She put everything together with things she already had except she bought the battery-powered candles and she made the sign using her Cameo cutting device.  
I think it's all really pretty together. 

I saw this dining set on a Facebook buy and sell group. My husband and stepson went to check it out and they knew it was a great deal so they bought it and brought it home.  
It is very sturdy heavy all-real-wood.  The table is 48 inches wide and 75 inches long and can be extended with 2 leaves that are 18 inches.
It looks so pretty in our dining room and I am so thankful to now own a beautiful dining set at a very low price.  (Below is the seller's photo) 

Grand daughters with lots of hair. 
This is Andie and she is almost 4 but she has more hair than many adults. 
Sister Charlie is 6 months and she has the longest, thickest baby hair I've ever seen. 
It's a blessing for them that their momma is a hair stylist and she will keep their hair looking pretty.

The granddaughters spent a good deal of the weekend with us. Andie just loves to "cut and glue" so that's what she did.  My dad enjoyed his sweet great granddaughters too.

I hope you all had a good weekend and get a good nights sleep tonight, ready to face the new week.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sewing, baking, CVS and a cousin sleepover

Hello everyone!
This a jumbled up, multi topic post- a little something for everyone I guess.  

I have a very stocked sewing room and in 2016, I hope to make useful items with this stockpile 

First, I used a pile of fleece and fur scraps.  Some were given to me and some were leftover from the Frozen costume I sewed in the fall.  I used that tunic as inspiration for 2 more Nordic-ish tunics.  Then working with the size of the scraps,  there was enough to sew make 2 Western style vests.
previous tunic 

the first Kristoff tunic sewn by me

actual tutorial for a Kristoff tunic   If you need to sew a similar costume, I highly recommend this tutorial
I cut fleece into strips of fringe to decorate the tunic fronts and vests backs.  
I think the grandsons will have great fun having dress up pretend play in them.  
Now, I need to make some costumes for the girls. 

My son requested some shoe bags.  
I made some for his dad 30 or so years ago to store and pack his Marine dress shoes in. 
Jimmy uses those bags and picked out this navy babywale corduroy for new ones.  
The ties are made with boot laces.  

My husband is an expert shoe polisher from his Marine days.  
He tried out a new technique to shine up this pair- but that is not how he learned back to spit shine in boot camp.  

My daughter asked me change this pair of mens size 2X pajama pants into 2 tiny pair of pajama pants for her sons. The adult pair had plenty of fabric. 
I tried out a Pinterest method to use pants that fit the child as the pattern, instead of using paper patterns.  It was quick but I'm not sure the shapes are exactly like I would preferred.  
They did turn out cute and I am not going to stress over toddler pajama pants,  right? 

The last project was covering a few more wire hangers with fabric strips. One is just wrapped and the others are loosely crocheted.  

We have been eating 3 meals a day but I guess it hasn't been too interesting as this is the only photo i took from the last week - a batch of our tried and true sour cream chcolate chip muffins - big ones for adults and mini ones for grands.  
I posted this recipe years ago on my first blog chocolate chip muffins recipe

I made 1 trip to CVS
2 16 roll packs of Charmin bathroom tissue
2 hair color for my daughter
2 cans of cinnamon almonds
1 gallon milk
And 12 Gold Emblem nut bars- they are really good! Not really a granola bar as they are mostly nuts and very satisfying 
I used coupons and ExtraCareBucks and a MyPoints gift card.  
The balance ended up $19.76 and j got back $11 ExtraCareBucks 
The receipt says I saved $62.95 = 76%

Below is why you need the CVS app to maximize deals.  
This is a printout of all the deals I had this week.
I didn't do all of them but I did use the 
$6 off any $30 purchase
$2 off Charmin and 
$1.50 off nuts 

Friday night,  4 of the cousins had a sleepover here.  We have beds they could sleep in but they prefer to sleep in the living room on a very big pallet of quilts.

Hope you all are having a good week! 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Delivered Fresh Fruit contest - link added

I think all my readers would be happy to win a fresh fruit delivery 
Laura Lane has a review and a giveaway on her blog for the Grub Fresh Fruit company in California.
This photo is from Laura.  CONTEST

The contest is easy to enter and closes on Feb. 1. 

We lived in California for a number of years and the fresh produce there is one of the things I miss.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

CVS, Cooking, Our Pantry and Rocking

Below is this week's CVS purchases.  I did go earlier in the month but didn't blog about it.  
CVS nuts were $3/15 with a $1.50 App coupon and I got back $5ECB
Shakes were $2.50 for both and gave back $2 ECB
Hair color was $8.49 each.  I used a $8/2 newspaper coupon and got back $5 ECB
Lady Speed Sticks were $3 each.  I used 2 B1G1F coupons from Sunday's paper and got back $6 ECB.

After coupons and ECBs from earlier, I spent $1.75 from a gift card I earned from MyPoints.com and got back $18 ECBs for next week.  

For CVS deals info - I look on Facebook at some of the big couponing pages called IHeartCvs, Couponing ar CVS and 

On YouTube, I watch LASavings8 and SavingWithJanandShirl The Coupon Queens. 

To see CVS ads early, I look at IHeartCVS.com 

Also, I have a CVS card that I got at my local store.  I always scan it at the red coupon scanner before I shop at CVS.  I went online and signed up  my CVS card at CVS.com for their Beauty Bucks program and for their pharmacy rewards.  
And I get more coupons with the CVS app.  

I know this all sounds complicated but CVS is the only store I regularly do deals at and I don't spend massive amounts of time at the above deal sites.  I do watch the weekly videos which are short and I just scan over the Facebook pages when I have time, only looking at posts that really interest me.

This week's cooking so far 
Monday- I cooked 5 pounds of ground beef and seasoned it all with homemade taco seasoning.  I froze 5 containers for future meals.  We also had tacos and tacos salad for supper Monday and Tuesday. 
Wednesday morning, I cooked a pot full of homemade pasta sauce.  I put 5 containers in the freezer for future meals and we will have pasta for supper Thursday with a big salad.  
Wednesday afternoon- I repeated our New Years Day meal of black eyed peas cooked with ham, rice and sautéed cabbage.  I also baked a pecan pie.  Some of these leftovers will go to my parents tomorrow.  I know they will be especially happy to get Pecan Pie, made with Mom's recipe. 

Our Pantry 
I've showed our pantry before, but since I spent several hours this week straightening and organizing it, I'm going to show it again.
It is tricky to photograph because it is narrow.  

The shelves are about a foot deep and go from floor to ceiling.  
Cereal, tea, chips, crackers, some baking things, oils, a giant smoked sausage we didn't eat Christmas....
Paper goods in the corner, extra bags and wraps on the top end 
Ramen type noodles in the corner, jars of salsa and drink mix, lots of past and panko bread crumbs.m
The jars are 3 deep so you can't see what's in all of them - they hold rice, dried beans, dry milk, cocoa, oatmeal, popcorn, salt....
The glass containers mostly hold snacks like nuts, bars and some candy 

Lots of condiments and spices, peanut butter, vinegar, jelly, molasses
Canned goods 
Mostly canned goods on the bottom
On the tray is where we keep opened snack chips and bread products 
On the floor - the crocks hold fresh onions and potatoes
The pink tub holds bags of sugars and baking chips
The dark red basket holds prepackaged snacks for the grands
The clear tub holds flour and the other pink tubs holds cartons of shelf stable milk and broth.

Several years ago I used red checked vinyl shelf paper and strips of lace-look vinyl tablecloth material from Walmart to cover all the shelves.  Because it is vinyl, it has held up all these years and I still enjoy it.  

And in case it sounds like I've just cooked, organized and shopped all week,  below is what I did Tuesday.

We had this little guy who is almost 8 months old and not much of a daytime sleeper.  So, I held him for both of his naps. 
Rocking babies is one of my favorite grandma activities.  

Jeff and Rhonda

Jeff and Rhonda