If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, February 27, 2012

last week's sewing and handwork

Crib sheet
this was so quick and easy to make!  I  read over a few online tutorials, then I got busy.
You need a length of fabric 69 inches by 44-45 width which is the standard width of most  fabric.
Then cut 8 inch squares from each corner of the fabric.
Now, sew those corners back together on the diagonal and finish the seams.
Then,  finish the edge all the way around and add elastic to the corners.

I got that cute redwork fabric from my Mom's fabric stash several years ago.  

I am not a very good blogger,  I should of taken this picture when the bag still had yarn in it for a before and after comparision
I got a bag of cotton yarn scraps at the thrift store on Friday,  50 cents for the bag.  It contained 3 skeins, partly used,  and  about 7 small balls of yarn.
I have been wanting some more crocheted dishclothes so again,  I looked at some online tutorials.

I don't really like to crochet or follow patterns so I ended up just crocheting circles because that is easy for me, no stress.  

I used almost all of that yarn and ended up with 6 scrappy dishcloths.
Not bad for 50 cents!

Some of the yarns were thin so I doubled them up if you are wondering about the parts that look variegated.
Nope, they are not all exactly the same size,  I just stopped each one when they looked about right or when I ran out of yarn.    

St Patricks day is coming up.
I got a very long length of this sweet shamrock fabric at a thrift store  about 2 years ago.
I used some of that fabric and some vintage bias binding to sew up a new tablecloth for the dining room.  

I really like how the binding looks on the hem.  

the last project was some plastic canvas bird plant pokes.
Doesn't every home need some?  


  1. You've been busy, Rhonda, I love the crib sheet! So cute.
    Hugs, Cindy

    1. thank you Cindy, yes I have been busy but I think maybe I was just born busy :)

  2. The six dishcloths turned out very nice. I especially love the St. Patrick's tablecloth.

  3. hello rhonda,
    i like the dishcloths,they are very pretty.but the crib sheet is amazing!!!! love,love.
    have a nice week,
    love regina

    1. thank you Regina, that crib sheet was really fast and easy to sew up. Crib sheets are so expensive, I am happy to know they are so easy to make.

  4. You have been busy...keeps one out of trouble, especially me;-) Love all your projects, especially the dishcloths, super great way to use what you have on hand.

    blessings, jilly
    ps. thanks for stopping by and tell your husband: doesn't he know your "jailbait" hehehe

  5. You have been very busy! I LOVE the crib sheet! Always nice to find yarn for making dishcloths. Your tablecloth looks really nice with the binding!

  6. Rhonda, you have been such a busy bee! You are so inspiring in all that you do. I'm always amazed how much you manage, even with caring for the grandchildren.

  7. Rhonda,
    I always have a dish cloth in the process, they are east to grab and take with me whne I know I might be waiting on some one or something. Everyone can always be gifted with a dish cloth.

    Now the birds, where did you get those patterns, I love birds.

    1. Tracey, the birds were a free online pattern


  8. WOW, you have been super busy!!! What a great deal on the yarn, I need to learn to knit but am afraid to take up anything else!!


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