If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine Decorating - use what you have

It's time to put out the Valentine decorations and since I don't like to shop,  I used what I had -

a small tub of Valentine decorations from years past,
a Christmas tree
lots of crocheted treasures from my Mom
a Christmas wreath 
and a cute little boy

this little pink tree is perfect for Valentines - most of the hearts were crocheted by my Mom
I made the felt and sequined ones. 

apothecary jars decorated with things from that tub
pink doilies from my Mom
and a cute little boy

the living room

the dining room 

frog candy dish
he wishes  he was filled with candy
thrift store cupid dish
and little cherubs that Nina used to collect

this may look silly to some people but I really like it.
This is the evergreen my brother made in December
It is still fresh and hanging by our entry way.
I found these cute red cupids in the tub and hot-glued them to the wreath.
so now,  it is a Valentine wreath!

 Do you have Valentine decorations in your home?
Please tell me in a comment , I would love to come to take a look.   


  1. I love all your Valentine decorations! I'm sure your grandkids like them, too! You've inspired me to get out one of my little Christmas trees & decorate it for Valentine's Day. I'm just getting started decorating.


  2. Hi, Rhonda,
    Your Valentine tree is so sweet! I think I may have a little white tree around somewhere that I could use. Those crocheted hearts are very nice...extra special that your mom made them.
    I think the little cupids on your wreath are sweet...not silly at all!

  3. I love the Valentine tree. We don't decorate in our home. We did when the kids were growing up.

  4. Such lovely photos. I am currently making one Valentine decoration, a wooden heart with long strips of paper curls glued on it and spray painted silver. Hopefully it will look as good as I'm imagining!

  5. Hi Dear Friend,
    How pretty. You are so smart. I too am using what I have on hand instead of buying stuff. Miss Candi said tell Theo she had ham for breakfast.

  6. I think it looks lovely and you did a great job by using what you have. You saved money too. A win-win! Although I don't decorate much, I enjoy seeing what others do. I especially love your little Valentine tree.

  7. Love the crocheted hearts on the tree from your mom. Gavin is such a cutie. So big from when I first got to know you!

  8. Enjoyed your decorations. Reds and pinks are so nice to look at during a dreary winter. :)

  9. I do have a few decorations up that pertain to Valentine's day. I'm like you, I used what I had. I made a few of them, too.
    I love your cupid wreathe, very sweet.
    Hugs, Cindy

  10. I love the pink tree with the crochet hearts!!

  11. just on the front door and mailbox flag...yours are all charming!!
    I also have my Christmas china out still because Red is for Valentine's too!!!!

  12. Hi Rhonda ~ I do have some Valentine decorations up, but haven't posted about them (yet). I love your pink tree with the hearts!

  13. Your Valentine Tree is very pretty and I think it's nice you have such a cute lovebug to share your decoations with!
    Blessings, Linda @ Grandmalay's Daydreams


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