If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, April 2, 2012

hodge podge of weekend pictures

our backyard garden
tomato and pepper plants doing fine
seeds for herbs, lettuce, cukes and squash - not yet sprouting

start at composting
if we are going to garden, we need compost and Jeff is reseaching ways to "cook" it in the backyard.
in the meantime, I got a big bowl from the junk pile waiting for the yard sale, and put the weekend scraps in it
peels from veggies and eggs and coffee grounds
starting somewhere!

mixed in the bread machine and baked in 2 Pyrex pans
watching your son being a really really good daddy

Baby Andie getting posed in Grandpa Jeff's Stetson
on the left is photographer Emily and Sheena -
Emily took 400+ shots of Andie and her parents
she posted one on FB and it was wonderful - I can hardly wait to see the rest  

some more of the photo shoot props
fun tutus, hair bows, outfits!

Nina brought over baby things that Elizabeth had outgrown to pass on  to Cousin Andie
Elizabeth wanted to take everything out of the tubs and show it all to Sheena in the driveway.
See her handing off so much stuff that Sheena can hardly hold it?

I've got a dirty house after a very fun weekend.  So I am off  to work on that for now.
hope you all had a fun weekend too!


  1. Wonderful pictures! Any tips for container gardening?

  2. Wonderful Pictures. We had a nice week end too. Mostly played.

  3. my house is filthy after the weekend, too!...but I'm putting a big dent into it today. :)

    Can't believe how big Elizabeth is getting!

    400 photos...not that's a photo shoot the movie stars would get ! lol.

  4. love all the pictures of your family and little ones!!!

  5. That is quite a few shots! I am sure there will be so many good ones to choose from. Glad you enjoyed the week-end with family!

  6. To make your compost bin you can use pallets if you can get them free, I have mine made of off-set bricks that we got for free off of freecycle. I have friends who used chicken wire and posts for theirs. Good luck.


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