If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Sunday, April 1, 2012

toddler towels inspired by Pinterest

Gavin and Elizabeth have outgrown their baby hooded bath towels.  I've been looking around at tutorials and found this one and Nina liked it too.  She got the bright colored towels at Target and I sewed them up.  They sewed up fast but these towels turned out too too big for an almost 2 year old and a 3 year old.  

I was in Walmart looking at their towels, looking for smaller bath towels but did not find any.  I did find this inexpensive beach towel and decided to give it a try.    It is narrow enough,  just 27 inches but had more length needed.
My toddlers were not here when I was sewing so I used a long sleeve shirt that is a size bigger than Gavin to measure how long to cut the beach towel.  I cut off about 15 inches from the 58 inch length,  leaving the body of the towel about 43 inches.
From the 15 length strip,  I had plenty to make the hood and the 2 triangle pockets for the hands.
I used white thread that blended it really well,  and a zig zag stitch to seal up some of  the raw edges, others got turned under twice and then zig zagged,  There was a even a square of towel left to make a small wash cloth.

I could of cut the top of the hood straight but I cut it n the diagonal.  I think the point looks sort of cute and elf like.  But Nina said it reminder her of a KKK hood - but those guys don't wear sunshine yellow stripes, do they?

Here is Gavin modeling the new towel.  He liked it very much and Elizabeth did too, she was here at a different time and I did not get her picture.

So,  I will be buying several more beach towels to sew up more hooded towels to have here and their own homes.    I think they will be nice for bath time and after a swim in the wading pool.
This striped beach towel comes in several colors - I think there was a hot pink, grass green,  bright blue too - and they sell for $3.97.


  1. Regardless of what we adults think, that ear to ear grin on Galvin speaks volumes!!! He thinks you did good, Grandma;-)

    blessings, jilly

  2. Afew years ago I made these for the younger ones gifts. 4 of them. I didn't do the pocket thing for the hands tho. The parents still tell me that the kids have to have that towel most of the time. Maybe this year I should do them another one. Rhonda, when my computers (laptop and desktop) went down I lost your e-mail.

  3. Oh I love these!!! That sure is a good deal!!! I just love Pinterest!


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