If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

What Happened?

4 freshly dug up Boxwood bushes on our sidewalk
What happened?  that is the question Gavin and Elizabeth both asked when they got here this morning.  
They aren't used to seeing bushes and so much dirt on our sidewalk.  

There has been a row of boxwood bushes along the front of our house since before we moved here.  
I never have liked them but just got around to doing something about them.  

A woman from our area Facebook FreeCycle group asked for bushes, trees, bulbs, etc to move to her yard.
I asked if she wanted the boxwoods and she does.  
I did not know how hard they would be to dig up. My stepson offered to bring his very large John Deere tractor over to pull them up.
But I like to do things myself so I got a shovel yesterday and tried digging them up.  

I softened the ground with water,  then used more water to wash off the roots once I got them up.  
See - I dug up 4 of them all by myself!  
It was hard, dirty work but doable.  

The lady from FreeCycle is coming over later with her 15 year old son to finish digging them up and to move them to her yard. .    
I will be so glad to have these bushes move to a new home.  

After we do some dirt work,  I want to plant KnockOut rose bushes and zinnias where the boxwoods were.  
I think that will be much prettier,  don't you?


  1. Rhonda - digging up bushes is really hard work. I am impressed with you! I am not a boxwood fan myself. I think the roses would be beautiful in front of your lovely home!

  2. That is some hard work there! I'm sure those roots were n there really good. I think Knockouts will be sooo pretty!

  3. Oh you had me laughing. I use to do stuff like that. My Mom had been complaining about their former 'little' Christmas tree that was now taking over their yard. So she and my step dad left for work and I got out the chainsaw. By the time they got home, I had cut branches off the tree going 5 feet up. Raked up all the pine needles, cut the branches smaller and no less then ten green cans along the street.

    I completely understand...sometimes we ladies just want it done now. Hope your not to sore.

    The roses will look so much better against that beautiful brick house. Looking forward to seeing them someday. You must keep us updated, please.

    blessings, jilly

  4. Rhonda, you are much more of a woman than I am! I used to could do anything but not now!!! Yes knock out roses and zinnias will be great!!!!

  5. Yes! The roses and zinnias will be beautiful!

  6. I love the knockout roses. I have a yellow one planted near my back door and it's just beautiful at the moment, full of buds and blooms.

  7. Flowers will be much better!! How about adding a few daisy's to the mix. Can't wait to see everything in bloom

  8. Sounds like a good project, hope the new things you plant work out!

  9. Rhonda, that is a workout that I don't envy you doing!!! Glad somebody else is going to do the rest for you. I am totally in agreement with adding flowers for color there. Maybe a hummingbird feeder so the kids can see them from the window.

  10. Hi Rhonda,
    You had a nice little work out . Who needs a gym? Lol

  11. We have very old camelia bushes right in front of the the front porch. I love the old bushes but they are too big. They will look ugly if we cut them back and won't bloom next year. I'm about ready to dig them up too. They may be too big to transplant though.

    The roses and zinnias will be beautiful in your new bare spot!

  12. Wow that is great you did that all by yourself! I thought I had done some serious work last week when I just dug up some grass to prep for landscaping =) Love your blog and the picture from 1949. I wish I could have lived during those days =)


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