If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Monday, June 18, 2012

Betsy's mani-pedi party link up

Betsy,  when I saw baby Andie with this polish,  I knew it was perfect for your party!  

My granddaughter Andie and her first time to get her nails done.  
Not sure I completely approve but I do think Andie looks adorable.  

Andie spends a lot of time at a beauty salon,  because her mom owns and works at a big salon.  
Her dad does all the handy man stuff at the salon and he makes sure Andie is all dressed up when they visit the salon as the clients just love to ooh and aah over sweet little Andie. 

I guess most babies don't get their nails done.  
But I've been told that the nail girl used an almost dry brush to color Andie's nails and  that it only took seconds to apply it.  

Head over to Betsy's really quick if you want to enter
or just go visit Betsy, if you don't know her yet.  
Betsy is a real sweetheart,  a creative mom with 4 wonderful sons,  just go visit and read a few of her posts. 
I promise you will enjoy her great photography and just marvel at all she does.  


  1. aw..thanks for those sweet words, Rhonda. :)
    And thanks for thinking of including Andie...her little nails are just adorable! How sweet! I think she's going to be everyone's favorite entry!

    I love her little pudgy feet...hard to believe she was so tiny at birth, isn't it?

    1. yes, Betsy, Andie was a tiny premmie just 3 months ago. Her parents have taken such good care of her and she is really thriving.
      Her legs were so thin at birth, i thought they looked like broomsticks, not any more!

  2. She is adorable! Love the color ; )

  3. Oh, that's too sweet. Somebody picked a nice color.

  4. Yes, I vote for Andie....she takes the cake.

    What precious little hands and feet...just want to squeeze them.

    By the way, love your header. I also had a mother, and lots of Aunts who taught me those wonderful homemaking skills.


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