If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

the sad saga of our hydrangeas

In 2007, we bought 3 hydrangeas and planted them in our front yard.
They are all still living but have not bloomed much.  
has been so kind and given me lots of advice on what she does for her hydrangeas.
Water them lots.
Feed them lots.
Don't prune them. 
Mulch them.  

I've consistently done all that.  I was even able to start 6 new plants from the store bought plants.  
I started looking for buds early this spring,  there were lots of nice green leaves but.......

only 2 buds!

total --- 
on 9 plants!  

Both buds turned into healthy looking flowers and I finally cut them to bring them inside to enjoy.  

 I am taking care of the plants all summer and I think maybe last year's hottest summer ever could be to blame for the lack of buds.  

But if you guys don't bloom in 2013,  I am going to dig you up and move you somewhere else!  


  1. Your blooms are beautiful! : )

  2. That's right! Threaten those pesky hydrangeas...LOL! Bring to SC, they will flourish without any work at all!

  3. I would love to have one of them, maybe next year I will who knows they are so pretty I just love flower bushes/trees

  4. I was just reading a blog last night about hydrangeas, but I can't remember which one it was. She was saying the same thing about her hydrangeas and she found out that what worked the best was...almost nothing! She read a lot online about them and found that sprinkling used coffee grounds and/or teabags around the base of the plants helped. Sure enough, she later had tons of blooms! I've never done anything to my hydrangeas - simply water them - and they've been fine. I'm going to try the coffee grounds thing though.

  5. I have the same problem! I have three. One doesn't bloom at all. One had a single bloom last year. And the third..the Mister keeps forgetting it's a hydrangea and has chopped it down to the ground two springs in a row, thinking it's a weed! lol. My neighbor, on the other hand, has one on the side of the house facing us...does nothing to it...and it's falling over in big blue blooms! She doesn't even go on that side of the house to cut them or even see it! Sigh. lol....

  6. Those blooms are beautiful!

    Make sure they don't get thirsty this summer and watch them in the winter to make sure they don't get damaged by frost (I throw old sheets on mine when we have freeze warnings).

    I've had the hardest time with rhododendrons and gave up on them many years ago. But this spring I planted one (couldn't resist the beautiful soft pink blooms) so we'll see how it does.

  7. Hi there...I'm visiting from Sharon's. I have three bushes planted in the same spot. They are three years old and blooming like crazy. All I do is water them...and feed them once a week. The little Miracle Grow packets that you mix into your watering can. I'll try to post some pictures this week, but there are a few spring pictures of them already on my blog.


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