If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

If you do stuff, stuff gets done.......

Friday, June 1, 2012

some cleaning tips and a use what you have

I've been spring cleaning and am happy to brag a little that I've got a lot of it done.  

One tip to share is those Mr Clean sponges work great at getting marks off tile floors.  

Another tip is for cleaning ceiling fans blades - use a pillow case,  just slip the dirty fan blade into a pillow case, then run your hands down both sides and off.  All the fan blade dirt and dust just goes right into the pillow case.    I  did not come up with trick,  I read it somewhere but don't know where to give them credit.  
It is the only way I will ever clean my 5 ceiling fans in the future.  

my other tip,    don't buy a house with these crazy high ceilings!  
 If  we ever move,  we will not buy another house  like this,
regular 8 foot ceilings will be just fine.
If you do have high ceilings and want clean ceiling fans,  you will need a giant ladder.

 What do you think of this easel at our front door?
My daughter bought it off a swap list but it takes up so much room, so she sent it to my house.  
At first I had it in the house,  then moved it to the front entry.
There is a roof over it so it is mostly protected from the weather.  
I need to get a good package of dry erase markers and some real plants to put in the little pots
but I did not want to go to the store yesterday.  

I will go to the store today,  Theo is out of dog food after his breakfast.
So maybe I will find some little plants to put in the little pots and they will look better than the hand-scribbled flowers currently in them.

I know my family is all shocked when they read this, that Theo is eating dog food.
He really is!
I think this gland condition has been affecting him for so long and dog food just never tasted good before.
Anyway,  he likes dry Beneful food just fine now,
 He has finished off 2 of the smaller bags since his doggie hospital stay.  


  1. We have an easel like that. Our boys can write on it to communicate. It's been put away for a while, though, and you've given me the idea of pulling it out for the summer. It would be good to make them practice their writing for the summer! :)

    I like yours on the porch...you can change the message ...how fun!

  2. I love the Mr. Clean pads for so much. Jaymee was telling about cleaning the fans like that. She read it somewhere last fall and she loves doing it that way. Lord knows I need to clean my fans so will try it.

    WoW! 3 months old already!

  3. what a great tip with cleaning ceiling fans - which is what I plan on doing this coming week. Love the easel. The boys have one just like it. I will have to keep your idea in mind. The verse you have on the easel is one of my favorites!

  4. I sooo need to get busy with some big time cleaning around the house, hopefully soon. Thanks for the tip on ceiling fans we have 7 in the house, your trick will make cleaning this time around a breeze! I LOVE the easel, really cute!

  5. That is a terrific hint for cleaning the paddle fans. Like you, I have 5 and that has been one of those jobs I dread, dragging in the ladder, the up and down, trying carefully to contain the dust so it doesn't fly all over. I usually use a damp rag so the dust would adhere to it and not be loosely falling all over, but this tip is great and I can see how it would work beautifully. Thanks for passing it on. The easel is a great idea, only I don't have a front porch, just a concrete stoop.
    Have a good week.
    Susanne :)

  6. The Mr. Clean sponges are just melamine foam (Mr. Clean doesn't add anything special to it). You can buy it way cheaper from other places. A pack of 30 Mr. Clean erasers costs 45$ at Sam's Club, but you can buy 50 for 26$ at a foam outlet :) I even found a box of 300 for 80$.


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